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General Arts and Science: Health Option Certificate
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General Arts and Science: Health Option Certificate - Kitchener - Ontario

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General Arts and Science: Health Option Certificate - Kitchener - Ontario General Arts and Science: Health Option Certificate - Kitchener - Ontario
This one-semester Health Option concentrates on the Health Sciences field. It will prepare students for application to diploma programs in Conestoga's School of Health Sciences. Students will be introduced to the Health Sciences field, to college life and college workload, and will be able to increase their competitiveness to support their application to Health Sciences programs.
General Arts and Science: Health Option Certificate
Course Description:
Level One
BIOL1020     Human Biology I

Description: This course will give students a basic introduction to human biology. Topics covered in this course include cell structure and function, and a general overview of the anatomy and physiology of the major organ systems in the human body (skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, excretory, endocrine and reproductive). The course includes laboratory exercises designed to enhance understanding of the lecture material.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3

COMM1190     English I for Health Sciences
Description: This introductory course will review the fundamentals of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure. In addition, the computer will be used as a tool to help students strengthen their writing skills. In this course, students will focus on reading, proofreading, critical thinking, analyzing, summarizing, writing, editing, and research methods.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3

COMP1065     Computer Software Applications
Description: This course provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding as well as hands-on practical experience using specific computer software applications used in the workforce. Emphasis will be placed on using Microsoft Office 2007 software as indicated below:
a) Microsoft Word and Publisher to create a variety of print materials, special forms and reports,
b) Microsoft PowerPoint to become knowledgeable in designing and making effective electronic presentations
c) Microsoft Excel to create personal and work related budget models.
d) an internet browser for researching materials and employment opportunities effectively.
Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of general electronic policy, procedures and protocols necessary in using an employer's email and web site tools.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3

LIBS1540     Student Success for Higher Learning

Description: This course enables students to develop skills that will enhance their success in college. Students will identify their unique learning styles and develop strategies for success in their academic and personal lives.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3

MATH1400     Essential Mathematics
Description: This course will provide the student with learning tools that will help them to improve basic arithmetic skills and to develop reasoning and problem solving skills. It is designed for students to help them bridge any existing gap between their current preparation and college level math.
Topics include: fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percent, metric system and an introduction to algebra and trigonometry.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3

OTA1020     Intro. To Health Care Delivery System
Description: This exploratory course is intended to provide a broad overview of the Canadian and Provincial health care system with an emphasis upon current issues and concerns. New developments in health care reform, such as long term care reform, trends in health care delivery with increased emphasis on home care and the importance of health promotion, as well as the futuristic trends and concrete alternatives to change the health care delivery system will be explored. The challenging role of the health care provider will be examined as the health care system continues to impact on the changing role of the health care worker. The consumer role will be studied with a critical look at the influence of consumerism and its impact on the health care system. The course will provide the student with an opportunity to review current moral and ethical issues affecting the health care system. Students will be encouraged to identify current issues that are relevant to their own needs and interests.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3

SCIE1070     Chemistry
Description: The course emphasizes terminology, classification of matter, bonding, chemical reactions, nomenclature, properties of solids, liquids, gases and solutions, bases and pH and an introduction to organic chemistry.
Hours: 45
Credits: 3
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