Bachelor of Arts in German

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  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts in German
  • Course description
    20-credit BA with Major in German

    1000 level: German 1001.06 or 1010.06 or 1060X/Y.06
    2000 level: Three credits at or above the 2000 level
    3000 level: Three credits at the 3000 level or higher, in addition to those listed above

    • GERM 1010X/Y.06: German for Beginners.
    • GERM 1020X/Y.06: German Fiction in Novel and Film.
    • GERM 1021X/Y.06: German Fiction in Novel & Film.
    • GERM 1060X/Y.06: German Reading Class for Beginners.
    • GERM 1080X/Y.06: German Folk and Fairy Tales.
    • GERM 2000X/Y.06: Intermediate German.
    • GERM 2010.03: Germanic Myths and Tales I.
    • GERM 2011.03: Germanic Myths and Tales II.
    • GERM 2020X/Y.06: Exercises in Translation and Composition.
    • GERM 2050.03: German Reading I.
    • GERM 2051.03: German Reading II.
    • GERM 2060.03: German for Business, Economics and Tourism I.
    • GERM 2061.03: German for Business, Economics and Tourism II.
    • GERM 2080.06: German Folk and Fairy Tales.
    • GERM 2150X/Y.06: Goethe's Faust.
    • GERM 2200X/Y.06: Introduction to German Literature.
    • GERM 2400X/Y.06: German Art and Literature.
    • GERM 2450X/Y.06: Kant and the History of German Idealism.
    • GERM 2550.03: In Pursuit of Freedom from Luther to Nietzsche I.
    • GERM 2551.03: In Pursuit of Freedom from Luther to Nietzsche II.
    • GERM 2600.03: 'Freiheit'. Freedom in German Literature and Thought I.
    • GERM 2601.03: 'Freiheit'. Freedom in German Literature and Thought II. 19th and 20th century.
    • GERM 3000X/Y.06: Advanced German.
    • GERM 3001.03: Advanced Spoken German I.
    • GERM 3002.03: Advanced Spoken German II.
    • GERM 3010.03: Advanced Translation I: German - English.
    • GERM 3011.03: Advanced Translation II: English - German.
    • GERM 3050X/Y.06: German Reading.
    • GERM 3051.03: German Reading III.
    • GERM 3052.03: German Reading IV.
    • GERM 3100X/Y.06: German Literature and Thought from Reformation to Enlightenment.
    • GERM 3120.03: Origins of Comparative Religion from Hegel to Nietzsche.
    • GERM 3150X/Y.06: Goethe and the Enlightenment.
    • GERM 3200X/Y.06: Goethe and Romanticism.
    • GERM 3240X/Y.06: Literature of the 19th Century.
    • GERM 3250X/Y.06: Modern German Literature.
    • GERM 3300X/Y.06: History of German Poetry.
    • GERM 3400X/Y.06: Germany and Europe: The Cultural Union.
    • GERM 3650X/Y.06: History and Theory of the German Novel.
    • GERM 4100X/Y.06: Aesthetic Theory.
    • GERM 4200X/Y.06: Seminar on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.
    • GERM 4250X/Y.06: Studies in German Idealism.
    • GERM 4500.03: Special Topics Class I.
    • GERM 4501.03: Special Topics Class II.
    • GERM 4600X/Y.06: Special Topics Class.

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