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Diploma - General Arts and Science - Pre-Animation and Illustration

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  • Objectives
    The General Arts and Science-Pre-Animation and Illustration program will appeal to students who are interested in art, drawing, animation, life drawing, illustration, comic books and photography. The program is designed to help students determine if they have the interest, motivation, creativity and dexterity to pursue a career in animation or illustration. Students experience college delivery of course material while developing a portfolio and building their drawing and creative skills to prepare for further studies in animation and illustration. Two-Year Diploma Program The two-year General Arts and Science diploma program begins in September (after successful completion of the certificate program) and in January. On successful completion of Year Two, students receive an Ontario College Diploma. Year Two provides a well-balanced selection of courses in the social sciences and humanities. Students who graduate from the diploma program may transfer some credits towards a university degree.
  • Academic Title
    Diploma (2 years)
  • Course description

    Level 1

    ANI1600 Layout Design I

    This course develops the skills required for solid layout design for Animation or Illustration. This will include a strong understanding of perspective, staging and the construction of various environments and objects through a series of lectures, exercises and group critiques. The course centers on creating three-dimensional spaces and objects that meet Animation/Illustration design industry standards.

    ANI1601 Character Design I

    The student will learn the foundation of solid character design needed in all drawing related fields. The course will show how to create a variety of character designs through a series of lectures, exercises and group critiques. This will include a structural breakdown of the head and body that will make the student's designs manipulatable for drawing consistently and from any angle. All characters will be designed within a floor plan environment. Other elements include balance, rotation designs through animation techniques and stylized illustration design.

    ANI1602 Life Drawing I

    This course will introduce the student to drawing the human form. Its main objectives are to develop the student's knowledge of the body and how it relates to a two dimensional surface, and to develop the student's observation skills. The emphasis throughout the semester will be on proportion and precision in drawing. The students will attain this through the use of casts and prolonged poses.

    DAT5758 Computer Foundations I

    This course provides an introduction to the use of a current word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet, Internet browser, email and operating system.

    ENL1813G Communications I

    Communication remains an essential skill sought by employers, regardless of discipline or field of study. Using a practical, vocation-oriented approach, students focus on meeting the requirements of effective communication. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and independent learning, students practise writing, speaking, reading, listening, locating and documenting information, and using technology to communicate professionally. Students develop and strengthen communication skills that contribute to success in both educational and workplace environments.

    SSC0056 Digital Photography

    This course will provide an introduction to photography using digital technology specifically for the Pre-Animation/Illustration students. Students will explore the functions, operations and formats available through camera technology. The focus will be on composition, lighting, perspective, and accumulating reference materials for the drawing courses. Students will be required to have access to a basic digital camera. Specifications for the camera are as follows: minimum 4-5 megapixels.

    Level 2

    ANI0017 Portfolio Preparation

    This course is designed to help the student create a solid, appealing portfolio that meets the requirements of the program of their chosen field. The course will focus on professional scanning, image manipulation through Adobe Photoshop, page layout, printing and an introduction to colour theory. The course will also introduce the student to the possible means of advertising their artwork on the Internet through the use of forums, blogs, and personal websites.

    ANI1610 Layout Design II

    This course continues where Layout Design I left off. Complex shapes such as rotating stairways and vehicles will be designed through a series of lectures, exercises and group critiques. The student is encouraged to observe and sketch from life to build a visual library of their surroundings. Time will be spent on describing a variety of textures through line quality (rock, foliage, metal, wood, etc.). Students learn about complex, non-standard layout design.

    ANI1611 Character Design II

    This course will introduce more complex concepts while reinforcing the foundation built in Character Design I through a series of lectures, exercises and group critiques. Topics will include: action lines, characters drawn with dynamic posing, characters drawn with expressive features and characters drawn within an environment designed by the student.

    ANI1612 Life Drawing II

    This course will continue the work started in Life Drawing I. It will focus on two aspects of life drawing. First, the student will hone their drawing skills by becoming competent at drawing portraits. This ensures that skills learned in first semester have solidified. The second aspect relates to light, how it affects the human form and how it translates to a two dimensional surface. These are attained through the use of casts and life models.

    ENL1823G Communications II

    This course develops critical elements of workplace communication with emphasis on clear writing techniques. In addition, students give presentations supported by technology and assess their own communication skills.

    HIS0012 History of Animation

    This course takes a look at the evolution of animation in the past century. Students will learn about technical and technological breakthroughs in the animation process, such as sound, colour and CGI. Various animation styles, such as Hanna Barbara and Disney, will be studied as drawing assignments.

    Level 3

    ECO0001 Economics and the Global Marketplace

    We have all heard the terms, global economy, world markets, trade deficits and free market democracy. We hear them used regularly in newspapers and on the news, and yet their precise meaning is often vague. In this course, we will look at precisely what is meant by terms like the global economy and how it affects our lives and the world in which we live.

    ENL1981 Reading and Writing Prose

    This course focuses on prose forms, with a specific emphasis on the personal essay. Student writers will read, discuss, and practise writing essays in a variety of styles. They will consider their own writing techniques and processes (including editing, revision and peer feedback), with a view to refining and enhancing their work. Literary form, technique and purpose will also be discussed and applied to specific works of fiction.

    PSY1775 Psychology of Growth and Development

    Change is inevitable throughout the lifespan. Humans deal with challenges arising from within as well as from the world around them. This course provides tools to enable a person to meet these challenges in a way which is life enhancing. This is a hybrid course.

    SSC0051 Evolution of Western Civilization

    This course will examine the beginnings, rise, influence and demise of the West's oldest civilizations. Concepts studied will include the various theories addressing why some cultures urbanized while others did not. In addition, the role of religion, science, technology and the various forms of government will be analyzed. Special attention will be placed on the ancient Greeks and Romans and their impact on shaping the world of today.

    SSC0061 Methods of inquirí

    This course builds on existing skills for conducting research on the Web, in common databases, and in actual and virtual libraries. Advanced skills in research are essential for job choice and for success in further studies. Students will set research objectives, design personal interviews, conduct data reviews, create and administer questionnaires, and perform basic data analysis. The successful student will experience a significant increase in their research skills and knowledge by the completion of this course and be better prepared for the challenges of further academic studies or the world of work.

    Elective: MUST choose one

    ENV0010 Environmental Citizenship

    Based on the general principles of national citizenship, environmental citizenship goes beyond national borders to emphasize global environmental rights and responsibilities - to focus on both conservation of and planned sustainable use of our planet's resources, as well as the recognition that environmental health is a prerequisite to human health. Environmental citizenship is a personal commitment to learning more about the environment and to taking responsible environmental action. This course is a journey into adopting attitudes and behaviours that foster global environmental responsibility.

    SSC0044 Tools of Social Science

    Every day we are called upon to make decisions, weigh alternatives, and accept information from a variety of sources. These sources, which include advertisers, politicians, the media, medical and educational workers, attempt to influence our attitudes and behaviour. Through a combination of probability theory, statistics, and applied analytical skills, this interdisciplinary course discusses how we can effectively interpret and respond to this vast array of information. This is not strictly a math course, although there are some numbers involved. The emphasis is on what to do with those numbers once you arrive at them. Nothing beyond basic computational skills is required.

    Level 4

    PSY1772 Organizational Psychology

    An organization is a group of people working toward a common goal or objective. People are the common denominator in organizations regardless of size or purpose. The study of organizational psychology lets us predict, explain and manage individual and group behaviour in the workplace to achieve organizational objectives. Using an examination of personnel functions such as job analysis, employee selection, performance evaluation and training and development, students will develop an understanding of the theories and key factors influencing employees in the workplace. Students will also look at how to direct employee performance toward organizational objectives through a review of motivation, job satisfaction and stress factors. The effective facilitation of work groups to achieve common objectives will be the focus of an examination of group processes, communication, leadership, power and influence and conflict resolution.

    SSC0045 Roots of World Conflict

    The media is filled with stories and images of conflict between and within groups, cities, and countries. Understanding events such as war, terrorism, claims of genocide or refugee status can be difficult without knowledge of the issues underlying those events. We will examine the relative contribution of a number of factors, including religion, history, politics, geography, and economics in order to increase students' appreciation of the complex and often forgotten sources of some of these conflicts.

    SSC1767 The Cultural Mosaic

    Students in this course are offered an opportunity to explore the concept of culture, examine the impact of cultural diversity in society and increase their ability to effectively deal with cross-cultural situations. The history of intercultural relations in Canada will be explored while students are provided an opportunity to increase intercultural understanding and competency through reasoned reflection and personal interaction with people from other cultures.

    Elective: MUST choose one

    ENL0034 Literary Currents

    SSC0025 Fundamentals of Philosophy

    Electives: MUST choose one

    PSY0012 Abnormal Psychology

    SCI1596 Nutrition

    Choose one from equivalencies:

    GED0438 General Education Elective

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