Graphic Design Advanced Diploma

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  • Academic title
    Graphic Design Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1
    # ART1106   -   004   -   Design Foundations I

    Foundations courses keep current the Bauhaus ideal of the scientific and aesthetic principles behind clear visual communication. Design Foundations I is an exploratory investigation of abstract design elements, line, shape, value, texture, and colour as they relate to students' perception of space. Through assignments which are presented sequentially, students will develop visual perception, language and literacy skills in three main areas, drawing, 2-D design (including colour theory) and 3-D problem-solving and visual communication.

    # ART1230   -   003   -   Intro Graphic Design

    This course is an introduction to the field of Graphic Design. The student will develop an awareness of the parameters, the theory, the visual language, and the processes of Graphic Design.

    # ART2356   -   003   -   Graphic Design Photography I

    This course covers basic digital photographic skills including camera controls for proper exposures, taking photographs in black and white and colour, photographic theory, composition, and laws governing the use of photographs.

    # ENG1551   -   001   -   Writing Fundamentals: Ind. Study

    This course is required in the first semester of most post-secondary programs at Cambrian. The purpose of the course is to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and to review the fundamental conventions of Standard English.

    # GEN2405   -   002   -   Global Warming Concepts

    This interactive course encourages students to debate issues related to global warming, developing skills in innovative thinking, research, political awareness, ethical reasoning, debating and communicating orally and in writing. Students will develop an awareness of the current scientific certainties in global warming versus what is not certain, historical and current political issues related to global awareness, including topics such as the Kyoto agreement, ethical responsibilities of invididuals, corporations, and governements, and the conflictions between economic development and the environment.

    # HST1107   -   002   -   Art History I

    Foundations courses keep current the Bauhaus ideal fo the scientific and aesthetic principles behind clear visual communication. Design Foundations I is an exploratory investigation of abstract design elements, line, shape, value, texture, and colour as they relate to students' perception of space. Through assignments which are presented sequentially, students will develop visual perception, language and literacy skills in three main areas, drawing, 2-D design (including colour theory) and visual communication.

    # ISP1215   -   003   -   Electronic Publishing I

    This course is intended to introduce the student to electronic publishing in the print communication industry. It will focus on the underlying principles of design and the techniques for putting them into action in a Macintosh computer environment.

    Semester 2
    # ART1240   -   004   -   Design Foundations II

    Foundations II continues to build on visual communications skills through a series of problem-solving exercises involving basic colour theory and visual vocabulary. Through 2-D, 3-D and drawing disciplines, students will develop an understanding of and be able to apply problem-solving skills to kinetic movement, light source, perspective, balance, gestalt, spatial reading, and visual communication.

    # ART1245   -   002   -   Copywriting I

    This course is an introduction to the theories and techniques used in the creation of original and creative copywriting for Graphic Design.

    # ART2346   -   003   -   Typography

    Typography is the study of the use of letterforms and type in graphic communication and covers such areas as typefaces, type families, type specifications, measurement, and type history. Students bring to their typographic design solutions an understanding of issues such as legibility, typeface selection and spacing, and an accurate application of visual language skills.

    # ART2351   -   003   -   Computer Graphics Programs I

    This course provides an introduction to the use of essential computer programs used in the design and production of graphic communications. It discusses various aspects of digital data management related to the proper preparation of digital files for printing and web usage.

    # ART2456   -   003   -   Graphic Design Photography II

    A continuation of ART 2355, this course continues to develop the students' skill level in studio composition, lighting techniques and creative image capture.

    # ENG1751   -   001   -   Job Search Skills: Ind. Study

    Prerequisite: ENG 1551 Through guided independent study, students will explore the job search process in detail and gain a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practices that lead to successful job searching and career planning. This course will also encourage further development of the independent learning skills and strategies practiced in ENG 1551 and 1581.

    # HST1121   -   002   -   History of Graphic Design

    History of Graphic Design surveys the historical developments of graphic design. Special emphasis is given to the time period between the 15th - 21st centuries.

    Semester 3

    # ADV1000   -   003   -   Advertising Fundamentals

    This course is a comprehensive study of the advertising industry and will include the development of both advertising and creative strategies. There is considerable emphasis on the analysis and creation of advertisements.

    # ART1345   -   002   -   Copywriting II

    A continuation of copywriting I, students will further develop their copywriting skills and apply them to real-world design and advertising problem-solving scenarios.

    # ART2305   -   003   -   Illustration I

    Prerequisites: ART 1207 and ART 1105 Students will further develop the application of design principles and problem solving from Design Foundations I and II. They will apply problem-solving to optical kinetics, pattern, module development, texture relationships, sequencing systems, presentations, and storyboard visual communications.

    # ART2310   -   003   -   Graphic Production Fundamentals I

    Graphic Production Fundamentals I is an introduction to the methods, materials, and techniques of commercial graphic reproduction. Students will gain knowledge as well as learn essential skills and methods of digital production for artwork used in commercial printing.

    # ART2496   -   003   -   Computer Graphics Programs II

    This course introduces the use of essential programs used in the design and production of graphic communications. Adobe Creative Suite 2 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) and Acrobat are explored in assisting the designer in developing effective digital communication design.

    # ART2360   -   003   -   Website Design I

    The objectives of this course are to introduce students to the use of new media as a communication tool. Students will gain knowledge and skills in the development of basic and intermediate Websites. By the end of this course, the student will be able to: - plan, design, and produce an effective Website - demonstrate effective use of software for creating online graphics - understand Web file formats and colour palettes and their best use.

    # ART2365   -   002   -   Typography II

    This course explores the creative, abstract and skillfull use of typography and its role in solving advanced design problems.

    ANY 1

    # ART2325   -   003   -   Painting I

    In this course, students will discover various approaches to painting through exercises in the spirit of historical painting movements from the 19th and 20th centuries with the understanding of how these movements influence the art of the present in both Fine Art and illustration. These experiences are positive painting influences for the student. Special emphasis will be placed on effective visual language. The media will primarily involve acrylic products.

    # ART2330   -   003   -   Printmaking I

    Printmaking I deals with the fundamentals of relief printing, which dates back to the 11th c.C.E. China. While the primary objective of the course is to teach the technical aspects of printmaking, there will be extensive discussion in the principals of design and composition. One of the program goals is to reinforce the design objectives of the foundational core (Foundation I) in the optional program areas. To that end, there will be certain design criteria to be met, but the subject matter and intellectual content of imagery is open to exploration.

    # ART2335   -   003   -   Sculpture I

    Applying basic techniques, sculpture students are expected to investigate and develop their own personal approach to class projects. This semester will require a focus on composition, aesthetics, and form development. Traditional methods shall be taught and explored. All students will continue a self-awareness of primitive, classical, and modern sculpture with its application and influence on their work. Consequently, students will be expected to develop their own uniqueness and style.

    Semester 4
    # ADV2000   -   002   -   Advertising II

    A continuation of ADV 1000, students will continue to explore effective strategies and theories in relation to advertising design.

    # ART2406   -   004   -   Illustration II

    Prerequisite: ART 2305 Building on previous Design Foundations courses, students will apply knowledge of design principles and problem-solving to modular abstract systems, colour value translation, perceptual layering through montage and collage exploration, illustration, and package design presentation.

    # ART2411   -   004   -   Graphic Production Fundamentals II

    A sequential course to ART 2310, this is a continuation of the study of the methods, materials, and techniques of commercial graphic reproduction. Students will gain essential knowledge and skills and be introduced to various techniques of production for commercial printing methods.

    # ART2445   -   002   -   Visual Communications

    Visual Communications takes a closer look at visual elements and their functions for the purpose of communicating the message or idea and graphic problem solving. This course focuses on how to access and develop visual communication and design by examining a systems approach.

    # ART2450   -   003   -   Graphic Design - Print Media

    This course examines the role of graphic design related to the printed page. Students will explore fundamental design issues and methods for creating effective visual communication for magazine and editorial publishing.

    # ART2461   -   003   -   Website Design II

    This course continues to explore the use of new media with emphasis on design issues and methods for creating effective and dynamic websites.

    # ART3570   -   002   -   Professional Practices

    In direct response to the selective learning needs of an ever-changing global marketplace, this course will elevate the Graphic Design students' knowledge by focusing on specific industry-related issues.

    ANY 1

    # ART2426   -   003   -   Painting II

    Painting II is a continuation of Painting I. Emphasis will be placed on projects of the students choice.

    # ART2431   -   003   -   Printmaking II

    Printmaking in the second semester will deal with Intaglio Printing, which includes the art of engraving and etching. Students will work on plastic dry points, then proceed to etching techniques on zinc plates.

    # ART2436   -   003   -   Sculpture II

    Sorry - no current subject description

    Semester 5
    # ART3508   -   002   -   Sustainable Design

    This course is our examination of emerging technology and methods in relation to the environmental sustainability of graphic design projects and solutions.

    # ART3515   -   005   -   Corporate Identity

    Sorry - no current subject description

    # ART3556   -   002   -   Graphic Design: Photography III

    A continuation of photography I and II. Students will undertake projects of significant complexity with the final result bring the creation of a quality portfolio.

    # ART3566   -   004   -   Advanced Design Applications

    This course is built upon the premise of computer as design tool, and as such, requires that students utilize accumulated software skills in order to produce sophisticated and advanced solutions to the inherent problems in package, environmental, and poster design.

    # ART3580   -   002   -   Professional Practices II

    A continuation of ART 3570, this course explores best practices in relation to the establishment and management of a freelance design studio.

    # ART3595   -   005   -   Work Placement

    In this course, students are expected to secure and perform relevant and meaningful work placement opportunities in the professional graphic design sector.

    Semester 6

    # ART3611   -   005   -   Portfolio Preparation

    Portfolio Preparation will examine the application of research, organization, and presentation skills as a graphic designer. Students will develop/prepare a portfolio for electronic display and a traditional hard copy portfolio. This course will help prepare the student for future employment in the graphic design field.

    # ART3665   -   005   -   Website Design III

    Advanced Design Applications II is an advanced application of design theory and software skills to complex and challenging web-based graphic design problems. Through proper research, advanced problem-solving skills, and verification methods, students will develop the skills necessary to be successful in today's diverse electronic design markets.

    # ART3681   -   002   -   Integrated Arts in Society

    This course explores societal concerns for the Graphic Design student. Problem-solving will be directed towards a theme based on societal issues.

    # ART3690   -   004   -   Creative Thesis Project

    Students will work in a Designer/Client relationship, under the supervision of faculty, to provide the full range of design services to commercial or non-profit clients.

    # ART3695   -   004   -   Typographic Design

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