Master of Science in Pharmacology/Neurosciences

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  • Academic title
    Master of Science in Pharmacology/Neurosciences
  • Course description
    Candidates must satisfactorily complete the following classes: 5405.03, 5406.03, 5508.03 , NESC 6100.06 (full credit). Thesis research (9000.00), preparation and oral defense of a thesis are required.

    • PHAC 5405.03: Advanced Pharmacology.
    • PHAC 5406.03: Introduction to Pharmacology I.
    • PHAC 5409.03: Introduction to Pharmacology II.
    • PHAC 5410.03: Introduction to Pharmacology III.
    • PHAC 5507.03: PhD Lectures (2).
    • PHAC 5626.03/5627.03/5628.03: Special topics in Pharmacology.
    • PHAC 9000.00: MSc Thesis.
    • PHAC 9530.00: PhD Thesis.
    Offered in 2009-2010
    • PHAC 5611.03: Cytochrome P450 Mediated Drug Metabolism. C.J. Sinal
    • PHAC 5612.03: Clinical Trials. J. Sawynok.
    • PHAC 5625.03: Electrophysiology and Ca2+ Imaging for Pharmacological Research Cardiac and Other Excitable Cells. S.E. Howlett
    Offered in 2010-2011
    • PHAC 5603.03: Neuropharmacology of Pain. J. Sawynok
    • PHAC 5618.03: Pharmacology of Selected Cytokines and Growth Factors in Disease. T.C. Peterson
    • PHAC 5624.03: Advanced Topics in Molecular Neuropharmacology. E. Denovan-Wright
    • PHAC 5755.03: Pahrmacology and Therapeutics of Systematic Cancer Therapy. J. Blay
    Students are required to attend a series of weekly seminars covering broad topics in pharmacology, with specialties encompassing neurobiology, cardiovascular biology, toxicology, cancer, and molecular and cellular biology.

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