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Diploma of Collegial Studies in Circus Arts
Method: At the institution
Type: Diploma
Course Fee: By Request
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Diploma of Collegial Studies in Circus Arts - Montreal - Québec

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Diploma of Collegial Studies in Circus Arts - Montreal - Québec Diploma of Collegial Studies in Circus Arts - Montreal - Québec
Entry Requirements:
This program is open to Canadian citizens.The ideal candidate :
* has completed secondary studies
* possesses both talent and potential, and is ready to pursue higher education and complete it within a 3-Year period
* has developed a high level of physical and psychomotor skills such as coordination, spatial orientation, flexibility and body awareness, and has demonstrated a degree of musicality
* has undertaken preparatory training in the circus arts or dance, or has practiced an advanced level of martial art or sport discipline such as artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, diving, or figure skating
* shows obvious artistic inclination and great creativity, has determination and discipline, and seeks fresh challenges
* is curious and autonomous, open to the world and to other artistic forms.
Course Description:
Intended for Canadian and French students who have completed their high school studies, this program combines specialized training in circus arts with general college-level education. This three-year program leads to a college diploma issued by the ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec.

This higher education program aims to produce professional circus artists, creators and performers. Upon completion, graduates are capable of creating and interpreting short circus works or numbers at a professional level. Graduates are able to dance, act and sing, actively participate in every step of a single or collective work, as well as interpret existing works. Graduates will have learned how to maintain good health as well as manage both creative projects and their careers.

Educational and artistic approches
This program emphasizes students' overall development. It comprises general education along with subjects specific to the circus arts and practical training in performing arts and the 5 major disciplines of the circus arts: aerials, balancing, acrobatics, juggling and clowning arts.

In the early stages of specialized training, basic skills are mastered and versatility is developed. Then, depending upon personal interest, and physical and artistic ability, students may choose to generalize, mastering more than one circus discipline from among the various discipline groups. Or, they can opt to specialize in a single discipline.

In the final stage, students concentrate on developing and performing a personal creative project that applies their training to their own artistic vision. The end result is presented before an audience and constitutes the concrete demonstration and synthesis of all that was achieved during the program.
The program encompasses numerous opportunities for students to perform in front of peers and an audience, in particular the Annual Show.

Disciplines taught
Acrobatics Hand to hand (dynamic)  
Russian Bar
Russian Swing
Chinese Pole
Korean Board
Icarian Games
Rebound Straps
German Wheel
Cyr Wheel

Balance Hand to hand (static)  
Tight Wire
Slack Wire
Tight Rope

Aerial Cradle :
- Aerial
- Korean
Spanish Web :
- Single
- Double
- Triple
- Cloud Swing
Balancing trapeze
Fixed trapeze
Dance Trapeze
Roman Rings

Foot juggling
Devil Stick

Clowning Arts
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