Welder Fitter Certificate

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  • Objectives
    This program provides students with job-related welding skills and the ability to interpret blueprints and perform basic fitting operations.
  • Academic title
    Welder Fitter Certificate
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # BPR1100   -   002   -   Blueprint Reading And Drafting I

    This course introduces students to drafting rules and principles, sketching isometric and orthographic shapes, and the interpretation of various types of steel construction drawings and blueprints.

    # SWP1101   -   002   -   Safe Working Practices

    This course will familiarize students with safe working practices in both the welding shop and field environments, proper handling of tools and equipment, good housekeeping practices, including and compliance with government and company safety standards. Students will learn how report injuries, avoid restricted areas, use fire extinguishers safely, erect ladders, recognize potential health and safety hazards, and take corrective action when required for the protection of self and others.

    # TCA1101   -   003   -   Trade Math I

    This course will familiarize students with basic mathematical operations including addition, substraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. Students will incorporate the use of both imperial and metric measurement to solve area, volume, and trade-related mathematical problems.

    # WLD1110   -   002   -   Welding Metallurgy I

    This course will enable students to identify metals and describe methods of identification. In addition, students will learn to describe and identify the basic mechanical and physical properties of metals and alloying elements and their effects on the properties of metals and its weldability. Students will be able to describe iron and steel, how they are produced and their types of classifications and applications. They will develop an understanding of the effects of heating and cooling on the properties of steel and how heating and cooling affect the grain structure and mechanical properties.

    # WLD1122   -   008   -   Welding Applications I

    This course provides the student with a thorough technical understanding of the Shielded Metal Arc Welding process fundamentals in the lab. In the lab, students will be given demonstrations in the application methods for these processes. Students will weld with the SMAW process in different positions and on a variety of weld joint configurations using a variety of electrode types. Various trade equipment will be used in the cutting and processing of these projects as required.

    # WLD1131   -   003   -   Welding Processes & Technology I

    This course will provide the theoretical knowledge required to operate various types of welding machines and various welding processes. Students will develop an understanding of various polarities, current settings and how to set up various make and types of welding machines to suit various processes and consumables. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW),Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Metal Cored Arc Welding (MCAW), Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), and Oxy-Fuel cutting processes and equipment will be included.

    Semester 2
    # BPR1201   -   003   -   Blueprint Reading II

    Prerequisite: BPR 1100 This course is intended for the welders responsibility for properly locating welds on weldments, determining weld sizes, contour, length, and types of filler metal applicable to codes and drawing specification. This course is designed to teach the fitter to interpret the information on drawings and sketches and in order to set-up and align parts according to design specifications. Students will apply the aspects of the blueprint reading and the proper use of tools to check dimensions and alignment of parts of a weldment.

    # WLD1206   -   002   -   Welding Metallurgy II

    Students will be introduced to the characteristics of metals and their alloys, processes used to produce metals and alloys, steel types and classification systems, heat treatment purpose and effects, and the effect of metals and material selection for fabrication and welding considerations. Students will develop an understanding of the function and application of destructive and non-destructive testing methods in conjunction with weld quality, weld discontinuities, and defects.

    # WLD1225   -   004   -   Welding Processes and Technology

    This course will provide theoretical knowledge to supplement the students' progress in WLD 1121. Students will be provided with a thorough technical understanding of the SMAW welding processes fundamentals. They will develop an understanding of the various polarities and current settings and how to setup various makes and types of SMAW welding machines.

    # WLD1230   -   012   -   Welding Applications II

    This course builds on the skills obtained in WLD 1121, preparing students in multiple welding processes and positions. A 4-week placement or assignment is necessary for 1 credit of this course.

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