Masonry Fundamentals Ontario College Certificate

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  • Objectives
    This 16 week program provides theory and hands-on training for the brick and stone masonry field and foundational skills in construction carpentry. The program is designed to give students safety training and an opportunity to strengthen their math and communications skills through academic upgrading if required. Students will learn to safely and properly operate hand and power tools as well as equipment found on the construction site. They will have opportunities to use masonry materials and supplies and to practise the selection, preparation and installation of masonry materials. Graduates can expect to find entry level employment in the construction industry or a traditional apprenticeship in the Brick & Masonry trade.
  • Academic title
    Masonry Fundamentals Ontario College Certificate
  • Course description
    Level One
    CARP1270     Carpentry Theory and Practice

    Description: In this course, students will learn the proper use of common carpentry tools such as circular saws, hand planes, and stationary tools such as table saws. Students will also practice the safe use of common carpentry tools encountered on a construction site. Students will complete drawings and apply problem solving skills typical of the carpentry trade. Students will be able to identify and use tools and techniques to build forms and to identify and interpret construction drawings. They will also exhibit effective interpersonal relations and the ability to react appropriately and to carry out instructions. Students will understand typical construction drawings and learn how to interpret plumbing, carpentry, framing and site drawings and various types of construction prints. Laws and regulations governing various sites as well as how the building code affects the job site will be covered. Students will also gain a basic understanding of the other construction trades.
    Hours: 64
    Credits: 4

    CDEV1060     Workplace and Employment Strategies

    Description: This course is designed to increase the student's understanding of the world of work by presenting such topics as employer expectations in areas such as the requisite attitude, skills, and knowledge required to gain and maintain employment. Students will be required to be involved in a self-assessment designed to assist with the development and enhancement of self-marketing skills. As well, students will have opportunities to evaluate and interpret the way in which work is marketed. Through these processes, students will be exposed to some of the expectations, rules and regulations that apply to the world of work and will have an increased appreciation for the impact of social, organizational, personal and ethical issues as they relate to the world of work and the industry in which they will be working.
    Hours: 32
    Credits: 2

    COMM1400     Communications for the Trades
    Description: This course is designed to introduce students to contractor and business communications. Emphasis is placed on analyzing audience, determining purpose and effective ordering of ideas for various written communications such as letters, memoranda, and informal reports in the trade environment. As well, all students are expected to participate in group work throughout the semester and are expected to give oral presentations. Students will also learn how to deal with customer service in a construction environment.
    Hours: 32
    Credits: 2

    MASO1200     Masonry Safety
    Description: This safety course provides information on safe and unsafe working conditions and practices on a typical masonry jobsite. Students will learn the procedures for lifting, platform work, hoisting and proper rigging techniques. Students will also learn to inspect the job site, determine hazards and to use proper tag-out and lock-out procedures, as well as recognize situations that are deemed unsafe in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. They will learn to address unsafe conditions to ensure public and worker safety near a job site. Students will learn how to select and safely use personal protective equipment (PPE) and other protective devices such as elevating scaffolds and ladders, both when working at ground level and at heights. This course combines classroom theory with job site practice.
    Hours: 32
    Credits: 2

    MASO1210     Masonry Theory
    Description: Students will gain an overview of the masonry trade and masonry applications on a construction site. Masonry related tools, equipment, materials and supplies will be discussed. Topics will include how to prepare and dismantle a site according to industry specifications, the procedures for building foundation walls and the preparation of masonry surfaces in accordance with required codes, specifications and regulations of the trade. Students will also learn techniques for interpreting architectural drawings and related documents and contracts.
    Hours: 80
    Credits: 5

    MASO1220     Masonry Practice
    Description: Students will learn how to handle tools, equipment, material and supplies and will install masonry materials such as masonry veneer, stone cladding, pavers and masonry accessories. They will also be required to interpret drawings for masonry projects and demonstrate the ability to estimate materials and supplies to accepted standards. Students will gain basic knowledge of masonry construction and how brick and stone masons integrate with the overall industry. Students will acclimatize a worksite to suit various weather conditions. They will demonstrate how to prepare masonry units for installation according to manufacturers’ recommendations, contract documents and accepted trade practice and prepare stone for cutting by locating, selecting, measuring and marking stone and cutting it according to accepted trade practice. They will also learn to remove temporary masonry supports according to accepted trade practice. They will be able to demonstrate the use and maintenance of basic hand tools, power tools and measurement and layout tools according to manufacturer’s, employer’s direction and accepted trade practice. Students will also be able to select, prepare, and apply mortar under supervision according to CSA A179, building codes, manufacturer’s instructions, building specifications and accepted work practice. They will demonstrate the ability to work with a trowel laying brick, stone and block and have a fundamental ability to work with various types of tile (terrazzo, ceramic, clay etc.)
    Hours: 224
    Credits: 8

    MATH1230     Mathematics for the Trades

    Description: This course includes calculator use, whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages, integers, formula manipulations, ratio and proportion, metric measurement, geometry (2D & 3D) and basic trigonometry. Students will be required to use basic math and problem solving skills as they plan, prepare and build masonry units.
    Hours: 32
    Credits: 2

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