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  • Objectives
    This program prepares students for employment in the field of public and private sector corrections. The program is delivered in four semesters. Semesters 1 and 2 provide generic and introductory courses that will assist a student in chooosing a career path in Community and Justice Services. Semesters 3 and 4 give students extensive exposure to the knowledge and skills required to work effectively in key areas of corrections - from institutional settings for adults and youth to community-based settings such as group homes, half-way houses and private agencies.
  • Practical experience
    The program includes a 200 hour maximum, work experience placement at the end of the fourth semester. The field placement will be in a work setting corresponding, where possible, to the student's preferred vocation. The student is advised that the majority of our employers in the criminal justice field insist on no criminal record. Criminal reference check screening of the student by the employer may be a prerequisite to obtaining a particular placement. Field placement is restricted to students who have successfully completed or are completing all required courses and are qualified to graduate at the end of the fourth semester.
  • Academic title
    Community and Justice Services Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

    This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    # ENG1560   -   002   -   Comm Skills Justice/Public Security

    This course is required in the first semester of the Common Justice and Public Security program. Students in this course will refine their communication skills by producing a variety of written documents in response to work-related situations and topics. Students will also further develop their proofreading and editing skills.

    # CWP1210   -   003   -   Corrections In Canada

    This course provides an examination of the correctional services offered in Ontario and Canada. It includes an historical overview, tour of federal and provincial institutions, discussion of the practical skills required of a correctional officer and various programs available.

    # FIT1500   -   003   -   Physical Fitness And Wellness I

    Society has come to recognize that personal and collective wellness is essential to the enhanced quality of life. This course introduces the student to the concepts of wellness and provides practical strategies for developing a healthy lifestyle. Students, through lectures, practical experience, and self-evaluation, will address physical fitness, nutrition, self-responsibility, and social interaction. The student will develop strategies to develop, design, and implement an effective personal fitness program and to develop strategies to be successful at the Bona Fide Fitness Requirements Standards.

    # LAW1010   -   003   -   Canadian Criminal Justice

    This introductory course provides the student with an overview of the Canadian Criminal Justice System with a particular emphasis on the history, function, role, and organization of Canadian law enforcement services. The operation of the criminal justice system will be examined and analyzed in light of contemporary issues affecting the system. Each of the major components from enforcement through to courts and correctional services will be explored.

    # PSY1050   -   003   -   Introduction To Psychology I

    Psychology is the study of human behaviour. This course is designed to increase your understanding of your own behaviour and the behaviour familiarizing you with important psychological concepts and research findings. PSY 1050 has been designated a General Education Course.

    # SOC1000   -   003   -   Introduction To Sociology

    Sociology is the scientific study of human social life. The course focuses on our social actions, interactions, relationships, groups, cultures and institutions with specific reference to our Canadian society. This course invites the student learner to take a fascinating journey into a new world of "sociological imagination". It is the aim of the course to provide students with the basic concepts of sociology in order to encourage them to develop and stretch their sociological insights into both their everyday life experiences and current social issues. The assignments offer students the opportunity to expand their theoretical knowledge by applying the sociological theories to current world social issues affecting Canadian society.

    Semester 2
    # CWP2310   -   003   -   Community Corrections

    During this course, the student will examine the community-based programs for adults and young persons from the standpoint of access, program constraints, client funding and program philosophy. Public attitudes, past and present, will be analyzed to help the learner assess their impact on community-based correctional programs. The knowledge obtained in this course can be of significant value in any criminal justice related field of employment.

    # ENG1200   -   003   -   Effective Presentation Skills

    This course helps students develop presentation skills to meet the challenge of the business world. Through practice in speeches and presentations, students will develop a professional spoken image and a confident presence. Assignments will be geared to the professional goals of each individual class.

    # FIT1550   -   003   -   Physical Fitness And Wellness II

    This course provides students with an ongoing physical fitness program. The theory segment familiarizes students with lifestyle habits that affect physical and mental well being. The student will learn the importance of self-responsibility in achieving personal well being. Particular emphasis will be given to the following topics: smoking, alcohol, drugs, shift work, cardiovascular diseases, stress and stress management, and back care.

    # LAW1200   -   003   -   Native And Diversity Issues

    Part A - Native Issues This course will increase knowledge and awareness of important issues in the Aboriginal cultures of Canada. The legal status of Aboriginal people will be explored along with the aboriginal rights and self-determination. Other critical issues relating to land claims, justice, and social services will be studied.

    # POL1500   -   003   -   Canadian Political Studies

    This course is designed to acquaint the student with government in Canada. The three levels of government are studied as well as the various institutions, participants, movements and forces active in the Canadian Political system.

    # PSY1104   -   003   -   Int'personal Comm & Trauma Response

    In this course, students will examine a number of pschological topics relevant to emergency responders. Emphasis will be placed upon the development of therapeutic interpersonal skills. Topics include communication theory, self-awareness, perception, listening, non-verbal behaviour, conflict management, leadership and emotion. Where appropriate, students will review topics from a developmental and cultural perspective. Students will be given the opportunity to assess their own values, beliefs and biases for each of the areas studied.

    # SOC1205   -   003   -   Social Issues/Social Welfare in CA

    This course is intended to provide the student with an analysis of contemporary social issues using current social science paradigms and theories. There is an emphasis on the role of community and social services that operate within and adjacent to the Criminal Justice System. This course will focus on how social agencies deal with issues such as substance abuse, family violence, poverty, and racism.

    Semester 3

    # CWP1211   -   003   -   Law For Correctional Workers

    The relevant federal and provincial statutes and regulations governing all types of correctional settings and offenders are discussed in this course. These include the powers, responsibilities, and limitations of correctional personnel and human rights legislation.

    # CWP2311   -   003   -   Administ'n & Program Planning

    This course will enable the student to explain and analyze the structure and routines of management administration and the development of policy in correctional settings. The student will learn to design, implement, and evaluate correctional programs in a variety of settings.

    # CWP2411   -   003   -   Security I

    This course introduces the legislative and policy requirements for essential security practices (e.g. security classifications, counts, key control, personal and area searches, contraband, medications, safeguarding evidence, inmate movement, post security, equipment, escorts, use of force and restraints) in correctional institutions. The scenario room will be used to demonstrate and practice security skills.

    # LAW3050   -   003   -   Youth In Conflict With Law

    This course will enable the student to explain and analyze the historical, philosophical, and contemporary application of statutes affecting youth in conflict with the law. As well, this course will enable the student to examine and analyze the relevant legislation that impacts on youth in conflict with the law that provides for the detention, interviewing, and processing through the justice system of young persons. In addition, the student will be able to summarize and appraise disposition alternatives, which may be employed with a view to aiding and rehabilitating a young person, while facilitating public safety and victim response.

    # PSY2000   -   003   -   Abnormal Psychology

    Prerequisite: PSY 1050 Abnormal Psychology is the scientific study of abnormal behaviour and mental disorders. This course examines the causes,characteristics, and treatment approaches for a number of disorders and abnormal behaviours.

    # REC2300   -   003   -   Recreation Planning I

    It is important for Correctional officers to acquire knowledge in the recreational field to help organize social/leisure activities/events suitable for institutions and/or group homes. In this course, the student will be exposed to the different leadership styles, the philosophies of leisure, and the different approaches to organize such activities. The student will be able to apply the knowledge acquired through practical, in-class or out-of-class assignments. Attending self-defense sessions will also be part of the curriculum.

    # SOC1210   -   003   -   Introduction To Criminology

    Introduction to Criminology is designed to introduce the student to a social scientific study of crime and criminal behaviour. This course is designed to provide the student with a working knowledge of the extent, impact and nature of crime in modern society with specific reference to Canadian Society. The course will introduce students to major sociological, psychological, and biological theories of criminology. By analyzing a variety of theories, it is hoped that this course will assist Law and Security, Correctional Worker and Police Foundations' students, to develop their own position regarding the problems and solutions of crime and criminal behaviour in Canadian society. Students will also be exposed to prevention strategies and societal treatment and punishment responses regarding crime control.

    Semester 4
    # CWP2340   -   003   -   Int.,counsel.,& Case Mgt.

    Within the Correctional System, the concepts of Interviewing, Counselling, nd Case Management have distinct interpretations. Furthermore, each concept is subject to constraints that are unique to the correctional system. This course teaches students how to operate within these constraints and yet work successfully with reluctant, clients. They will also learn how to cope with aggressive reactions in interview situations and to operate as a productive member of a case management team.

    # CWP2410   -   003   -   Security II

    This course focuses primarily on institutional safety and security measures related to emergency situations and includes a two day workshop on suicide intervention training for which students receive certification.

    # CWP2440   -   003   -   Youth Management

    This course provides an opportunity for the learner to identify/assess adolescent behaviours and to understand the application of various intervention techniques used in institutional, residential and community settings when dealing with troubled youth. Emphasis will be placed on custody relationships and behaviour management. Participants will also plan and practice teaching basic life skills.

    # CWP2450   -   003   -   Observation and Report Writing

    This course is designed to help students acquire observation and recording skills related to correctional work. Practice will be provided in completing a variety of documents and reports commonly generated by the passage of an individual throughout the correctional system. Students should be capable of writing clear and accurate reports, as many correctional reports are read by other government agencies, as well as lawyers, judges, and members of the media. In addition, many employers in the province of Ontario test the recording skills of their applicants as part of their recruitment strategies.

    # CWP2460   -   004   -   Enhanced Safety & Security Seminar

    In preparation for placement and the workplace, students will learn and practice self defense techniques. They will also learn how to manage aggressive behaviour in a safe, respectful, non-invasive way and effectively intervene with suicidal offenders. Successful completion of each component provides the students with professionally recognized certifications (in addition to their diploma) that will enhance their employability in the criminal justice system.

    # CWP2490   -   007   -   Field Placement

    This course consists of a five week, 200-hour maximum, off campus field placement with an employer in the field of corrections or other criminal justice/social agency. In the context of the College's General Education program, this course is designed to expose the student to a work environment that approximates his/her career goals. Fieldwork offers the best opportunity for the student to learn the philosophy, function, procedures, strengths, and limitations of the Criminal Justice System. The field experience allows the learner a realistic opportunity to assess his/her career goals.

    # REC2400   -   003   -   Recreation Planning II

    It is the intent of this course to provide the students with the necessary knowledge to organize a fictional outing directed to a group home setting. Students will also be familiarized with the steps to follow in order to create games and activities. This course will expose students to the training principles by participating in fitness classes in order to stay fit to meet C.O.P.A.T. standards as set by Corrections Canada. Attending self-defense sessions will also be part of the curriculum.

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