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Advanced Digital Imaging and Design Certificate - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    This program provides advanced hands-on experience, along with theory from professional users of industry standard software such as InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash.
  • Entry requirements
    This program is designed for students who are interested in advancing their knowledge of computer image design and manipulation of objects, photos and illustrations.
  • Academic Title
    Advanced Digital Imaging and Design Certificate
  • Course description
    DMED1080     Creating Web Graphics
    Description: Recommended: DMED1060 Dreamweaver I and DMED1110 Photoshop I or equivalent knowledge.

    The student will cover how to create elements found in webpages such as graphics, navigation bars, and rollover images. It will provide a hands-on approach to design consideration, creation, best fit, and implementation. Most web design resources do not explain how to create effective graphics and images.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    DMED1090     InDesign
    Description: Recommended: COMP1150 Computer Literacy for Windows (Word/Excel) or equivalent knowledge.

    Use Adobe InDesign to combine some of the best features of this design and page layout software. Offering high-end integration with other Adobe products such as Illustrator and Photoshop, use InDesign's many features for producing exceptional looking page layouts. Explore this powerful software and examine techniques to create high quality printed material.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    DMED1100     InDesign Advanced
    Description: Recommended: DMED1090 InDesign.

    Expanding on the concepts learned in InDesign, this course will focus on: live InCopy/InDesign workflow, with plenty of advanced examples for designers and editors alike. This course will also cover cross-platform consideration and optional third-party plugins, always filtered through real-world experience of learning.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    DMED1140     Dreamweaver II
    Description: Recommended: DMED1060 Dreamweaver I or equivalent knowledge.
    This course is designed to extend the student's existing knowledge of Dreamweaver. It will address tools to enhance both single user and group use of the program such as the advanced application of templates and frames, CSS, design notes and check in / check out features. Use of advanced visual design techniques and the application of web graphics will also be covered, including proper image compression and slicing.
    Hours: 18
    Credits: 1

    DMED1160     Illustrator Advanced
    Description: Recommended: DMED1070 Illustrator.

    This course will further teach designers how to customize their work environment and increase their productivity with great tips and tricks. Projects include advanced selection techniques, perspective grids, the gradient mesh tool, advanced brush techniques, and graphs. As well, better use of advanced features like blending, creating patterns, masking layers, creating compound shapes, Live Trace, and Live Paint will be covered.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    DMED1170     Flash and Web Interactivity

    Description: Recommended: DMED1060 Dreamweaver I
    This course deals with motion graphics, animation, video, and sound focusing on website interactivity. Participants will develop the creative and technical skill to integrate components into an interactive multimedia presentation with the addition of advanced web animation through Flash. The students will create an interactive based product ? from audience issues, storyboard, development, to integrating with Dreamweaver and publishing onto the web.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    DMED1180     Flash with Advanced ActionScript

    Description: Recommended: DMED1060 Dreamweaver I and DMED1040 Flash.

    This course will provide experienced Flash designers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to create dynamically generated event-driven animation and interactive websites, games, and movies with Flash. The course teaches fundamental programming techniques. It begins by introducing core concepts including instance names, variables, functions, properties, and methods; then proceeds through conditions, loops, event handling, and animating with ActionScript, Flash’s exclusive scripting language.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    DMED1190     Interface Design
    Description: Recommended: Prior web or graphic design experience
    This course focuses on designing interfaces for use in commercial, educational, and entertainment markets. The participant will learn principles of designing effective screen layouts and interactive interfaces. Approaching the subject from multiple discipline perspectives, participants learn to view multimedia content as an integrated process involving a variety of skills, concepts, and performance criteria. This course will also cover usability testing, visual theory, icons, and the study of common applications in design. The background and development of human-computer interaction and its various uses as well as practical work in how information is presented in current communication devices ? what works and what does not ? to create functional and user-friendly designs.
    Hours: 18
    Credits: 1

    DSGN1090     Principles of Graphic Design

    Description: This course covers principles of design, page layout and comparisons between conventional versus computer generated design. Participants will learn the planning process, creating mock-ups, various design considerations in page and monitor layout, and print technology as it relates to graphic design. Topics covered include: designing with type, graphics, photographs; how to create multi-page publications; elements and principles of typography, and image relationships to effectively communicate visual information through design, as well as theories and practices of interactive graphics. The course is strictly theory and has no computer component.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

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