Bachelor of Arts Honours in French

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  • Objectives
    This program offers systematic, comprehensive and individualized study of French language, literature, linguistics and other program elements both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Practical experience
    Honours students are strongly encouraged to enrich their more traditional learning experience by spending at least one term in a French-speaking area.
  • Entry requirements
    It is an option which should be considered seriously by any student who, with career or personal objectives in mind, wishes to obtain a strong background in French and by those who plan to teach or earn a graduate degree in French.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts Honours in French
  • Course description
    BA with Honours in French

    1. Concentrated Honours

    Departmental Requirements

    2000 level

    •     FREN 2020.03
    •     FREN 2045.06
    •     FREN 2201.03
    •     FREN 2202.03

    3000 level
    •     FREN 3021.03 or 3022.03
    •     FREN 3045.06
    •     One full credit in literature and/or culture

    4000 level

    •     FREN 4017.03 and 4046.03
    •     Two 4000 level full credits
    •     At least one other full credit, 2000 to 4000 level, for a total of nine French credits.
    •     FREN 4933.00 (Honours Seminar)

    Second year (i.e., 2000 level) classes taken during the student's first year at Dalhousie may count towards major or honours, with the approval of the department.

    An additional grade is required: either an Honours Essay or an Oral Presentation (see document entitled "French Honours Qualifying Examination" available from the Honours Advisor or the departmental secretary).
    • FREN 1005X/Y.06: Français fondamental/Basic French.
    • FREN 1045X/Y.06: Français intermédiare/Intermediate French.
    • FREN 1050X/Y.06: Français pour Anciens Etudiants des programs D'Immersion/French for Former Immersion Students.
    • FREN 1060X/Y.06: Pratique de la lecture/French for Reading.
    • Note: Most classes above this level are given entirely in French. Exceptions: FREN 2060.03, FREN 2275.03, FREN 2800.03, FREN 2801.03, FREN 3125.03, FREN 3175.03, FREN 4016.06 (These classes do not satisfy the French degree program requirements or the Faculty Language requirement.)
    • FREN 2002.03: Le français oral/Spoken French.
    • FREN 2003.03: La Comprehension auditive/French for Listening Comprehension.
    • FREN 2020.03: Introduction à La Linguistique/Introduction to Linguistics.
    • FREN 2021.03: FREN 2022.03: Langue et culture/Language and Culture.
    • FREN 2025.03: Morphologie/Morphology.
    • FREN 2032.03: La phonologie/Phonology.
    • FREN 2045X/Y.06: Grammaire intensive/Intensive Grammar.
    • FREN 2060.03: Advanced Readings in French/Pratique de la lecture, niveau superieur.
    • FREN 2201.03: FREN 2202.03: Introduction à la littérature/ Introduction to French Literature.
    • FREN 2203.03: Approches du texte littéraire/ Approaches to Literary Texts.
    • FREN 2275.03: French Literature in Translation: The Novel/Littérature française le cas du roman en traduction anglaise.
    • FREN 2800.03: Cinema: The French Phenomenon I. From the Lumière Brothers to the New Wave.
    • FREN 2801.03: Cinema: The French Phenomenon II. From the New Wave to the New Millennium.
    • FREN 2994.03: Independent Study.
    • FREN 3000.03: Cours supérieur de français oral/ Advanced Oral French Workshop.
    • FREN 3020X/Y.06: Linguistique/Linguistics.
    • FREN 3021.03: Syntaxe / Syntax.
    • FREN 3022.03: Semantics / Semantique.
    • FREN 3025.03: Les Parlers acadiens: Introduction linguistique/Linguistic Introduction to Acadian Dialectology.
    • FREN 3026.03: Le français québécois/ Quebec French.
    • FREN 3030X/Y.06: Le français des affaires/French for Business.
    • FREN 3045X/Y.06: Expression écrite I/Written Expression I.
    • FREN 3101.03: Civilisation de la France/Civilization of France.
    • FREN 3125.03: The French-Speaking World/Le Monde francophone.
    • FREN 3150.03: Aspects de la francophonie/Aspects of the Francophone World.
    • FREN 3175.03: Topical Issues in Francophonie/Thémes de la francophonie.
    • FREN 3225.03: L'Epistolaire/Letter Writing in French Literature.
    • FREN 3250.03: Ecrivaines françaises/French Women writers.
    • FREN 3260.03: Contes et légendes du monde francophone/Tales and Legends of the Francophone World.
    • FREN 3300.03: La littérature m?di?vale/ Mediaeval French Literature.
    • FREN 3400.03: La littérature du seiziéme siècle/16th Century French Literature.
    • FREN 3500.03: La littérature du dix-septiéme siècle/17th Century French Literature.
    • FREN 3600.03: La littérature du dix-huitiéme siècle/18th Century French Literature.
    • FREN 3700.03: La littérature du dix-neuviéme siècle/19th Century French Literature.
    • FREN 3750.03: littérature industrielle, Roman populaire et Roman de consommation/Popular Literature and the Rise of Mass Culture.
    • FREN 3800.03: Théâtre et poésie du vingtiéme siècle/ French Theatre and Poetry of the 20th Century.
    • FREN 3810.03: Prose et théorie littéraire du 20e siècle/ 20th Century Prose and Literary Theory.
    • FREN 3811.03: Introduction to African and Caribbean Francophone Literature/ Introduction a la literature francophone de l-afrique subsaharienne et des caribes.
    • FREN 3900.03: FREN 3901.03: La littérature canadienne française/French-Canadian Literature.
    • FREN 3910.03: Études acadiennes/Acadian Studies.
    • FREN 3994.03: Independent Study.
    • FREN 4001.03: Histoire du français - Moyen Age/History of French - The Middle Ages.
    • FREN 4002.03: Histoire du français - époque moderne/History of French - The Modern Period.
    • FREN 4011.03: La Lexicologie/Lexicology.
    • FREN 4013.03: Pragmatique/Pragmatics.
    • FREN 4014.03: Langue et société/ Language and Society.
    • FREN 4016.06: Introduction to Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching.
    • FREN 4017.03: Traduction générale/General Translation.
    • FREN 4018.03: Outils et ressources électroniques d'aide à la rédaction, la traduction et la r?vision en français/Electronic tools and resources for French.
    • FREN 4046.03: Composition avancée/Advanced Composition.
    • FREN 4300.03: Le roman courtois/Courtly Novels.
    • FREN 4301.03: La Povsie courtoise/Courtly Poetry.
    • FREN 4401.03: La pensée philosophique, politique et morale de la renaissance/Philosophical, Political and Moral Thought of the Renaissance.
    • FREN 4500.03: L'aventure intellectuelle du grand siècle/The Intellectual Adventure of 17th-Century France.
    • FREN 4550.03: La Femme de lettres au Grand siècle/ Literary Women of French Classicism.
    • FREN 4600.03: Le siècle des lumière: forme et philosophie/The Enlightenment: Form and Philosophy.
    • FREN 4700.03: La révolution romantique/The Romantic Revolution.
    • FREN 4701.03: Le roman du dix-neuvième siècle/ The Nineteenth-Century Novel.
    • FREN 4710.03: Du symbolisme au surréalisme/ From Symbolism to Surrealism.
    • FREN 4801.03: Le Nouveau Roman/Anti-novels of the 20th Century.
    • FREN 4811.03: La poésie francophone de Perse et Char à Senghor et Césaire/Francophone Poetry from Perse and Char to Senghor and Césaire.
    • FREN 4902.03: FREN 4903.03: Écrivains québécois contemporain/Contemporary Quebec Writers.
    • FREN 4904.03: Écrivaines québécoises/ Quebec Women Writers.
    • FREN 4933.00: Séminaire "Honours"/Honours Seminar, Honours Essay.
    • FREN 4994.03: FREN 4995.03B, FREN 4996.03/FREN 4997.03B, FREN 4998.03/FREN 4999.03: Recherches independantes/Independent Research.
    • FREN 9997.15: Senegal.
    • FREN 9998.15: France Semester Abroad.
    • FREN 9999X/Y.30: France Year Abroad.

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