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Comments about Certificate-Florist - At the institution - Ottawa - Ontario

  • Objectives
    This one-year certificate program provides graduates with the skills necessary to excel in the floral industry. Students learn customer relations, effective sales and window display skills, botany, and identification, care and handling of flowers and plants. Students integrate theory and practice nine hours per week in hands-on design labs, creating traditional and contemporary floral arrangements using fresh, dried and fabric flowers. These skills are reinforced in a retail industrial environment. Students should have strong interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to work on their own, as well as in groups. The floral industry needs people who enjoy physically active employment with flexible work hours and above all, a desire to be creative.
  • Entry requirements
    You would be an excellent fit for the Florist Design program if you: * Have strong interpersonal communication skills; * The ability to work on your own as well as in groups; * Enjoy physically active employment with flexible hours; and * A desire to be creative.
  • Academic title
  • Course description

    Level 1

    ENL1510A Developing Interpersonal Skills

    This course will explore a number of different factors that affect our relationships with other people. Learners will have an opportunity to assess, analyze, and develop their own interpersonal skills through readings, lectures, and experiential activities. Activities include self-evaluation work, dyad and small-group work, and responsibility for a group activity. Communication skills, both written and oral, will be stressed.

    FLR1312 Floral Design Laboratory I

    In this course, students apply the theoretical knowledge investigated in FLR1338. Students create all traditional design styles; terminology and techniques of design are used with both fresh and permanent flowers. Emphasis is on special occasion flowers and applications, techniques, and attributes of sympathy tributes.

    FLR1313 Retail and VIsual Marketing

    This course emphasizes the acquisition of skills and attitudes essential to promote customer satisfaction through positive sales transactions. It also provides students with a basic knowledge to operate a flower shop including, cash register operation, banking procedures, credit card procedures, types of stores, wire services, order procedures, packaging and delivery. Field trips are taken to view various segments of the florist industry. The students also design for special events and occasions for staff and students at the college.

    FLR1319 Flowers and Foliage

    In this course, students learn to identify the botanical names of flowers and foliage used in the floral industry. Post harvest care, and lasting qualities; refrigeration and the effects of temperature; water and the effects of salts, fluoride; preservatives and lighting for flowers and foliage are stressed.  

    FLR1338 Elements, Principles and History of Design

    This course develops an appreciation of the elements, principles, and attributes of design. Colour theory, trends, and the history of design are emphasized through written projects, presentations, and hands-on experiences of discovery.

    FLR1341 Practicum I

    In this course, students work in a retail florist shop. The College, the student, and the shop develop a contract stating the goals of placement and duties to be performed.  

    Level 2

    FLR1322 Floral Design Laboratory II

    This course is a continuation of Floral Design Laboratory I emphasizing advanced contemporary designs, weddings and permanent flowers and European influence designs. Advanced colour theory, design techniques and terminology are used.

    FLR1323 Merchandising

    This course provides insight into functional aspects of the retail florist industry. Emphasis is on policies and practices in purchasing products, on seasonal sales patterns, and on the use of organizations and associations.

    FLR1339 Rituals and Special Events

    This course develops a cultural understanding of the rituals, ethnic, and religious customs of life's special events such as births, coming of age, weddings, and funerals. Canadian holidays are historically presented and discussed. Cultural and religious guest speakers are interviewed and students also visit hands-on cultural and religious sites.

    FLR1343 Practicum II

    This course is a continuation of FLR1341 with emphasis on practising the skills acquired.

    FLR1347 Botany - Insects and Disease

    This course introduces students to plant structure, function, and classification; common insects and diseases; and environmental factors affecting plant growth. They also learn treatment and control methods for maintaining the health and beauty of indoor plants

    FLR1348 Interior Plants

    This course covers the identification, selection, and maintenance of foliage plants, cacti, and succulents found in florist shops.  

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