Registered Practical Nurse Upgrading Nursing Diploma - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    This 520 hour program is specifically designed for graduates of the 3-semester PN Certificate Program at Conestoga College and is based on the College of Nurses of Ontario professional standards, practice expectations and Entry to Practice Competencies (1999) for Ontario Registered Practical Nurses. The program builds on the knowledge, skills and attitudes in Conestoga's 3-semester Practical Nursing Certificate Program.
  • Entry requirements
    Registered Practical Nurses
  • Academic title
    Registered Practical Nurse Upgrading Nursing Diploma
  • Course description
    PNUR8030      General Assessment Skills RN/RPN
    Description: This course has been designed to refresh nursing knowledge in the basic concepts and skills of interviewing, health history taking and physical examination of the client. Examination techniques and assessment findings will be discussed in relation to variations in age of clients, and differentiation between normal aging and illness. The significance of history and assessment findings will be illustrated by example illnesses or disease. This course will emphasize the application of basic assessment skills to a variety of clinical settings and nursing roles.
    Hours: 64
    Credits: 4

    PNUR8320     Care of the Aging Client

    Description: The focus of this RPN distance education course is on the care of the aging client and will include advocacy, gerontological assessment, related pathophysiology and nursing interventions, effective communication skills, medications, nutrition, elder abuse and the philosophy and principles of gerontological and rehabilitation nursing.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    PNUR8330     Introduction to Mental Health Concepts

    Description: The focus of this RPN distance education course is to introduce the student to some basic and essential concepts of psychiatric mental health nursing, through a process of self-directed inquiry using problem-based scenarios. The course will aim to have the RPN meet the minimum hours required by the College of Nurses in psychiatric and mental health nursing in order to upgrade from a certificate to a diploma. This course requires access to the internet and to a health sciences library.
    Hours: 24
    Credits: 2

    PNUR8340     Advanced Medical Nursing

    Description: This course for RPN's will focus on the care of clients with various disease processes, common neurological conditions and related pathophysiology. Assessment, diagnosis, related nursing interventions, pharmacology and palliative concepts will be included.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4

    PNUR8350     Advanced Surgical Nursing

    Description: This course for RPN's will focus on the care required for various types of surgical procedures. The nursing process, to include assessment, diagnosis, related nursing interventions and pharmacology, will be discussed.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4

    PNUR8360     Nursing Research and Leadership

    Description: This course for RPN's is designed to familiarize the RPN nurse with concepts required to practice professionally in the current health care systems. Topics will focus on current issues in health care and their effects on nursing practice, change theory, critical thinking, decision making, nursing theory, case management, leadership style, conflict resolution, team building, role in delegation and supervision, inter-disciplinary team concepts, legal ethical issues, client teaching, advocacy, role of research, technology and informatics in health care.
    Hours: 36
    Credits: 3

    PNUR8370     Clinical Experience

    Description: Students must have successfully completed all theory courses. A Health History Form must be completed prior to beginning the clinical experience. This 150-hour clinical practicum for RPN's will give the student an opportunity to apply theory to practice in a medical/surgical setting.
    Hours: 150
    Credits: 8
    Pre-Requisites: PNUR8030, PNUR8320, PNUR8330, PNUR8340, PNUR8350, PNUR8360, PSYC1010, SOC1030

    PSYC1010     Psychology: Basic Processes Of Behaviour
    Description: Psychology is the study of behaviour - that of humans and other creatures. This one-semester course is about the basic concepts of psychological research methods, learning, memory, perception, states of consciousness, motivation, and emotion.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    SOC1030     Sociology I

    Description: The course deals with the systematic study of groups and societies. The major aspects of social life are analyzed, with special reference to the role of each aspect in the development, functioning, and change of large social systems. Current material is drawn upon in an effort to convey fundamental principles and concepts in a framework that is relevant to the Canadian student.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

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