Medical Transcription Certificate - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    This parttime certificate program is designed to assist individuals who are interested in working as medical transcriptionists. It provides training in business computing, word processing, essentials of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and two courses in medical transcription. Students will transcribe and edit physician voice mail files with an emphasis on developing speed and accuracy.
  • Academic title
    Medical Transcription Certificate
  • Course description
    ADMN1040      Health Care Terminology
    Description: Providing an understanding of medical terminology that is often used in health office administrative settings, this course teaches the medical terms in a variety of health care settings. Note: Students are required to attend 9 in-class sessions. Instructor will provide a schedule the first night of class. This course is a credit in the Health Office Administration program(1047) .
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    ADMN1050     Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
    Description: This course will build on the knowledge acquired in Health Care Terminology by integrating medical terms with an in depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of each body system. Diseases, treatments and related diagnostic tests associated with each body system will also be studies in some detail.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    ADMN1100     Wordprocessing and Transcription
    Description: The student is introduced to the use of transcription equipment to complete a variety of medical reports. Emphasis is on developing speed and accuracy and enhancing listening, proofreading and editing skills. Advanced features of Word will be utilized in this course.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3
    Pre-Requisites: ADMN1040, COMP1056

    ADMN2010     Medical Transcription

    Description: Teaching students to interpret and transcribe dictation by physicians and other health care professionals, this course will help students obtain mastery in language skills, grammar and an operational knowledge of transcription equipment. The goal of this course is to enable the student to produce error-free documents in the health services setting.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4
    Pre-Requisites: ADMN1050, ADMN1100

    COMP1056     Business Computing Applications I
    Description: Introducing word processing and spreadsheet applications on a microcomputer, this course will teach: entering text, developing solutions to business problems, describing the processing cycle of a computer and how data is stored, the function and type of storage used in computers, input and output operations and the impact of computers on society.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

          Electives: Program Option     
    Description: Student must pass 1 Course(s)

    Elective Courses:

    ADMN1210     Advanced Medical Transcription

    Description: Advanced Medical Transcription will provide students with the opportunity to further develop and refine their transcription, keyboarding and editing skills at a more competitive level. The student will complete reports from physicians in all specialties using authentic online digital dictation.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4
    Pre-Requisites: 60071100 or ADMN2010

    ADMN1240     Medical Transcription Editing
    Description: This course is designed to improve general editing skills including the correction of report content, grammar, punctuation, and style as well as the editing of reports through the increased use of speech/voice recognition software by hospitals and in other medical settings.
    Hours: 60
    Credits: 4
    Pre-Requisites: ADMN2010

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