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Digital Design Diploma

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  • Entry requirements
    * Successful completion of the VFS Foundation Visual Art & Design program

    - OR -

    * A portfolio of digital and visual work including any combination of photography, audio, video, or interactive work (maximum 12 pieces). The portfolio should show that you are familiar with various types of visual work (e.g. print design, web design, etc.) and that you aren't limited to work in one area of design.
  • Course description
    Learn to apply your artistic vision to the widest spectrum of digital experience, from gaming to television & film to the internet. Your focus will be on production and collaborating with industry leaders – mirroring the real world of design – as you develop a professional portfolio showcasing your ability to keep pace with industry trends and anticipate new directions.

    The following is an in-depth breakdown of the Digital Design program by term and courses studied.

    Program & Term Overview

    Weeks 1-8 (Term 1)

    Subjects Covered

        * Subjects Covered
        * 2D Graphics 1: Raster Graphics
        * Business of Design 1
        * History and Appreciation
        * Motion Design 1: Production, Editing, and Sound
        * Project Management 1: Team Building & Communications
        * Storyboarding
        * User Experience Design
        * Visual Communication
        * Web Authoring

    Discover the broad spectrum of design methodologies and their roles in bringing contemporary solutions to creative problems. Gain the ability to use video production, editing, storyboarding, user experience design, web authoring, and visual communication strategies to bring your vision to life. You will produce your first portfolio pieces, which include a visual communication treatment, user experience project and an experimental short story video.
    Weeks 9-16 (Term 2)

    Subjects Covered

        * 2D Graphics 1: Vector Graphics Technique
        * Business of Design 2s
        * Flash Development 1: Creating Microsites
        * Interactive Design 1: Interface & Interaction Design
        * Motion Design 2: Green Screen & Motion Graphics
        * Project Management 2: Project Planning
        * Typography

    Extend your knowledge to areas of motion graphics, typography, filmmaking, and Flash development. Combine disciplines such as interactive design, programming, and project management to create an interactive educational experience for your target audience. Bring green-screen production, music, typography, and animation together to produce engaging motion graphic compositions. In your first Digital Design Slam, you'll work with teams from all levels in the program to produce exceptional results in a tight, focused timeframe.
    Weeks 17-24 (Term 3)

    Subjects Covered

        * 3D Graphics 1: 3D Fundamentals
        * Art Direction
        * Branding 1: Brand Development Principles
        * Business of Design 3
        * Flash Development 2: Building Flash Experiences
        * Interactive Design 2: Experience Design
        * Motion Design 3: Motion Infographics
        * Print Design 1: Fundamentals of Print
        * Project Management 3: Agile Techniques

    Experience the challenges and rewards that come from a professional studio environment. You'll focus on two major team projects managed using the latest agile techniques: a motion infographic and an interactive Flash entertainment project. You'll also build a new brand from the ground up and create a unique motion graphics title sequence. You'll also extend your communication design capabilities with courses in Art Direction, Print Design, and 3D Graphics.
    Weeks 25-32 (Term 4)

    Subjects Covered

        * Business of Design 4
        * Creative Direction
        * Interactive Design 4: Content-Driven Website Design (Elective)
        * Motion Design 4: Music Video & Commercial Production (Elective)
        * Project Management 4: Project Design
        * 3D Graphics 2: Broadcast Graphics (Elective)
        * Branding 2 (Elective)
        * DVD Authoring (Elective)
        * Object Oriented Programming: Developing Multi-Touch Applications (Elective)
        * Print Design 2: Book Design (Elective)

    The core of this term takes you into advanced design disciplines like Creative Direction and combines them with electives that enable you to begin the process of developing your own unique design focus. Elective courses in motion design, communication design, and interactive design give you the chance to delve deeper into your areas of interest while Project Management 4 guides you through the process of selecting, planning, and pitching your final project.
    Weeks 33-40 (Term 5)

    Subjects Covered

        * Final Project Production
        * Business of Design 5
        * Advanced 2D Graphics (Elective)
        * Advanced 3D Graphics (Elective)
        * Advanced Interactive Design (Elective)
        * Advanced Interface Development (Elective)
        * Advanced Motion Design (Elective)
        * Advanced Print Design & Typography (Elective)

    Focus your studies to match your career profile while working one-on-one each week with your industry or faculty mentor to bring your final project to completion. Electives in this term give you the advanced techniques to shine in the industry while also affording you the change to get additional assistance with your final project – all within the context of the senior class studio.
    Weeks 41-48 (Term 6)

    Subjects Covered

        * Business Law and Ethics
        * Employment Preparation
        * Portfolio Development
        * Special Topics In 3D Graphics (Elective)
        * Special Topics In Applied Communication Design (Elective)
        * Special Topics In Interactive Design (Elective)
        * Special Topics In Interface Development (Elective)
        * Special Topics In Motion Design (Elective)
        * Special Topics In Visual Communications (Elective)

    Your final term focuses on you and your professional status in the industry. Working with experts in portfolio development, employment strategy, and the business, law, and ethics of design, you'll develop and create your unique professional identity and begin a dialogue with outside companies. In the portfolio review session, you'll work directly with outside industry experts to refine both your portfolio and your communications strategy – giving you the best possible launchpad for your design career.

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