Master of Science in Clinical Vision Science with Concurrent Graduate Diploma in Orthoptics and Opthalmic Medical Technology

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Comments about Master of Science in Clinical Vision Science with Concurrent Graduate Diploma in Orthoptics and Opthalmic Medical Technology - At the institution - Halifax - Nova Scotia

  • Objectives
    The academic objective of the Clinical Vision Science program is to provide students interested in the profession of orthoptics/ophthalmic medical technology with a strong foundation in the vision sciences and in research techniques. The program is directed at optimising professional clinical practice by encouraging an integrated approach to the field of the vision sciences and expanding knowledge of the research that underpins much clinical practice. With its research component, the proposed program will ensure that graduates, as evidence-based practitioners, are prepared for both clinical and research-based practices and that they have the ability to analyze and relate research finding to clinical experience, skills vital for ensuring superior diagnostic and therapeutic services. The program will equip students with outstanding skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of ocular disorders to ensure strong clinical competence and to enable them to be full participants in the interdisciplinary model of eye-care. The student will be exposed to a variety of clinical experiences that will prepare them for the independent nature of professional practice.
  • Practical experience
    There is a clinical practicum component associated with this program.
  • Academic title
    Master of Science in Clinical Vision Science with Concurrent Graduate Diploma in Orthoptics and Opthalmic Medical Technology
  • Course description

    Students have the option of exiting from the program after the second program year with a Concurrent Graduate Diploma in Orthoptics and Ophthalmic Medical Technology, or complete a thesis for an MSc in Clinical Vision Science.

    Year 1, Semester 1 (Fall)
    VISC 5010.03
    VISC 5020.03
    VISC 5210.03
    VISC 5220.06 (Fall and Winter)
    VISC 5230.03

    Year 1, Semester 2 (Winter)
    VISC 5011.03
    VISC 5211.03
    VISC 5220.06 (Fall and Winter)
    VISC 5240.03
    VISC 5330.03

    Year 1, Summer Session
    VISC 5200.06, Clinical Practicum I

    Year 2, Semester 1 (Fall)
    VISC 5040.03
    VISC 5310.03
    VISC 5340.03
    VISC 5350.03

    Year 2, Semester 2 (Winter)
    VISC 5031
    VISC 5300.06, Clinical Practicum II
    VISC 9000.00, Thesis

    Year 2, Summer Session
    VISC 9000.00

    Year 3, Semester 1 (Fall)
    VISC 9000.00

    Year 3, Semester 2 (Winter)
    VISC 9000.00

    Year 3, Summer Session
    VISC 9000.00

    Total credits = 7.5 academic credits plus 2 practica credits plus thesis (VISC 9000.00), normally completed over three years.

    IV. Class Descriptions

    • VISC 5010.03: Fundamentals of Vision Science: Afferent System.
    • VISC 5011.03: Fundamentals of Vision Science: Efferent System.
    • VISC 5020.03: Physical and Visual Optics.
    • VISC 5031.03: Introduction to Research Theory and Practice for Vision Sciences.
    • VISC 5040.03: Neuropharmacology for Vision Science: Basic Concepts and Therapeutics.
    • VISC 5200.06: Practicum I.
    • VISC 5210.03: Clinical Foundations of Ophthalmic Medical Technology.
    • VISC 5211.03: Clinical Foundations of Orthoptics.
    • VISC 5220.06: Introduction to Orthoptic / Ophthalmic Medical Technology Professional Practice.
    • VISC 5230.03: Extraocular Motility Disorders.
    • VISC 5240.03: Therapeutic and Psychosocial Aspects of Low Vision.
    • VISC 5300.06: Practicum II.
    • VISC 5310.03: Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease.
    • VISC 5330.03: Treatment of Ocular Motility Disorders.
    • VISC 5340.03: Treatment of Visual Disorders.
    • VISC 5350.03: Topics of Vision Care.
    • VISC 9000.00: MSc Thesis.

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