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Mission Statement

      To promote an environment that facilitates learning across the continuum of nursing education, aimed at preparing caring and competent practitioners and leaders through its commitment to excellence in nursing education, scholarship, research and practice.


  • 1.The learner as a unique individual
  • 2.The educator and learner as active participants in the learning process
  • 3.Leadership qualities of faculty, staff and students
  • 4. Life long learning
  • 5. Learning derived from experience
  • 6. Continuum of nursing education
  • 7. Diversity in nursing education
  • 8. Respectful learning and work environment
  • 9. Collaboration and partnerships
  • 10. Scholarship and Research


      The vision of the Centre for Nursing Studies is to be a provincial, national and international leader for excellence in nursing education, scholarship, research and practice.

About Us

The Centre for Nursing Studies, established in 1996, is operated by Eastern Health .

      The Centre for Nursing Studies offers a variety of programs designed to provide high quality nursing education in a continuously changing health care system. The Centre prepares caring, skilled and knowledgeable nurses and practical nurses.

Programs offered include:
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative)
  • Practical Nursing Program
  • Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Continuing Nursing Studies

      In the fall of 1999, the Centre for Nursing Studies campus relocated to its permanent home at Southcott Hall, 100 Forest Road in the east end of St. John's. This new location provides state of the art lecture theatres, conference and lab facilities, a learning resource centre, student facilities, as well as administrative and faculty offices. The technology available at this site enhances the capabilities for delivery of both on-site and distance education programs.

The Centre for Nursing Studies occupies seven floors of Southcott Hall:
  • Basement Level - Student lockers and Lounges, Records Room and Conference Room
  • Ground Floor - Classrooms, the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), CNS Mailroom and Office of the CNS Operations Officer
  • First Floor - Classrooms, Computer Labs and Nursing Labs
  • Second Floor - Conference Rooms, Nursing Society Office, International Nursing Office, Guidance Counsellor and Faculty Offices
  • Ninth Floor - Nursing Labs and Faculty Offices
  • Tenth and Eleventh Floors - Faculty, Secretarial and Administrative Offices
  • Eleventh Floor - Research Office

      The Centre for Nursing Studies has approximately 40 full-time faculty members, as well as a large number of part-time faculty. Each year, the Centre admits approximately 120 students to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) program, approximately 70 students to the Practical Nursing Program, approximately 15 students to the Nurse Practitioner Program and additionally provides post-basic learning opportunities for both registered and practical nurses.

Courses and Masters at this school

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