Technical Support Certificate - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    The program of study furthers the education of the individual in information technology including courses in operating systems, networks and help desk standards. Graduates of this part-time certificate program will have acquired the skills and knowledge to work effectively in a technical support position. Employment opportunities might include: front-line help desk, information technology support, scheduling and systems coordinator.
  • Entry requirements
    This program is for individuals with a good working knowledge of office software (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, etc.) and who enjoy working with people to solve technical problems.
  • Academic title
    Technical Support Certificate
  • Course description
    INFO1030      Technology Infrastructure: Networking and UNIX
    Description: In this course the student will learn to relate the OSI network model to the physical network. The course will cover the following network topics: protocols, devices, addressing, topology, file structures, cabling and assembly. The student will learn command shell programming, data manipulation, scripting, setting file permissions and email management.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    INFO1260     Help Desk Standards

    Description: This course contains practical exercises to reinforce standards in environment processes, procedures, and basic tools and technologies, associated with the Industry standards of "Customer Support". This course will reinforce the concept that each Customer's interaction is unique and offers an opportunity to enhance the relationship with that customer.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    INFO1570     Technology Infrastructure: Fundamentals

    Description: This course will introduce the student to the architecture of the computer hardware and operating systems software typically used in a business environment. Specific topics will include directory structures, drive mappings, internet searching, email concepts and basic HTM, XHTML, and JavaScript programming.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4

    INFO2060     Technology Infrastructure: Network Operating Systems

    Description: In this course, students will learn how to administer network operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows Server and Red Hat's Linux. They will create user accounts, assign users to groups and control access to server-based files and folders. They will also configure server-based services such as web services, database services, DHCP, DNS, and RRAS or routing.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3
    Pre-Requisites: INFO1030

    PROG1080     Programming: Fundamentals

    Description: The student will use a Graphical User Interface based on programming language to develop programs to solve business problems. The programming concepts of data types, record structures, arrays, event driven processes and sequential files will be introduced. Particular attention will be paid to problem solving techniques such as pseudo code and flowcharting to design the logic of the program. The student will be introduced to techniques of desk checking, testing and debugging.
    Hours: 72
    Credits: 5

    PROG1800     Programming: Web Fundamentals

    Description: Recommended: PROG1080 Programming Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge.
    This course introduces the student to web-based applications development using browser based development tools. The students will program both client and server-side scripting inside of HTML forms.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4
    Pre-Requisites: PROG1780 or PROG8000

    PROG1910     Database: Fundamentals

    Description: This course introduces the student to the concepts of database management. The student will learn how to design and develop database applications. The course will introduce the following topics: data types, table relationships, data normalization, entity relationship diagrams, table navigation and data entry control.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4

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