Performing and Fine Arts Certificate

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  • Objectives
    The Certificate provides an academic focus in PEFA studies with some performance options, and aims to build citizens who are culturally literate, active supporters of the arts. The academic course credits are transferable so that students who discover an interest in Music, Art History, Film Studies, Theatre History or Creative Writing for the stage or screen may pursue those disciplines. The Certificate is also appropriate as preparation for intensive studies in the Douglas College Theatre, Stagecraft and Music programs.
  • Entry requirements
    The one-year Performing and Fine Arts Certificate will appeal to students coming directly out of high school and to mature students returning for enrichment or new career direction.
  • Academic title
    Performing and Fine Arts Certificate
  • Course description
    The requirements of the Certificate (30 credits) will include: nine credits from three core courses; fifteen credits (including at least two PEFA designated courses) drawn from Music, Theatre, Stagecraft, Creative Writing and English offerings; and six credits of university-transferable courses from any other open-enrolment area in the College.

    Core Courses (All required)

        * PEFA 1101: Arts and Culture in Canada (3 credits)
        * PEFA 1102: Arts of the Modern World (3 credits)
        * ENGL 1130: Academic Writing (3 credits)

    Performing and Fine Arts Options (a minimun of two required)

        * PEFA 1116: Introduction to Film Studies (3 credits)
        * PEFA 1120: Introduction to Acting (3 credits)
        * PEFA 1136: Introduction to Music (3 credits)
        * PEFA 1216: Canadian Film Studies (3 credits)

    A student will select nine additional credits of course work in any combination from the Performing and Fine Arts list of options and the following list of options from Stagecraft, Theatre, Music, Creative Writing and English:

        * STGE 1100: Drafting for Stage (2 credits)
        * STGE 1202: Set Painting (2 credits)
        * STGE 1207: Properties (2 credits)
        * STGE 1180: Production Techniques (3 credits)*Instructor's permission required
        * STGE 1280: Production Techniques (3 credits)*Instructor's permission required

    Theatre Options

        * THEA 1130: History of Theatre I (3 credits)
        * THEA 1230: History of Theatre II (3 credits)

    Music Options

    Academic Courses from the Basic Musicianship Program

        * MUSC 1101: Materials of Music I (3 credits)
        * MUSC 1201: Materials of Music II (3 credits)
        * MUSC 1102: Basic Theory I (3 credits)
        * MUSC 1202: Basic Theory II (3 credits)
        * MUSC 1121: Style and Form in Western Music I (3 credits)
        * MUSC 1221: Style and Form in Western Music II (3 credits)

    Performance and Music Technology Courses
    (*Instructor's permission required for all performance options)

        * MUSC 1130: Concert Band I (2 credits)
        * MUSC 1230: Concert Band II (2 credits)
        * MUSC 1131: Jazz Band I (1 credit)
        * MUSC 1231: Jazz Band II (1 credit)
        * MUSC 1133: Beginning Instrumental Ensemble I (1 credit)
        * MUSC 1233: Beginning Instrumental Ensemble II (1 credit)
        * MUSC 1140: College Chorus I (2 credits)
        * MUSC 1240: College Chorus II (2 credits)
        * MUSC 1141: Beginning Choral Ensemble I (1 credit)
        * MUSC 1241: Beginning Choral Ensemble II (1 credit)
        * MUSC 1182: Introduction to Music Technology (3 credits)
        * MUSC 1188: Guitar Ensemble I (1 credit)
        * MUSC 1282: Audio Recording Techniques (3 credits)
        * MUSC 1288: Guitar Ensemble II (1 credit)

    Creative Writing Options

        * CRWR 1102: Introduction to Writing Plays (3 credits)
        * CRWR 1101: Introduction to Writing Poetry (3 credits)
        * CRWR 2200: Writing for Film (3 credits) * Prerequisite or instructor's permission required

    English Options

        * ENGL 1151: Studies in Drama (3 credits)


    To fulfill the breadth requirement of the Certificate, a student must take six credits of university-transferable courses from any other open-enrolment area in the College. A recommended elective is PHIL 1245: Philosophy of Art (3 credits).

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