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  • Entry requirements
    The International Business Studies profile is designed for Social Science students interested in global markets.
  • Academic title
    International Business Diploma
  • Course description
    Term 1
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    201-103-DW    Calculus I    3 - 2 - 3    75

    Description:    The course focuses on limits and continuity; the derivative and techniques of differentiation; applications of the derivative to the social sciences including curve sketching, related rates and optimization problems; and anti-derivatives. This course is not a substitute for Mathematics 201-NYA-05.
    201-104-DW    Calculus I    3 - 2 - 3    75

    330-101-DW    Western Civilization    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course traces the growth of Western civilization from its roots in the Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman traditions to the 20th century. Among the major themes covered are the emergence and influence of key intellectual currents, social and political revolution, the development of industrial society, the birth of the nation state, imperialism, totalitarianism, and the two world wars. Students are introduced to basic concepts such as historical cause and social change, race, class and gender, as well as to the major political ideologies.
    383-101-DW    Introduction to Economics    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course is a pre-requisite to all other Economics courses. The course introduces students to economic systems, the great economic thinkers, the different schools of thought, and the basic concepts and theories of economics. Students will become familiar with introductory tools, methods, and models of economic analysis, as well as recognize their limitations. Applying different perspectives and relying on current and historical data, the course exposes students to Canada’s and Quebec’s major macroeconomic problems such as unemployment, recessions, inflation, and the public debt. Students will learn how governments can use fiscal, monetary, and trade policies to reduce domestic economic problems. The course prepares students to critically assess government economic policies and economic information in the news media.
    401-101-DW    Introduction to Business    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    The Introduction to Business course provides an opportunity to explore the ways in which business activities are organized so that the various factors of production (raw materials, capital, assets and human resources) can be successfully combined to produce goods and services desired by customers. The course provides an essential understanding of the conditions necessary to the development and survival of businesses.
    General Education
    • 109-103-02    Health and Physical Education    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 602-10_-03    French: Bloc A    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-101-04    Introduction to College English    2 - 2 - 4    60

    Term 2
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    300-300-DW    Research Methods    2 - 2 - 2    60

    350-101-DW    General Psychology    2 - 1 - 3    45

    Description:    This is the first course in the discipline for most students and a requirement for all students in the Social Science program. It is also necessary for admission to most university psychology programs. The course is designed to acquaint students with the principles and methods of psychology and to expose them to the various areas encompassed by the field.
    401-205-DW    International Business    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    The International Business course offers a small window to the expanded world of international business. International business has undergone dramatic changes in the past decade, and the academic discipline has evolved in response to these changes. The course aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of international trade and investment and to expose students to the complexities of the international business environment (economic, legal, political, cultural and technological). It will also familiarize students with the influential players on the international business scene (multinational corporations, governments and international organizations) and develop an international perspective.
    Required Courses - Based on background. Choose one of the following
    201-105-DW    Linear Algebra    3 - 2 - 3    75

    Description:    This course focuses on systems of linear equations, matrices and determinants, vectors and applications to lines and planes, and applications of linear algebra to Social Science. This course is not a substitute for Mathematics 201-NYC-05.
    201-106-DW    Linear Algebra (Enriched)    3 - 2 - 3    75

    Description:    Systems of linear equations and elementary operations, matrices and determinants, vectors, lines, planes and vector spaces are studied in this course.
    General Education

    • 109-104-02    Physical Activity    0 - 2 - 1    30
    • 345-103-04    Knowledge    3 - 1 - 3    60
    • 603-102-04    Literary Genres    2 - 2 - 3    60

    Term 3
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs

    ___-___-__    Option 300 Level Course          

    Choose one from disciplines previously taken.
    360-300-DW    Quantitative Methods    2 - 2 - 2    60

    Prerequisite:    300-300-DW - Research Methods

    Required Courses - Choose one of the following
    385-101-DW    Introduction to Politics    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course introduces students to the political dimension of human behaviour. It examines how people organize themselves for the purpose of making collective decisions for the protection and defense of their communities, how they mobilize resources to achieve common goals, how they pursue common values, and how they resolve the conflicts that inevitably arise from these political actions; in short, how people govern themselves.
    General Education
    • 345-102-03    World Views    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • 602-B__-03    French: Bloc B    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-103-04    Literary Themes    2 - 2 - 3    60
    • COMP 1    Complementary         

    Term 4
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs

    ___-___-__    Option 300 Level Course          

    Choose one from disciplines previously taken.
    300-308-DW    Integrative Seminar    2 - 2 - 4    60
    Prerequisites:    300-300-DW - Research Methods
    360-300-DW - Quantitative Methods

    Required Courses - Choose one of the following
    320-201-DW    Economic Geography     2 - 1 - 3    45

    Description:    The forces of globalization and regionalisation/regionalism play a fundamental role in reworking the global space economy. This course will examine perspectives on the configuration of economic geographies. We will pay particular attention to the significance of “globalization” and the role of economic, political and technological processes and actors in shaping geographically specific development processes.
    383-201-DW    Microeconomics     3 - 0 - 3    45

    Prerequisite:    383-101-DW - Introduction to Economics
    Description:    The course presents concepts and theories that explain how households and firms behave in different markets. The assumptions of each theory will be clearly stated and the weaknesses of the theory pointed out. Topics covered in the course include market structures, supply and demand, consumer behaviour, behaviour of the firm, production and costs, and the determination of equilibrium price and output in different markets. Using concepts and theories, students will analyze how individuals and companies react to government interventions in the market such as subsidies, minimum wages, and price controls.
    General Education
    • 109-105-02    Active Living    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 345-BXH-03    Applied Themes in Humanities    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • 603-BXE-04    Applied Themes in English    2 - 2 - 2    60
    • COMP 2    Complementary

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