Massage Therapy Ontario College Advanced Diploma

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  • Objectives
    Centennial's well-established and highly-regarded Massage Therapy program offers leading-edge lab facilities dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to develop their expertise in a state-of-the-art learning and practice environment. Benefit from unsurpassed clinical and academic teaching from a dynamic, learner-centred faculty and gain integrated clinical experience in our on-site Student Massage Therapy Clinic and community Outreach placements.
  • Academic Title
    Massage Therapy Ontario College Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
    Graduates are eligible to take the Registration examinations administered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) to qualify for Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) designation.

    Semester 1 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    THER-111     Massage Theory and Practice 1        
    THER-115     Legislation, Standards & Professionalism        
    THER-116     Introductory Concepts in Anatomy & Physiology        
    THER-118     Nutrition & Lifestyle Practices        
    COMM-170/171     College Communication 2 / (ESL)        
    Semester 2 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    THER-120     Introduction to Hydrotherapy        
    THER-121     Massage Theory and Practice 2        
    THER-123     Clinical Anatomy 1        
    THER-124     Physiology        
    THER-127     The Therapeutic Relationship 1        
    COMM-180/181     College Communications 3        
    Semester 3 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    THER-211     Massage Theory and Practice 3        
    THER-212     Clinic 1        
    THER-213     Clinical Anatomy 2        
    THER-210     Pathophysiology 1        
    THER-215     Biomechanics & Orthopedic Assessment        
    Semester 4 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    THER-200     Outreach 1        
    THER-221     Massage Theory and Practice 4        
    THER-222     Clinic 2        
    THER-220     Pathophysiology 2        
    THER-225     Fitness & Remedial Exercise        
    THER-227     The Therapeutic Relationship 2        
    GNED-500     Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action        
    Semester 5 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    THER-300     Outreach 2        
    THER-311     Massage Theory and Practice 5        
    THER-310     Pathophysiology 3        
    THER-315     Neuroanatomy and Physiology X        
    THER-316     Issues & Research In Massage Therapy        
    THER-322     Clinic 3        
    ELECT     Elective        
    Semester 6 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    THER-321     Massage Therapy and Practice 6        
    THER-324     Business Practices        
    THER-325     Creating an Independent Practice        
    THER-332     Clinic 4        
    THER-400     Outreach 3        
    THER-500     Advanced Techniques        


    * Students will be placed in the appropriate English level based on skills assessment results. Students in two- or three-year programs must complete Global Citizenship GNED-500 as part of their general education requirements.

    1.Minimum C grade required in all courses to graduate.

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