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Certificate in Plumbing and Pipe Trades Foundation

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  • Objectives
    The Plumbing & Pipe Trades Foundation (formerly Entry Level Training) program will give you the skills and theory you’ll need to enter plumbing, pipefitting and steamfitting, sprinkler fitting or gas fitting at an initial entry level. You’ll focus on the first year apprentice competencies that are common to all of the piping trades, working through common core, occupational core and plumbing and pipe trades specialty modules. It is a full time program that is competency based with a flexible lecture schedule, so you’ll be able to learn at your own speed. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be ready to seek starting employment in plumbing and plumbing installation, or in the piping-related vocations. You’ll also be able to seek positions in other piping-related fields including irrigation, municipal services, solar systems installation or plumbing wholesale supply.
  • Academic Title
    Certificate in Plumbing and Pipe Trades Foundation
  • Course description
    Level 1 - Common Core

        * Use safe work practices;
        * Solve mathematical problems;
        * Apply science concepts;
        * Sketch and read drawings;
        * Process technical information
        * Use basic measuring, layout and hand tools;
        * Use power tools;
        * Lift loads;
        * Erect ladders and scaffolds;
        * Oxy-acetylene cut and weld;
        * Assemble an test electrical circuits;
        * Use fastenings and fittings;
        * Prepare for employment; and,
        * Develop employability skills.

    Level 2 - Occupational Core

        * Use safe work practices;
        * Describe the piping trades;
        * Read and interpret drawings and specifications;
        * Solve related mathematical problems;
        * Use piping hand tools;
        * Use specialized power tools;
        * Use piping shop equipment;
        * Oxy-acetylene weld; and,
        * Construct piping projects.

    Level 3 – Plumbing & Pipe Trades Specialty

        * Apply safe and acceptable work habits;
        * Solve related science problems;
        * Select common plumbing materials;
        * Install valves, fittings, hangers, support and sleeving;
        * Install and test hot water (hydronic) heating systems;
        * Install and test a drainage, waste and venting system;
        * Install and test a potable water supply system;
        * Install standard plumbing fixtures; and,
        * Maintain plumbing systems and components.

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