Computer Applications and Business Documentation (Accelerated) Ontario College Certificate

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  • Objectives
    This program will provide students with the necessary skills to become a Microsoft Office Specialist certified in Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint. Also included will be components pertaining to hardware, networking and virtual environments, and digital media. Students will develop skills related to general business documents and have the opportunity to choose between more detailed instruction in General Office, Medical or Logistics. Manual accounting and computerized accounting are included.
  • Academic title
    Computer Applications and Business Documentation (Accelerated) Ontario College Certificate
  • Course description
    Level 1    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    BUSI-1095    Business Documentation-Office Proc.     3.00
    BUSI-1094    Business Documentation-Medical     3.00
    COMP-1396    Windows & Hardware     4.00
    COMP-1397    Internet & Web Design Basics     4.00
    COMP-1398    Virtual Environment     3.00
    COMP-1399    Wordprocessing With Word     4.00
    MGMT-1205    Understanding Teams     3.00
    COMP-1400    Excel & Math Fundamentals     4.00
    ACCT-1075    Accounting Fundamentals     4.00
    ACCT-1076    Simply Accounting     3.00
    COMP-1401    Digital Media     4.00
    COMP-1402    Databases With Access     4.00
    COMM-1091    Communications     3.00
    WRIT-1045    Business Documentation     1.00
    BUSI-1093    Business Documentation-Logistics     3.00

    ACCT-1075 -  Accounting Fundamentals

    Topics covered include all aspects of the accounting cycle for a service business; recording transactions, preparing the worksheet, adjusting accounts, closing accounts, and writing financial statements. Generally accepted accounting principles are emphasized. Merchandising accounts using special journals will also be studied.

    ACCT-1076 -  Simply Accounting
    Students will use Simply Accounting software to manage business revenue and expenses, process payroll, reconcile bank statements, track inventory, and create useful reports. As well, students will continue to study accounting theory with emphasis on cash control, banking, and payroll.

    BUSI-1093 -  Business Documentation-Logistics

    Students learn customs regulations anddocumentation as they relate to cross borderground transportation, bills of lading, truckerlogbooks, and functions of general dispatch.

    BUSI-1094 -  Business Documentation-Medical
    Students learn medical terminology and concentratefurther on machine transcription in a medicaloffice.

    BUSI-1095 -  Business Documentation-Office Proc.
    Students learn and apply skills that are common inmost offices. The ability to use these skillsenables the student to adapt to the changingoffice environment, problem solve, and provideexceptional administrative support. Topicsinclude; customer service, telephone techniques,scheduling, mail processing, ergonomics, andrecords management.

    COMM-1091 -  Communications

    This course works on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and composition skills. Students will learn to use a variety of resources and reference materials. The entire process of an effective presentation is voered and participants will learn how to present information in a concise and clear manner with both verbal and non-verbal communication covered.

    COMP-1396 -  Windows & Hardware
    Participants will develop a working knowledge of computer components and functions, as well as fome basic troubleshooting techniques. In addition, students will be able to use and configure a Windows based computer system.

    COMP-1397 -  Internet & Web Design Basics

    Upon completion of this course, the participant will understand the basic principles of the Internet and web page design. They will be able to search the Internet effectively and download and install drivers and utilities. The student will also be introduced to virus and spyware protection.

    COMP-1398 -  Virtual Environment

    Students will learn how to use Outlook's e-mail component, schedule appointments, manage contacts and keep track of tasks. They will also receive an introduction to networking, will recognize typical topologies of LANs and will be introduced to the built in Peer-to-Peer Networking capabilities of Windows. Students will also receive exposure to some older and newer technologies, including PDA's, scanners, digital cameras, digital recorders, and transcription machines.

    COMP-1399 -  Wordprocessing With Word

    Participants will understand what wordprocessing is and be able to identify the various Word fetures. They will learn how to create, edit, save and print documents. They will learn to further enhance their wordprocessing skills using formatting techniques, graphics, tables and mail merges. Students will learn to develop efficient skills to save time and increase productivity.

    COMP-1400 -  Excel & Math Fundamentals
    Students will understand what a spreadhseet is and how it can make mathematical equations easier using formulas. Learn how to create, edit, save, and print spreadsheets. They will learn to further enhance their spreadsheet and increase productivity by using Excel's chart, database, macro, subtotal, and analytical tools. Throughout the course, students will learn the mathematical theories that support the spreadsheet equations.

    COMP-1401 -  Digital Media
    Students will learn how to use Microsoft's presentation software package to make presentation slides for business or classroom presentations using animation and transitions. Students will learn how to create pdf files using Adobe Acrobat and perform fundamental desktop publishing tasks with Adobe.

    COMP-1402 -  Databases With Access
    Participants will create tables with varied data types, default values, and common input masks. They will create relationships, display forms and run queries to simplify data extraction as well as create professional printed reports, charts, and labels.

    MGMT-1205 -  Understanding Teams
    This course provides a broad understanding of the workplace by investigating individual, group, and organizational behaviours. Students will be given the opportunity to assess their own behaviours while observing and discussing the diverse behaviours of others as they interact in various capacities, situations, and assorted environments. By studying human social behaviour under the context of an organization, students should experience an easier transition while adjusting to any changes in future workplace and/or career choices.

    WRIT-1045 -  Business Documentation
    Students will learn to create basic businessdocuments in a professional format. Businessletters, memorandums, agendas, minutes, andtraining manuals will be highlighted.

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