Master of Science in Chemistry

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  • Academic title
    Master of Science in Chemistry
  • Course description

    Core graduate classes (5000) and advanced classes (6000) are offered. The core classes constitute the main framework of a student's formal class work, and are designed to be broad-based but at an advanced level. They are intended to help the student gain a wide understanding in several major branches of chemistry and thus students are strongly encouraged to take some classes outside their area of specialization. Specialized classes provide the opportunity for in-depth study of selected topics which are more closely related to the student's research area.

    • CHEM 5101.03: Topics in Advanced Main Group Chemistry.
    • CHEM 5102.03: Organotransition Metal Chemistry.
    • CHEM 5103.03: Spectroscopic and Structural Methods.
    • CHEM 5201.03: Advanced Topics in Separations.
    • CHEM 5301.03: Theory of Chemical Bonding.
    • CHEM 5303.03: Physical Properties of Materials.
    • CHEM 5304.03: Kinetics and Catalysis.
    • CHEM 5305.03: Introductory Statistical Thermodynamics.
    • CHEM 5401.03: Synthesis in Organic Chemistry.
    • CHEM 5402.03: Organic Structure Determination.
    • CHEM 5403.03: Organic Reaction Mechanisms.
    • CHEM 5502.03: Polymer Science.
    • CHEM 5504.03: Diffraction Techniques in Solid State Chemistry.
    • CHEM 5509.00: Graduate Student Seminar I.
    • CHEM 5601.03: Principles of Biomolecular and Drug Molecule Design.
    • CHEM 5602.03: Biophysical Characterization of Macromolecules.
    • CHEM 6106.03: Advanced X-Ray Crystallography and Group Theory.
    • CHEM 6199.03: Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry.
    • CHEM 6203.03: Environmental Chemistry.
    • CHEM 6204.03: Analytical Radiochemistry.
    • CHEM 6205.03: Chemometrics.
    • CHEM 6301.03: Advanced Electronic Structure Theory.
    • CHEM 6304.03: Computational Kinetics.
    • CHEM 6312.03: Colloid and Surface Science.
    • CHEM 6313.03: Special Topics in Solid State Chemistry.
    • CHEM 6316.03: Theory of Modern NMR Experiments.
    • CHEM 6404.03: Organic Photochemistry.
    • CHEM 6406.03: Natural Products.
    • CHEM 6409.03: Carbohydrate Chemistry.
    • CHEM 6499.03: Special Topics in Organic Chemistry.
    • CHEM 6501.03: Electronic Instrumentation for Scientists.
    • CHEM 6505.03: Biological Mass Spectrometry.
    • CHEM 6509.03: Graduate Student Seminar II.
    • CHEM 9000.00: MSC Thesis.

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