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Intermediate Portuguese I Course

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  • Objectives
    This course provides a review and expansion of the essential skills of the Portuguese language. Emphasis is on the study of authentic and representative literary and cultural texts. Upon completion, students should be able to communicate effectively, accurately, and creatively about the past, present, and future.
  • Course description
    1. Subjuntive
      1. Indirect commands
      2. Subjunctive of doubt or probability
      3. Subjunctive of emotion
      4. Verbs of communication
    2. Describing (useful words, structures, and expressions)
      1. Ordinal numbers
      2. More expressions with ter or estar com
      3. The passive voice
      4. Diminutive and augmentative suffixes
      5. Indirect discourse
    3. Reflexive verbs and pronouns
      1. Reflexive pronouns and common reflexive verbs
      2. Reflexive pronouns in relation to infinitives
      3. Reflexive pronouns in relation to the the present participle
      4. Reflexive verbs and the use of some prepositions
      5. Reflexive verbs and the concept of “to become”
      6. Reflexive pronouns and reciprocal actions
    4. The past subjunctive
      1. The past subjunctive of regular verbs
      2. The past subjunctive of some irregular verbs
      3. Uses of the past subjunctive
    5. Talking about the future
      1. The future tense and its uses
      2. Irregular verbs in the future tense
      3. The future perfect
    6. Expressing contrary-to-fact situations
      1. The conditional
      2. Se used with the conditional and past subjunctive
    7. Cultural Component
      1. Assortment of cultural and literary readings, dialogs, and situations

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