Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology

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    Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology
  • Course description

    Information Systems

      Semester 1

    BAI506:   Architecture & Security

    The definition of any project requires both a clear and tested architecture and a clear secuirty implementation model. This course will examine a variety of architectures and their impacts on how projects get constructed and how they will perform under load. Security will be examined from both network and application perspectives, and a variety of security solution patterns will be examined.

    BAI507:   Software Engineering

    This course in Software Engineering will examine the process of development within the Unified Process environment, concentrating on the many of the front-end tasks within Analysis and Design. It is assumed that the student has already had an introduction to UP and UML, and so we will take a more extensive look at some aspects of the process, such as Business Modeling, Requirements Capture (including JAD sessions) and UML Patterns. 

    BAI540:   Project Management

    Provides the principles, concepts, materials, and practice that allow a professional to initiate I.T. projects, conduct project planning, manage project resources, manage team situations, control projects over time, manage change-and-release procedures and conduct project closure. When students have completed this course, they will understand the project manager's role in guiding a project to a successful conclusion. The student will understand how to establish and scope projects through a project charter, prepare and execute a project plan and budget using project management software, manage and control the team environment, conduct project deliverable quality control over the course of a project and report on project status through to closure. Students will gain knowledge and skills to deal with unrealistic constraints, problem analysis and escalation, scope management, issues management, template generation, risk analysis, and contingency planning.

    BAI552:   Business Process & Enterprise Resource Planning I

    This course offers an overview of the ERP topic area. The course examines some of the major business process found within an ERP system (Financial, HR, CRM, MRP & SCM) and looks at the implementations of these processes within both PeopleSoft and SAP. It will also look at the development process inherent in making minor modifications to the standard business process flows, and introduce the steps necessary for changing reports and doing custom validations. [hide detail]

    BAI586:   System Development Tools

    This course will examine technical topics that will provide the student with their main toolset for constructing internet based systems and services. This technical toolset (including VB.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML, SQL Server, Web Services & Wireless devices) will be used to build components within a lab-case environment. This course concentrates on specific technologies, and the support skills (design and management) will be covered in other courses. [hide detail]

    BAI590:   Seminar I

    Semester 2

    BAI606:   Database Topics

    This course will examine advanced features of Database Management Systems. Topics will cover both OLTP and OLAP systems. Included topics will be tuning OLTP system performance, integrating new components into very large existing Databases, Data Warehousing & Data Marts. [hide detail]

    BAI652:   Business Process & Enterprise Resource Planning II

    This course examines the developmental processes and tools used when modifying the default business processes found within large scale ERP systems. The course continues from the BAI552 course and spends some time examining business processes, and then uses those processes as the basis for the developmental labs. The first half of the course uses PeopleSoft People Tools and the second half uses SAP ABAP. The student will not only gain a good introduction to the software tools, but they will have a very clear appreciation of the challenges inherent when working in the ERP environment. [hide detail]

    BAI686:   Research/Project Development

    Students will combine their technical and managerial skills to develop a scalable enterprise system for a real client. Some students will have the option (based on our industry partnerships) to engage in research work in integrating large system components into a complex orgainzation. [hide detail]

    BAI690:   Seminar II

    Information Systems & Network Management

    Semester 3 & 4

    BAI700:   Credit Work Experience II

    BAI700 and BAI800 represent the 'applied' portion of the Applied Degree. Students undertake a four month full-time paid work experience for each of these courses (eight months in total). Students are to be responsible for securing work in systems development, systems analysis, network administration, network management, technical support, or other IT related areas. [hide detail]

    BAI600:   Credit Work Experience I

    Semester 5

    BAI530:   Leadership Development

    Semester 6

    BAI604:   Management of the IT Portfolio

    Network Management

    Semester 7

    BAI511:   Advanced Routing Concepts

    This is an integrated theory/lab course covering switching and routing technologies. The course will start by covering advanced IP addressing concepts such as VLSM and Route Summarization. The next phase of the course will cover routing theory, protocols and router configuration. Labs will be used throughout the course to supplement theory, using equipment from Cisco and/or Nortel Networks. [hide detail]

    BAI512:   Advanced Operating Systems

    The students will learn advanced Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 concepts, including active directory design, network infrastructure design, routing and remote access service and configuring terminal services. They will also work with advanced Linux networking features. [hide detail]

    BAI513:   Protocols

    In this course the students will study several network protocols that provide the main foundations of network management. DNS, WINS, DHCP, SNMP, SMTP, as well as other protocols are covered in depth. These protocols are investigated through both the associated RFCs and the use of SNIFFER PRO. The students will also learn to manually decode various network packets to determine its intended function. [hide detail]

    BAI514:   Network Security

    This course will introduce the students to the process of writing and creating Security guidelines for a company. Labs will be used to reinforce the tools and concepts discussed during the theory portion of the course. This course will introduce the student to various security technologies, including encryption, authentication, VPNs and firewalls. Students will be able to defend their network infrastructure and corporate assets from both internal ane external attacks. [hide detail]

    BAI515:   Business Consulting Fundamentals

    The Business Consulting Fundamentals course branches off from the regular network related lab work to begin investigating some of the business aspects of today's computer and data communications industry. A review of project management's principles, a venture into the importance of ethical behavior in business through the use of case studies, discussions and review of contracts, legal letters and some laws affecting these documents are all discussed in this course. It also expands into what it takes to become a consultant today and the basic skills necessary for any consultant to succeed in today's business environment. At the end of the course another type of legal document is investigated, the Service Level Agreement and this leads the students down the road towards a solid understanding of what is involved in developing one of today's most difficult agreements, the Disaster Recovery Plan. The course involves high levels of class and group participation. [hide detail]

    BAI520:   Finance I

    Accounting is a system for measuring business activities and communicating those results to the intended users. Accounting information is used to assist managers in making decisions. This course covers: 1. Concepts and procedures used by accountants to make these measurements. 2. Principle reports through which the measurements are communicated. 3. Techniques used by managerial decision makers. Upon completion of the course the student will be able to: 1. Analyze the more common business transactions and record their effect in a manual system. 2. Generate and interpret appropriate reports for the users of financial information. 3. Apply managerial accounting tools and techniques for decision makers with respect to projects. [hide detail]

    BAI570:   Statistics

    Semester 8

    BAI630:   Research Projects

    This course has students performing research and design, creating project plans, submitting technical reports, and giving a formal presentation on their leading edge emerging technology project selected from a bank of projects. On performing all of the above, the student will build their design using state of the art networking technologies. This course will therefore prepare the student to effectively blend into a corporation's context. [hide detail]

    BAI620:   Finance II  

    The purpose of this course is to learn how to use accounting information for planning and decision-making under conditions of certainty and uncertainty. Topics in this course include costs and revenue estimation, regression modeling, trend and risk analysis, financial forecasting, planning and decision-making models, and others. [hide detail]

    BAI615:   Network Management

    Using various tools the students will learn to perform and implement several network management tasks and processes. Application analysis, bandwidth utilization and baselining functions will be performed by the students. They will also learn to implement an enterprise network management system, such as HP OpenView or CiscoWorks. [hide detail]

    BAI614:   Security II

    This course provides with an opportunity to implement some of the guide they created in BAI514. In addition, student will be exposed to Security concepts such as Firewalls and "Demilitarized Zones". Labs form an integral part of this course and will be tested at the end of the course. This course covers the advanced security topics of advanced firewall concepts, DMZs and security policies. Security counter measures and intrusion detection strategies are also investigated and applied by the students. [hide detail]

    BAI613:   Voice over IP

    Students will study the concepts and technologies behind Voice over IP networking and will configure analog Voice over IP sessions using Cisco 2600 series routers and Cisco Call Manager and/or Nortel Communication Server for Enterprise (CSE). [hide detail]

    BAI612:   Network Design

    This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve introductory level of competency in network design. It will enable the student to gather internetworking requirements, identify solutions, and design the network infrastructure and elements to ensure the basic functionality of the proposed solutions. [hide detail]

    BAI611:   Switching and Wireless LANs


    Part time Courses

    Degree Preparation and Skills Upgrading

    CNT495 PC Repair and Upgrading

    IST115 Financial Accounting

    IST215 Systems Analysis & Design I

    IST235 Client-Server Programming

    IST245 Database Management

    IST260 Networking I

    IST271 Business Communications

    IST334 J2EE Development

    IST370 Organizational Behaviour

    Information Systems Development Major

    BAI506 Architecture & Security

    BAI507 Software Engineering

    BAI530 Leadership Development

    BAI540 Project Management

    BAI552 Business Process & Enterprise Resource Planning I

    BAI586 System Development Tools

    BAI590 Seminar I

    BAI600 Credit Work Experience I

    BAI604 Management of the IT Portfolio

    BAI606 Database Topics

    BAI652 Business Process & Enterprise Resource Planning II

    BAI686 Research/Project Development

    BAI690 Seminar II

    BAI700 Credit Work Experience II

    Network Management Major

    BAI511 Advanced Routing Concepts

    BAI512 Advanced Operating Systems

    BAI513 Protocols

    BAI514 Network Security

    BAI515 Business Consulting Fundamentals

    BAI520 Finance I

    BAI530 Leadership Development

    BAI570 Statistics

    BAI600 Credit Work Experience I

    BAI604 Management of the IT Portfolio

    BAI611 Switching and Wireless LANs

    BAI612 Network Design

    BAI613 Voice over IP

    BAI614 Security II

    BAI615 Network Management

    BAI620 Finance II

    BAI630 Research Projects

    BAI700 Credit Work Experience II

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