Architectural Technology Ontario College Advanced Diploma

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  • Objectives
    The Architectural Technology program prepares students for careers in the construction industry, working with architects, engineers, builders, contractors and municipal building departments. Using state-of-the-art computer technology, students prepare designs, construction drawings and specifications needed to communicate with clients, construction professionals and approval authorities. Student activities include preparing drawings for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional building types. Students are introduced to building materials, construction methods, structural design, mechanical and electrical services, building codes, contracts, specifications, and the business environment for providing design and construction services. Centennial's Architectural Technology program places a strong emphasis on protecting the environment, energy conservation and sustainable design and construction strategies.
  • Practical experience
    There is an optional co-op aspect associated with this program.
  • Academic title
    Architectural Technology Ontario College Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    ARCH-101     Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 1     1 hr     8 hrs
    ENVR-101     Environment 1     2 hrs     
    MATM-101     Materials and Methods 1     2 hrs     
    MATH-111     Mathematics for Architecture 1     3 hrs     
    MATH-154     Microcomputer Applications for Technology 1         3 hrs
    COMM-170/171     College Communication 2 / (ESL)     3 hrs     
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 2 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    ARCH-121     Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 2     1 hr     8 hrs
    ARAP-124     Applied Physics     3 hrs     
    ENVR-123     Environment 2     2 hrs     
    MATM-122     Materials and Methods 2     2 hrs     
    MATH-112     Mathematics for Architecture 2     3 hrs     
    GNED-500     Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action     3 hrs     
    Semester 3 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    ACHS-204     Construction Health & Safety     2 hrs     
    ARCH-201     Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 3     1 hr     8 hrs
    ARBC-205     Builders and Contractors     3 hrs     
    ENVR-203     Environment 3     2 hrs     
    MATM-202     Materials and Methods 3     2 hrs     
    GNED-158     History of Western Architecture     3 hrs     
    Semester 4 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    ARBS-222     Building Services 1     2 hrs     
    ARCH-221     Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 4     1 hr     8 hrs
    ARGR-224     Architectural Graphics         2 hrs
    ARST-305     Structures     3 hrs     
    ENVR-223     Environment 4     2 hrs     
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 5 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    ARBS-302     Building Services 2     2 hrs     
    ARBW-307     Business Writing     2 hrs     
    ARCH-301     Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 5     1 hr     10 hrs
    ARPE-306     Program Elective-Community Design I     3 hrs     
    ARPT-304     Advanced Presentation Techniques         2 hrs
    ARPM-225     Project Management     3 hrs     
    ENVR-303     Environment 5     2 hrs     
    Semester 6 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    ARBL-324     Building Within the Municipality     2 hrs     
    ARCH-321     Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 6     1 hr     10 hrs
    ARCL-322     Contracts, Law and Professional Practice & Ethics     2 hrs     
    ARPE-326     Program Elective - Community Design II     2 hrs     
    ARSW-325     Specification Writing & Contracts         2 hrs
    ENVR-323     Environment 6     2 hrs     

    Minimum C grade required for Technologist.

    ** Minimum 2.0 GPA required for entry into semester
    u MATH-111 & COMM-170/171 must be successfully completed before the start of semester 3.
    Note: Students have completed all courses in semester 4 will have all the prerequisites requirements for courses in semester 5 & 6.

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