Bachelor or Applied Business Administration - Finance

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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Applied Business - Finance is a post-diploma applied degree. Applied degrees are a new credential developed by Alberta Learning in response to a need to prepare Albertans for the changing economy. This degree offers graduates of eligible diploma programs from NAIT, SAIT and other Alberta colleges the opportunity to develop the combination of advanced financial expertise and management skills needed in the expanding and demanding field of financial services. As well, the program assesses individual international educational credentials for entry into this degree.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor degree
  • Course description
    Semester 1

    FNCE300:   DFS Seminar

    This course is designed to orient students to the applied degree program. Students are made aware of course requirements and directed field studies components. Job search techniques and the use of NAIT’s Career Services to assist students in procuring job placements will be covered. [hide detail]

    FNCE313:   CFP™ Course 3 Comprehensive Practices in Risk and Retirement Planning

    Designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications related to the concepts of managing risk and retirement planning, this course covers products, issues and practices in the area of insurance and retirement planning process moving through the wealth accumulation phase into retirement. Course re-numbering - effective July 1, 2006 [hide detail]

    FNCE314:   CFP™ Course 4 Wealth Management and Estate Planning

    Students will review the basics of economics and investing along with an understanding of investment products. Investment planning and key areas of personal financial management are explored. The course concludes with estate planning fundamentals, concepts and applications. Course re-numbering - effective July 1, 2006. [hide detail]

    FNCE317:   Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) Part 1  

    This course requires the student to register with the Canadian Securities Institute. An additional fee to the NAIT tuition fee is required by the Canadian Securities Institute. The instructor will go through the CSI registration process with the student. This is a 2 part course that is intended to help the student pass the Canadian Securities Course exam. Part I covers capital markets, the Canadian economy and the financial services industry. In addition, financial statements analysis and investment products. Prerequisite: FNCE 280 (BUS 380). Course re-numbering effective July 1, 2006. [hide detail]

    FNCE319:   Effective Writing

    Effective writing skills for both business and academic environments will be covered. Major topics include: formal business reports, research and preparation of a critical essay, writing for academic purposes, and examination writing techniques. In addition, this course will prepare students for their DFS writing requirements of research papers, critiques and case studies. [hide detail]

    ACCT401:   Accounting Theory


    Semester 2

    FNCE321:   Business Ethics

    This course introduces the students to the definition of ethics within the world of business. Ethics in Finance, organizations, international business and whistle blowing are some examples of topics explored. Various case studies and ethical dilemmas are presented to students for analysis. The objectives are to make the study of business ethics relevant to real-life work situations that the student may encounter; to better equip the student with decision-making tools in clarifying their own ethical codes and professional conduct; and to be made aware of some of the codes, conducts and practices of professional finance institutions. [hide detail]

    FNCE318:   Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) Part 2

    This is an intensive investment course that prepares the student for exam 2 of the Canadian Securities Course. Students are required to register with the Canadian Securities Institute and pay an additional fee to NAIT's tuition if they have not already done so in FNCE 317.The key topics covered include capital markets, the Canadian economy, listing and regulation, financial statements, fixed income securities, equities, and derivatives. Through lecture, discussion, and on-line exercises the student will develop the confidence and understanding of investments to write the second Canadian Securities Course exam. This course is a continuation to FNCE317. FNCE318 - CSC® Part 2 covers more investment products analysis, portfolio approaches, mutual funds, managed products, hedge funds, financial planning and taxation. Prequisite: FNCE 317(FIN 510) or CSA500. Course re-numbering - effective July 1, 2006. [hide detail]

    FNCE315:   Financial Planning Software

    This course introduces a goal-based financial planning tool. Students will be able to quickly specify retirement, education and major purchase goals, and then determine whether existing strategies can meet those goals. The goals can be part of a comprehensive plan or can be introduced as a single concept. Needs assessment tools for insurance and asset allocation will also be introduced. [hide detail]

    FNCE312:   CFP™ Course 2 Contemporary Practices in Financial

    This course introduces students to basic income tax laws, moving into a more the professional and ethical responsibilities associated with the role of a financial planner and an understanding of the structures and services within the financial industry are covered in the course. Different forms of business structures are explored in-depth, along with an understanding of trusts. Prerequisite: FNCE 211 (FIN 110). Course re-numbering - effective July 1, 2006. [hide detail]

    FNCE402:   Advanced Finance

    Semester 3

    DFS450:   Field Studies in Finance I - Online

    Semester 4

    DFS455:   Field Studies in Finance II - Online

    Part-time courses

    ACCT401:   Accounting Theory

    BTE320:   Ethics and Society

    BTE321:   Critical Reading and Writing

    CSA500:   Investments - Principles

    CSA510:   Investments - Financial Analysis

    FNCE402:   Advanced Finance

    PFP210:   Contemporary Practice in Financial Planning

    PFP310:   Comprehensive Practices in Risk & Retirement Planning

    PFP410:   Wealth Management & Estate Planning

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