Broadcast - Radio Diploma - Part-time

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  • Course description

        * Learn computer broadcast with internet applications, including web pages, webcasting and podcasting
        * Acquire hands-on, diversified communications skills
        * Explore production, promotion, announcing, management and sales
        * Discover commercial writing, on-air performing and various new areas of the communications industry
        * Learn the business side of broadcasting
        * Specialize in news and sports presentation, program and music scheduling
        * Graduates may wish to find jobs in radio stations but will also have the ability to find employment using creative writing skills, presentation skills and knowledge of the media and new media
        * New technology has resulted in greater opportunities for trained individuals with creative abilities and for those with a combination of creative and technical skills
        * Degree transfer opportunities available
        * Enjoy the Mohawk Students' Association's award winning radio station C101.5FM!

    Career Opportunities

    Industries of Employment:

        * Radio Stations
        * Sound Recording Industries
        * Advertising Agencies

    Occupational Categories:

        * Sales/Marketing Representatives
        * Broadcast equipment operators for digital mixers, editing and transmission
        * Radio programmers

    Admission Requirements

        * OSSD or equivalent (GEGED, College and Career Preparation) including:
        *o Grade 12 English, general, advanced, C or U or equivalent
        * This is a high demand program. To increase chances of admission, applicants will be requested to complete an online questionnaire
        * Mature applicants are considered individually

    Program of Studies

    Semester 1

    COMM     10092     College Communication     3.00
    COMM     CM190     Intro - Mass Communication     2.00
    COMM     LL041     Communications (Langs)     3.00
    MCOM     10012     Radio - An Introduction     3.00
    MCOM     10013     Broadcast Equipment     5.00
    MCOM     10014     Writing Skills for Radio     2.00
    MCOM     10015     Prod 1 - On Air     5.00
    SSCI     SS291     Current Affairs: Canada/World     3.00

    Semester 2

    INFO     RD137     Computer Bdct Applications     2.00
    MCOM     10045     Radio Creative - Basic     3.00
    MCOM     10046     Radio Commercial Prod     7.00
    MCOM     10120     Presentation Skills     2.00
    MCOM     RD135     On-Air Production 2 - Radio     8.00
    MRKT     RD136     Introduction To Media Sales     3.00

    Semester 3

    COMM     10034     Active Citizenship     2.00
    CRED     AD901     Career Planning & Portfolio Dev     2.00
    LAWS     RD214     Radio Law and Ethics     3.00
    MCOM     RD144     On-Air Production 3 - Radio     7.00
    MCOM     RD219     The Radio Show     5.00
    MUSC     10005     Pop 4 Radio     3.00
    OPEL     XXXXX     General Educ 1 Option Table (Elective)     2.00

    Semester 4

    ADVR     AD350     Intro To Public Relations     1.50
    GINT     SS436     And Now A Word From Our Sponsor     2.50
    MCOM     10047     Radio Promotions     4.00
    MCOM     10049     Live Recording & Digital Editing     6.00
    MCOM     RD315     I-Entertainment Business     2.00
    MCOM     RD333     C101.5 Operations     4.00
    MGMT     10005     Management - Radio Station     2.00
    MRKT     RD235     Radio Sales     2.00
    MUSC     10001     Rock On - Pop Music - Intro     2.00

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