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  • Course description
    Hangul - vowels, consonants, final consonants,
    combining vowels and consonants

    Basic Korean Phrases

    Lesson 1- How to introduce yourself and others Expressing Name, Nationality , Family members

    Lesson 2-Asking and answering 'Who is Peter?' Expressing Occupation

    Lesson 3-Asking and answering 'Where is Korean Town?' Expressing Places

    Lesson 4- Asking and answering ' What is your phone number?' Expressing Personal Items

    Lesson 5- Asking and answering 'When is your birthday?' Expressing Months/ dates/ time

    Lesson 6 - Asking and answering 'Is there a car?'
    Asking and answering 'Do you have meat?'
    Asking and answering 'Is Suzy at home?'

    Lesson 7 - Requesting and ordering 'Please give me 1 bowl of Bibimbap.'
    Korean food and drinks
    Native Korean numbers/ Counting

    Lesson 8-

    Asking and answering 'How much is an apple?'

    Sino Korean numbers/ Currency

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