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  • Objectives
    The two-year Social Service Worker program is a career choice for those with a strong desire to help people make positive changes to their lives. This is achieved by preparing students for casework and counselling positions in the broad social service community and in teaching them how to work closely with individuals, families, and groups. Students will learn skills that will help people in at risk or vulnerable situations function better in their environment, improve their relationships with others and assist them with personal and family problems. The core curriculum focuses on the stages of helping as well as the skills needed to interact on an interpersonal level.
  • Practical experience
    Two supervised field experiences with a community-based organization are essential parts of the program. Students accepted into the program should budget for expenses incurred in out-of-town placements and for the first semester's week long seminar (lunches, gas, parking, bus fare, etc.)
  • Academic title
    Social Service Worker Diploma
  • Course description
          Semester 1
        * ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

          This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

        * GER1200   -   003   -   Introduction To Gerontology

          This course is designed to introduce students to the study of aging. Students will be examining many of the myths of aging and will have the opportunity to explore and clarify some of the feelings relating to their own aging as well as their own attitudes, values, and beliefs regarding dependent and independent aging adults.

        * PSY1050   -   003   -   Introduction To Psychology I

          Psychology is the study of human behaviour. This course is designed to increase your understanding of your own behaviour and the behaviour familiarizing you with important psychological concepts and research findings. PSY 1050 has been designated a General Education Course.

        * SSN1140   -   003   -   Intro. to Aboriginal Studies

          Sorry - no current subject description

        * WES1110   -   004   -   Social Work Practice I

          Prerequisite: Student must be registered in Social Service Worker program This course is an introduction to the idea of the social worker as an agent of change. The skills of attending and responding, as well as the demonstration of respect, genuineness, and entering the other's frame of reference will be mastered. A laboratory approach to this subject allows students to practice basic counselling skills.

        * WES1115   -   003   -   Social Services I

          This course covers legislation relevant to social assistance programs. The Ontario Works Act (1997) and Ontario Disablility Support Program Act are presented from both a historical and a functional perspective. Overview of the Family Law Act is examined. Related voluntary organizations are reviewed.

        * WES1140   -   004   -   Communication in Small Groups I

          Prerequisite: Student must be registered in Social Service Worker program This course concentrates on interpersonal awareness using group dynamics as a vehicle for change. Students will develop an understanding of the factors influencing group processes as well as an individual awareness of roles and specific group communication skills such as appropriate use of self disclosure, supportive behaviours, and setting of growth objectives that facilitate group skills and provide objective feedback about the group process.

          Semester 2

        * ENG1235   -   002   -   Speaking/Writing Comm. Services I

          In this course, students are introduced to acceptable and professional workplace communication practices (both oral and written), preparing them for placements and employment in the helping professions. The course will also provide the opportunity for students to develop greater understanding of the helping professions and of the relationships among individuals and society.

        * ENG1751   -   001   -   Job Search Skills: Ind. Study

          Prerequisite: ENG 1551 Through guided independent study, students will explore the job search process in detail and gain a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practices that lead to successful job searching and career planning. This course will also encourage further development of the independent learning skills and strategies practiced in ENG 1551 and 1581.

        * PSY1060   -   003   -   Introductory Psychology II

          Prerequisite: PSY 1050 This course is a continuation of PSY 1050 and is designed to further increase students' understanding of behaviour.

        * WES1210   -   004   -   Social Work Practice II

          Prerequisite: WES 1110

        * WES1215   -   003   -   Social Services II

          In this course, Social Insurance programs and Income Security programs are studied from a historical and functional perspective. The Employment Insurance Act, Canada Pension Act, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Allowances for the Survivors Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Act are covered in detail.

        * WES1240   -   003   -   Communication in Small Groups II

          Prerequisite: WES 1140. A continuation of WES 1140, this course concentrates on intermediate and advanced group skills. Skills such as self confrontation and assertion are practiced in a laboratory setting. The student will have the opportunity to analyze group process and develop an action plan to promote group and interpersonal growth.

        * WES1290   -   003   -   Field Work I

          Prerequisite: Minimum grade of 'C' level in all WES courses to proceed to field work. This is a four-week, supervised, block placement in an agency setting. The field placement may be out of town.

        * WES2330   -   003   -   Family Dynamics

          Prerequisite: Student must be registered in the Social Service Worker program This course examines the modern family from a number of different perspectives including family functions, systems theory,. and family life cycle. A number of problems impacting on the family will be examined including violence, separation, and addiction.

          Semester 3

        * ENG2335   -   002   -   Speaking/Writing Comm. Services II

          In this course, students continue to work on acceptable workplace communication practices (both oral and written), preparing them for placements and employment in the helping professions. The course will provide the opportunity for students to develop greater understanding of the dynamics of the helping professions and the relationships among individuals and society. Students will also learn the importance of research related to the helping professions.

        * PSY2000   -   003   -   Abnormal Psychology

          Prerequisite: PSY 1050 Abnormal Psychology is the scientific study of abnormal behaviour and mental disorders. This course examines the causes,characteristics, and treatment approaches for a number of disorders and abnormal behaviours.

        * WES1251   -   003   -   Ethics

          Prerequisite: Student must be registered in the SSPG program Ethics is a branch of philosophy that inquires into the right and wrong of certain actions, conduct, and behaviour. It is also an examination of good and bad, of ends, goals, and the purpose of existence. Emphasis is placed on understanding various ethical systems, personal examination, and ongoing development of one's own ethical system. The Professional Social Work Code of Ethics is extensively studied.

        * WES2052   -   003   -   Recording & Observation

          This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of assessment and report writing through the use of case studies and standard forms used by various agencies. Students are expected to complete a comprehensive case file.

        * WES2310   -   004   -   Social Work Practice III

          This course continues the "Practice" series, with emphasis on developing appropriate action plans with clients and working with diverse populations.

        * WES2315   -   003   -   Social Services III

          Prerequisites: WES 1115, WES 1215

        * WES2320   -   003   -   Group Dynamics

          Prerequisites: WES 1110, WES 1210 This course is designed to introduce students to the various theories of group work, the basics of group process, and professional and ethical issues involved in group counselling. The course entails supervised experience as a co-leader of groups and discussion on the nature of the work of leading groups. Theory is applied to the actual practice of group work.

          Semester 4

        * WES2490   -   020   -   Field Work II

          Prerequisite: Successful completion of all core courses.

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