General Arts and Science Ontario College Certificate - Part-time

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Comments about General Arts and Science Ontario College Certificate - Part-time - Kitchener - Ontario

  • Objectives
    Students will acquire knowledge and skills in three major disciplines: humanities, applied mathematics and science and social and behavioural sciences.
  • Practical experience
    During this program, students will participate in a course on career options.
  • Entry requirements
    This program is designed for students who wish to acquire a general education in Arts and Science while exploring educational options within the College or other institutions.
  • Academic title
    General Arts and Science Ontario College Certificate
  • Course description
    BUS1070      Introduction To Human Relations
    Description: This course provides students with an introduction to human relations, focusing on self-development and interpersonal effectiveness. Students will develop various interpersonal skills by examining theories relevant to those skills. The following topics constitute the specific areas of study in the course: developing self-awareness, building and maintaining relationships, communicating with others, coping with stress, managing one's feelings, and resolving interpersonal conflicts.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    CDEV1120     Career Options

    Description: In this course, the student will focus on career decision-making skills. Topics will include: assessing self-knowledge, researching the marketplace, upgrading skills, networking, job searching on the Internet, the Electronic Edge and Conestoga Programs.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    COMM1510     Foundations of Writing

    Description: This introductory course will review the fundamentals of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure. Students will practice the steps in the writing process, including planning, drafting, and revising. The computer will be used as a tool to help students strengthen their grammar and writing skills. In this course, students will focus on reading, proofreading, critical thinking, analyzing, summarizing, writing, editing, and research methods.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    COMM1800     Workplace Writing and Presentation Skills

    Description: This course is designed to introduce the communication skills necessary for academic and professional success. By analysing cases that reflect real life communication situations, students will attain the skills in problem solving and decision making required in professional communications. Emphasis will be placed on producing effective letters and memoranda. The course also helps students to develop basic oral presentation skills.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3
    Pre-Requisites: COMM1190 or COMM1510 or COMM1590
    COMP1065     Computer Software Applications     Register
    Description: This course provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding as well as hands-on practical experience using specific computer software applications used in the workforce. Emphasis will be placed on using Microsoft Office 2007 software as indicated below:
    a) Microsoft Word and Publisher to create a variety of print materials, special forms and reports,
    b) Microsoft PowerPoint to become knowledgeable in designing and making effective electronic presentations
    c) Microsoft Excel to create personal and work related budget models.
    d) an internet browser for researching materials and employment opportunities effectively.
    Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of general electronic policy, procedures and protocols necessary in using an employer's email and web site tools.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    LIBS1520     Introduction To The Social Sciences

    Description: This course is designed to teach the basic principles and vocabulary of the social science disciplines; economics, sociology and politics. It will introduce students to the intellectual frameworks. Emphasis will be placed on the development of critical thinking by focusing on inequalities in contemporary Canadian society.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    LIBS1540     Student Success for Higher Learning
    Description: This course enables students to develop skills that will enhance their success in college. Students will identify their unique learning styles and develop strategies for success in their academic and personal lives.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    LIBS1560     Our Domain: Introduction To World Geography
    Description: This course examines the world in relation to the physical world and gives an insight into the causes and effects of the climatic patterns and how they affect us. Climates, weather, topography and countries will be introduced on a global as well as on a case basis. Acquired skills will include: map interpretation, scales, analysis of patterns and researching by means of an atlas. This course introduces the world we live in by a basic understanding of global patterns which will then be applied to in- depth study of specific areas.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    MATH1400     Essential Mathematics
    Description: This course will provide the student with learning tools that will help them to improve basic arithmetic skills and to develop reasoning and problem solving skills. It is designed for students to help them bridge any existing gap between their current preparation and college level math.
    Topics include: fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percent, metric system and an introduction to algebra and trigonometry.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

    SCIE1060     Understanding Science

    Description: This lecture and demonstration course will introduce the student to the ways in which science and scientists function. In this context, the student will examine the history of science, the philosophy of science, the scientific process and the scientific establishment. At the end of this course, the student will be able to apply this knowledge to better distinguish between science and pseudoscience and to examine critically scientific claims made in the various media.
    Hours: 45
    Credits: 3

          Electives: Post Secondary Courses
    Description: Student must complete a minimum of 45 Hours

          Electives: General Education     

    Description: Student must complete a minimum of 36 Hours

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