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  • Objectives
    Personal Support Workers assist clients with activities of daily living. They contribute to the quality of life of individuals who live in a facility or community setting by promoting their independence, dignity, social, emotional and physical well-being, mobility, personal appearance, comfort and safety. This program prepares students to meet the program standards as defined by the Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities.
  • Practical experience
    Students must complete 30 hours of volunteer work at an accredited long-term-care facility before beginning the PSW program. Proof of volunteer hours must be submitted to the Program Coordinator at the time of registration. Questionnaires will be mailed to students upon acceptance to the program. Proof of volunteer hours and completed questionnaire should be submitted to the Program Coordinator at the time of registration. Students must complete 236 hours of supervised placement (PSW 1135 & PSW 1212: Supervised Practicum) in an approved long-term care facility and 100 hours of precepted placement (PSW 1211:Precepted Practicum) in a community home care agency.
  • Academic title
    Personal Support Worker Certificate
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

    This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    # ENG3200   -   002   -   Effective Workplace Writing

    In this course, students are introduced to acceptable workplace writing practices, preparing them for placements and employment in their respective fields. In the context of Cambrian College's General Education program and Generic Skills Standards the course will provide the opportunity for students to develop greater understanding of the dynamics of the workplace and of the relationships among individuals and society.

    # PSW1104   -   003   -   Lifespan Health

    This course combines individuality and abuse. Learners will be introduced to the concept of individuality of all persons, their experiences, rights, interests and needs. Opportunities for the learner to identify and examine their own beliefs, values and attitudes about aging, disability, independence and empowerment will be provided. At the conclusion of this course the learner will understand the principles of client-centre and client-directed care. Concepts of family violence and abuse will be examined as well as, recognition of signs of abuse, and appropriate actions to be taken (including legal requirements) if abuse is suspected it will be explored.

    # PSW1106   -   003   -   Foundations of PSW

    Learners are introduced to the role and scope of practice of unregulated healthcare workers providing support to clients and families in the community and institutional settings. Adaptation to work settings and relationships, levels of supervision, and management of time and stress (personal and workplace) are covered. The learner is given opportunities to analyze legislation related to the worker, work setting, and client rights. The essential principles of promoting and maintaining a safe, comfortable environment for clients, their families, self, and others are explored. Infection control methods are highlighted as well as ways to support the client's home management services according to preference, comfort, and safety within employer guidelines.

    # PSW1107   -   003   -   Mobility & Personal Hygiene Theory

    In this course the learner will explore how the Personal Attendant/Personal Support Worker can assist the client with moving, positioning and transferring activities to ensure safety, comfort and prevent injury to the worker and client. As well, techniques to encourage exercise and activity will be discussed. The learner will examine the basic principles and techniques of hygiene and grooming. Client dignity, independence, preference, privacy and safety will be emphasized.

    # PSW1108   -   003   -   Mobility & Prsn'l Hygiene Practice

    This course integrates practical lab sessions with theory combining the personal hygiene and mobility course to emphasize application of skills and knowledge in the provision of personal care for the client.

    # PSW1111   -   003   -   Human Relations

    Using an interactive approach, learners are introduced to the skills necessary to communicate effectively with clients, their families, support systems, and other members of the healthcare team. The basic principles of helping relationships are explored.

    # PSW1135   -   006   -   Supervised Practicum I

    This supervised practicum is designed to evaluate learner performance in a long-term care facility. Upon completion of this course, the learner will have demonstrated competence in the following areas: communication, time management and organization skills, professional conduct, safety and professional skills, professional conduct, safety and professional skills. The supervised practicum allows learners an opportunity to utilize their training and skills within a practical setting. Learners will have a clinical instructor on-site in a long-term care institution.

    # PSW1140   -   002   -   Human Body & Health Challenges I

    Sorry - no current subject description

    Semester 2

    # ENG1751   -   001   -   Job Search Skills: Ind. Study

    Prerequisite: ENG 1551 Through guided independent study, students will explore the job search process in detail and gain a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practices that lead to successful job searching and career planning. This course will also encourage further development of the independent learning skills and strategies practiced in ENG 1551 and 1581.

    # PSW1222   -   003   -   Family Health and Support

    In this course, learners will examine the characteristics of today's families in terms of structure, functions, roles, lifestyles and relationships and will gain an understanding of the influence of cultural values and practices, religious beliefs as well as the effects of illness, stress, and disability on the client and their family. Emphasis will be placed on the need for the learner to be sensitive to family reactions to the worker's presence, family routines, preferences and involvement in decision-making. Infant and child-care including assisting a child with special needs will be addressed.

    # PSW1212   -   008   -   Supervised Practicum I

    The supervised practicum allows learners an opportunity to utilize their training and skills within a practical setting. The supervised practicum will be provided in a long-term-care institution with a clinical instructor on-site with the learners.

    # PSW1211   -   007   -   Precepted Community Practicum

    In this practicum learners are provided the opportunity to utilize their training and skills within a practical community setting. Learners will be placed with individuals who can provide feedback and support. An instructor will also be available for consultation, assistance and support.

    # PSW1245   -   007   -   Human Body & Health Challenges II

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