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Certificate in Electrical Foundation

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  • Objectives
    Camosun’s Electrical Foundation (formerly Entry Level Training) program will give you the basics to become a valuable and safe electrical apprentice. Developed with the assistance and support of the electrical industry, the six-month long Electrical program is a competency-based, self-paced program that will allow you to learn at your own pace, studying a program organized into Common Core, Occupational Core and Electrical Specialty. While practicing your skills, you’ll learn the basics of the electrical trade, and you’ll be able to enter your apprenticeship with advanced work credits, safe work practices and proven employability skills.
  • Academic Title
    Certificate in Electricity Foundation
  • Course description
    Level 1 Common Core

        * Describe effective learning techniques;
        * Describe safe work practices;
        * Solve mathematical problems;
        * Apply trade science concepts;
        * Process technical information;
        * Use hand tools and measuring tools;
        * Use power tools;
        * Lift loads;
        * Erect ladders and scaffolds;
        * Assemble basic electrical circuits;
        * Use common fastenings and fittings;
        * Describe industrial organizations.

    Level 2 Occupational Core

        * Describe safe work practices for the electrical trade;
        * Describe the electrical trade;
        * Interpret electrical schematics and diagrams;
        * Apply the principles of electromagnetism;
        * Apply electrical energy and power concepts;
        * Use basic electrical measuring instruments;
        * Analyze series, parallel and combination circuits;
        * Select conductors for specific applications;
        * Use electrical hand tools;
        * Install selected circuit devices;
        * Connect AC single phase motors and controls.

    Level 3 Electrical Specialty

        * Apply safe and acceptable work habits;
        * Apply the Canadian Electrical Code;
        * Use specialized hand tools;
        * Use specialized power tools;
        * Identify cables, fixtures and fittings;
        * Install cables, fixtures and fittings;
        * Describe DC principles of electricity;
        * Analyze three wire circuits;
        * Connect and operate single phase transformers;
        * Connect and operate AC motor controls;
        * Connect and operate lighting circuits;
        * Industrial power electronics.

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