Fitness and Health Promotion Ontario College Diploma

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  • Objectives
    This program prepares students to perform the roles and responsibilities of a fitness and health consultant. Fitness and health consultants provide services including planning, promoting and delivering a wide variety of services, including activity and educational programs, which enhance the health, fitness and well-being of individuals and groups in diverse settings.
  • Academic title
    Fitness and Health Promotion Ontario College Diploma
  • Course description
    Level 1    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • ANAT-1008    Anatomy & Physiology - an Introduction     3.00
    • PHRE-1028    Professional Presentations & Data Mgmt     3.00
    • COMM-1029    Applied Communication     3.00
    • NUTR-1016    Essentials in Human Nutrition     3.00
    • PHRE-1004    Principles of Fitness     4.00
    • PHRE-1005    Administration of Physical Recreation     3.00
    • PHRE-1029    Careers in Fitness & Health Promotion     2.00

    Level 2    Credits
    Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • ANAT-1014    Mechanics of Exercise     3.00
    • BSCI-1084    Human Relations & Self-Development     3.00
    • MKTG-1014    Basic Marketing     2.00
    • PHRE-1008    Training With Weights     3.50
    • PHRE-1009    Principles of Wellness     4.00
    • PHRE-1010    Fitness Evaluation     4.00

    Level 3    Credits

    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • MGMT-3014    How to Start a Leisure Business     2.00
    • PHRE-3001    Physiology of Exercise     3.00
    • PHRE-3006    Programming for Diverse Populations     3.00
    • PHRE-3007    Career Practicum I     3.00
    • PHRE-3008    Health Promotion     4.00
    • PHRE-3010    Fitness Evaluation and Prescription     3.00
    • PHRE-1027    Psycho-Social Perspective On Health     3.00

    Level 4    Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    • PHRE-3013    Health and Safety Issues     3.00
    • PHRE-3016    Fitness Safety & Athletic Injury Proc.     4.00
    • PHRE-3017    Physiology of Exercise     3.00
    • PHRE-3018    Field Practice     3.60
    • PHRE-3019    Personal Training Course     3.00
    • PHRE-3021    Career Practicum 2     2.00
    • PHRE-3022    The Business of Personal Training     3.00
    • NUTR-3003    Current Issues in Nutrition     3.00

    Gen Ed - Electives

    Take 3 General Education Credits -
    Normally taken in Level 2

    ANAT-1008 -  Anatomy & Physiology - an Introduction
    This course provides the essential knowledge of structure and function of some systems of the human body. Students are expected to complete ANAT1014 to complement this course and obtain a thorough coverage of the whole body. This course is designed for students in the Fitness and Health Promotion Program, and emphasizes application of information to that field.

    ANAT-1014 -  Mechanics of Exercise
    This course emphasizes motion and movement in the body by studying the muscular and skeletal system. The course also introduces the structure and functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

    BSCI-1084 -  Human Relations & Self-Development
    This course emphasizes the development of human relations, communication, and counseling skills relevant to the fitness and health environment. Classes and assignments are designed to give students an opportunity to practice interpersonal and group interactive skills.

    COMM-1029 -  Applied Communication

    This course will enable students to become effective communicators in the fitness field by helping them to improve basic communications skills with an emphasis on written work.

    MGMT-3014 -  How to Start a Leisure Business
    Self-employment is a career alternative to wage employment. The central focus of this course is on entrepreneurship – its characteristics, opportunities and challenges. The preparation of a business plan is used as a learning tool to give students a broad understanding of its purpose, content, and value in ongoing business development.

    MKTG-1014 -  Basic Marketing

    The course is designed to define the basic principles of the marketing function in an organization. The course will focus on 3 core areas of marketing management- namely the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion and Place), environmental factors and market segmentation. A highlight of the course will be the assembling of a basic marketing plan for a product or service which will provide students with the opportunity to apply the 3 cores areas to an actual enterprise. Students will have the opportunity to invent a product or service and present these concepts to their peers as a complement to the basic marketing plan.

    NUTR-1016 -  Essentials in Human Nutrition

    NUTR-3003 -  Current Issues in Nutrition

    This course provides the student with an exposure to a variety of information on current issues in nutrition to promote critical evaluation of new material, comparison to accepted theory, and the development of lifelong learning skills. Additional theory content will focus on the multiple dimensions of food safety, nutrition for life, nutrition for the growing years, and nutrition and health maintenance for adults of all ages.

    PHRE-1004 -  Principles of Fitness

    This course covers the fundamentals principles of physical training for the improvement of any of the health-related components of physical fitness. It also prepares the student to instruct others in the proper use of cardiovascular exercise equipment.

    PHRE-1005 -  Administration of Physical Recreation

    In this course the student is provided with an understanding of physical recreation in comparison to general recreation. The student is given the opportunity to work cooperatively with his/her peers to plan, organize, administer and implement a physical recreation event designed for a specific target population. Theory content will focus on physical recreation concepts and principles related to program administration, specific target populations and other administrative responsibilities such as personnel, facility, and financial management.

    PHRE-1008 -  Training With Weights
    This course focuses on the principles and techniques of training with weights. The theory, safety issues and appropriate training progressions for initiating weight training programs will be emphasized. Students are prepared to instruct and supervise clients in the proper performance of common weight training exercises. This course also provides a personal experience in strength training.

    PHRE-1009 -  Principles of Wellness
    This course provides a thorough introduction to the concepts of wellness and holistic health and how they pertain to self-responsibility which is necessary for self-improvement. The interrelationship between these two concepts and the role of the fitness and health practitioner in promoting specific wellness programs and behaviour change are emphasized.

    PHRE-1010 -  Fitness Evaluation
    This course provides an introduction to the application of evaluation in the field of fitness. Practical experience in the administration of the Canadian Physical, Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Approach is provided. The fundamental objective in teaching the CPAFLA is to provide fitness appraisers with a simple, safe and practical field procedure to evaluate the major components of fitness in apparently healthy individuals and to help those individuals plan for health active living.

    PHRE-1027 -  Psycho-Social Perspective On Health

    This course explores the areas of health, physical activity, and sport from a psycho-social perspective. Emphasis will be placed on behaviour change and adherence, health through the lifespan, social stratification, gender issues, race and ethnicity factors, deviance, mass communication, and future trends. Classes and assignments are designed to allow the opportunity to comprehend the course content from a societal and individual level.

    PHRE-1028 -  Professional Presentations & Data Mgmt

    This course introduces the student to fundamental design guidelines and software tools for professional- calibre visual presentations in print media, computer presentations and web pages. The student is also prepared to present data in an orderly and professional manner using spreadsheet and database software.

    PHRE-1029 -  Careers in Fitness & Health Promotion
    This course introduces the student to the 11 Fitness and Health Promotion Provincial Vocational Outcomes, the personal qualities that enable individuals to be successful in this field and the various career opportunities available to a fitness and health consultant upon graduation.

    PHRE-3001 -  Physiology of Exercise

    This course provides an introduction to the study of physiology of exercise defining major terms and concepts. It also focuses on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, their normal functioning and adaptations to various stimuli. The purpose is to provide a solid base to which the student can refer and formulate appropriate decisions when working in the fitness field.

    PHRE-3006 -  Programming for Diverse Populations

    This course will introduce the student to the holistic benefits of active living/physical activity as experienced by a variety of diverse populations. Diverse populations can refer to any apparently healthy group with special conditions or needs. The initial portion of the course introduces students to historical perspectives and models of disability, present thinking surrounding individuals with differences in ability, and a philosophy and rationale for inclusive physical activity. Students can next gain an appreciation for the design and delivery of inclusive physical activity programs in schools, recreational programs, community settings, and sport arenas. Much of the course focuses on the influence of differing abilities on physical skills and performance and the necessary modifications through which to provide all individuals an optimal and meaningful physical activity experience.A field experience component will provide an opportunity for focused analysis.

    PHRE-3007 -  Career Practicum I
    This course provides the student with additional professional development opportunities and the chance to apply first year learning through an on-site placement experience. Through practical and classroom learning, the student will contribute to career preparation by further developing knowledge and skills in the FHP program streams of exercise prescription/design, administration, and self-development and human relations.

    PHRE-3008 -  Health Promotion
    This course introduces the student to health promotion. The processes involved in planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion are the focus of this course. Utilizing a global approach, the student will explore health promotion and the determinants of health from a current issues perspective and will acquire personal experience through projects/assignments conducted in the college and community. Additional theory content will focus on health promotion history, models, and exemplary programs and ideas.

    PHRE-3010 -  Fitness Evaluation and Prescription

    This course prepares the student for personal training by integrating and applying concepts covered in previous courses. New fitness assessment protocols and a variety of training activities and procedures will be introduced to help students design and implement appropriate personalized detailed action plans.

    PHRE-3013 -  Health and Safety Issues

    This health and safety course is designed to introduce the student to a multitude of personal health and safety issues relevant to the fitness field, other employment areas, and the home. Major emphasis will be placed on ergonomics, skeletal disorders, environmental health, WHMIS, and the Canadian Fitness Safety Standards.

    PHRE-3016 -  Fitness Safety & Athletic Injury Proc.
    This course will introduce the student to athletic injury procedures as they pertain to injury prevention, recognition and assessment, injury manangement and rehabilitation of the injured. The student will recognize the importance of a safe fitness environment and develop an understanding of liability and legal responsibility.

    PHRE-3017 -  Physiology of Exercise
    This course provides a detailed examination of the cellular energy production processes, the regulation of those processes and the acute and chronic changes caused by physical activity. This course also focuses on the muscular system, its normal functioning and adaptations to various stimuli. The purpose is to provide a solid base to which the student can refer and formulate appropriate decisions when working in the fitness field.

    PHRE-3018 -  Field Practice
    In this course, the student will participate in a field placement (minimum 100 hours) in an approved fitness or health agency. While on field practice the student is expected to perform the duties and responsibilities of a regular staff member at the agency. The field placement will be complimented by weekly tutorial sessions.

    PHRE-3019 -  Personal Training Course

    This course prepares the student to perform the duties of a certified personal trainer as specified in the CSEP-CPT certification requirements. As part of this course, each student obtains supervised experience in the performance of the role of a personal trainer.

    PHRE-3021 -  Career Practicum 2
    This course focuses on the further development of self-marketing tools prior to commencing a career in the fitness and health promotion field. Alternative post graduation options such as relevant educational avenues will also be explored. Additional on-site practical experience and professional development will be incorporated in order to further increase each student's knowledge and skill related to the FHP program streams of personal training, administration, and human relations and self-development.

    PHRE-3022 -  The Business of Personal Training

    This course provides you with the skills of selling as they apply to Personal Training. Topics to be covered will include the psychology of selling, communication styles, marketing strategies and how they apply to different businesses, effective sales presentations, and business opportunities for a trained sales associate in the fitness/health and nutrition industry. We will also discuss business ethics, contracts and agreements, and how they apply to the Business of Personal Training.

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