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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

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  • Course description
    This degree program is designed to provide students with the business and management skills necessary to become effective leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in today’s competitive economy. The degree offers both a practical management education and enough breadth in complementary academic subjects to prepare students to function effectively in complex private organizations or the public sector

    This concentration prepares students to become an integral part of an organization’s management team or to enter public practice. Governments, nonprofits, major corporations, and small businesses all require accountants to manage their financial affairs. Upon graduation, most students choose to pursue one of the three professional accounting designations: Chartered Accountants (CA), Certified General Accountants (CGA), Certified Management Accountants (CMA). By careful selection of electives within this concentration, students can receive most or all of the possible exemptions within these professional level programs and be well prepared to write the rigorous accreditation examinations.

    Concentrations in General Management , Human Resources Management , Information Systems Management , Leadership , Marketing , Public Sector Management , and Technology Management are also available within this degree program.

    General Education Requirements (18 credits)
    (may be met with lower-level or upper-level university courses; refer to general education requirements for disciplines)

    3 credits in English (university-level composition and literature, e.g., TRU-OL's ENGL 100 or 102 )

    3 credits in Natural Science

    6 credits in Social Science/Humanities

    6 credits in Arts and Science electives
    Core Knowledge Requirements (54 credits)
    BUSM 121 , Management Principles and Practices (3) or approved alternative

    MATH 109 , Business Mathematics (3) or MATH 150, Finite Mathematics (3) or approved alternative

    STAT 102 , Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3) or approved alternative

    Two from the following ENGL and ADMN courses in communication:

    ENGL 106 , Written Communication (3)

    ENGL 107 , Business Communication (3)

    ADMN 363 , Open Communication (3) or approved alternative

    CMPT at 200 or higher level or approved alternative [CMPT 215, Systems Analysis and Design I (3) is recommended for accounting concentration students]

    ECON 200 , Principles of Microeconomics (3) or approved alternative

    ECON 201 , Principles of Macroeconomics (3) or approved alternative

    ADMN 222 , Introduction to Human Resource Management (3) or ADMN 325 , Labour Relations (3) or ADMN 366 , Strategic Human Resource Management (3) or approved alternative

    ADMN 231 , Introduction to Financial Accounting (3) or BUSM 132 , Accounting II (3)

    ADMN 233 , Management Accounting (3) (formerly ADMN 232) or approved alternative

    ADMN 250 , Introduction to Marketing (3) (formerly ADMN 350 or BUSM 151) or approved alternative

    ADMN 320 , Organizational Behaviour I (3) or approved alternative

    ADMN 336 , Financial Management (3) or approved alternative

    ADMN 362 , Analytical Decision Making (3) or approved alternative (Advanced Managerial Accounting may be substituted)

    ADMN 390 , Business Law (3) (formerly BUSM 241) or approved alternative

    ADMN 460 , Business and Society (3) or approved alternative

    ADMN 470 , Business Policy and Strategy (3) or approved alternative
    Concentration Requirements (15 credits)
    ADMN 331 , Intermediate Financial Accounting I (3)

    ADMN 333 , Intermediate Management Accounting (3)

    ADMN 341 , Intermediate Financial Accounting II (3)

    ADMN 351 , Taxation (3)

    One course from the following:

    ADMN 402 , Advanced Financial Accounting (3)

    ADMN 461 , Accounting Theory (3)

    ADMN 463 , External Auditing (3)
    Elective Requirements (normally 33 credits)
    Sufficient academic and/or applied credits to bring the total number of credits to 120, with 45 of the 120 credits at the upper (300 and/or 400) level

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