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  • Objectives
    Fine Arts is a two-year pre-university program that prepares students for further studies in the arts. It focuses on painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, computer art, and the history of art and aesthetics. Emphasis is placed on the cultural and historical context of creation, and the communicative significance of images, symbols and visual metaphors. Through training and studio assignments, you will gain an understanding of the formal structure of art-making in two and three dimensions, as well as concepts which reflect current technologies. Among the skills you will acquire are: * To use technical processes and procedures to create a piece of art * To produce two- and three-dimensional works of art * To use the computer to produce artwork * To interpret works of art in relation to their original context * To recognize works of art made by Quebec artists from different eras
  • Academic title
    Fine Arts Pre-University
  • Course description
    Term 1
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    510-112-DW    Visual Language 2D and 3D    2 - 4 - 2    90

    Description:    This course is an exploration of the elements and principles of two-dimensional visual language and the composition of three dimensional form. Through directed studio work, the use of personal computers and the network, as well as through the analysis of existing works, students will be introduced to basic design vocabulary, and will begin to apply the elements and principles of design and apply the use of new technologies in technical drawing. Students will be taught adequate skills in the handling of tools and materials, and will improve familiarity with computer hardware and software. Three instructors teach this course in separate time periods of two hours each. The student purchases all materials, with the exception of common material used in 3-D projects.
    510-122-DW    Drawing from Observation    1 - 2 - 1    45

    Description:    This course introduces the students to drawing skills and materials used to explore objects and illusions of space through observation and the application of technique. The instructor will work with students individually to develop an awareness and understanding of observed form. Drawing assignments are intended to increase the student’s capacity of perception and to accurately record aspects of their environment.
    511-111-DW    Techniques and Materials    1 - 2 - 1    45

    Description:    The student will explore and utilize basic materials and technical processes and procedures to develop a rudimentary knowledge of studio materials and practices.
    520-101-91    Art History and Aesthetics I    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    In this course, the student will be introduced to the purpose of art throughout the history of Western civilization, and shown how art and philosophy evolved in relation to the socio-economic, political and religious trends of the time. The student will learn to distinguish between the art of different periods and styles, from pre-history to the Renaissance, to identify different media and techniques, and to explain and define art historical terms.
    520-101-DW    History of Art and Aesthetics I    3 - 0 - 3    45
    Description:    This course introduces the student to the formal and aesthetic trends of art and design objects from the beginning of man through present day. The student will be studying the styles, trends and cultures that created art and artefacts which define our cultures today. The student will be required to research and report on the art, artefacts and trends using the vocabulary introduced in class and contributing courses. The student will subsequently apply the attained skills in the other program courses.
    General Education
    • 109-103-02    Health and Physical Education    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 602-10_-03    French: Bloc A    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-101-04    Introduction to College English    2 - 2 - 4    60

    Term 2
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    510-212-DW    Visual Language II (3D DES)    1 - 2 - 2    45

    Prerequisite:    510-112-DW - Visual Language 2D and 3D
    Description:    The student will learn to adapt technical processes and procedures in the execution of artworks. Assigned projects will involve the application of previous knowledge of visual language in more vigourous and demanding situations. Compositional exercises and projects will be specific to fine art.
    510-232-DW    Colour I (Design)    1 - 2 - 2    45
    Description:    This course is an introduction to colour theory, specifically the visual properties characteristic to colour as an element in visual language. The students should demonstrate an inventive response to given formal design assignments in the coherent and effective use of colour.
    511-101-DW    Drawing Techniques I    1 - 2 - 1    45

    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Frank Mulvey teaching section(s) 01 02
    Prerequisite:    510-122-DW - Drawing from Observation
    Description:    This course continues studies begun in Drawing from Observation and further emphasizes the exploration of the potential and limits of drawing media. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of traditional materials. The students will begin to recognize a personal approach to drawing.
    511-331-DW    Colour II (Painting)    1 - 2 - 1    45
    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Michael R. Smith teaching section(s) 01
    Lorraine Simms teaching section(s) 02
    Prerequisite:    510-112-DW - Visual Language 2D and 3D
    Description:    In this course, students will develop an inventive response to given assignments pertaining to the perception and use of colour in art-making. They will demonstrate an increased ability to use the techniques and materials to contextualize their artistic expression.
    520-201-DW    History of Art and Aesthetics II    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    The student will identify the major currents in the visual arts from the 16th century through to the middle of the 20th century. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of ideas that apply to the creative process. Class activities include slide presentations, films and videos, lectures and discussions, complemented by occasional museum and gallery visits.
    General Education
    • 109-104-02    Physical Activity    0 - 2 - 1    30
    • 345-103-04    Knowledge    3 - 1 - 3    60
    • 602-B__-03    French: Bloc B    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-102-04    Literary Genres    2 - 2 - 3    60

    Term 3
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    511-341-DW    Applied Techniques 1    2 - 4 - 2    90

    Description:    In this course, the student will organize compositional principles, materials and techniques in the production of editions in printmaking and series in sculpture. The student will work from chosen and given materials, suggested techniques and texts to acquire the technical skills inherent to these disciplines. In printmaking, the instructor may introduce the student to the techniques of monoprints, relief, intaglio, silk-screen as well as digital imagery. In sculpture, the student may employ materials such as paper pulp, wood, clay, plaster, alginate and urethanes. Two instructors teach this course in two different time periods.
    511-902-DW    Art and the Computer    1 - 2 - 2    45
    Prerequisite:    510-122-DW - Drawing from Observation
    Description:    In this course, the student will organize and develop artworks taking advantage of digital technologies. The student will bring together formal components of art through the application of sign, symbol and metaphor on individual projects. Through methodologies and practices of digital imaging and printing, the student will be encouraged to compare virtual imaging with conceptual processes in other art making disciplines.
    General Education

    • 109-105-02    Active Living    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 345-102-03    World Views    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • 603-103-04    Literary Themes    2 - 2 - 3    60
    • COMP 1    Complementary         

    Term 4
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    511-221-DW    Drawing II    1 - 2 - 1    45

    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Giuseppe Di Leo teaching section(s) 01 02
    Prerequisite:    511-101-DW - Drawing Techniques I
    Description:    This course will encourage the student to initiate a process of creativity through drawing. Students will generate imaginative projects in drawing through self-directed proposals, peer and individual critiques, and chosen materials and texts. Final semester students will be able to manifest their own methodology during projects, to actualize content through form, and to generate drawings with a sensitivity towards the drawing process. Through group and individual discussion as well as museum, gallery and studio visits, students will be able to contextualize drawing within contemporary and historical traditions of artistic practice. Students will work with a variety of materials in their articulation of process, form and content.
    511-401-DW    Pictorial Expression    1 - 2 - 2    45

    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Michael R. Smith teaching section(s) 02
    Brigitte Radecki teaching section(s) 01
    Prerequisites:    510-312-DW - 2D Studies
    511-331-DW - Colour II (Painting)
    Description:    Final semester students will originate research and prepare preliminary work for self-directed projects in painting that will allow them to manifest their own methods of expression imaginatively. Students will be able to give form to content through diverse approaches to studio production, an analysis of visual conventions and an understanding of intuitive colour use as well as the conventions of colour theory. The course will include critiques and field research pertinent to the student’s work. Painting may be done in any number of chosen materials and techniques including acrylics, tempera or encaustic.
    511-411-DW    Sculptural Expression    1 - 2 - 2    45
    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Murray Macdonald teaching section(s) 02
    Laurent Roberge teaching section(s) 01
    Prerequisite:    510-412-DW - 3D Studies
    Description:    In this course, the student will be able to produce sculpture integrating expression and form. The second-year Fine Arts student will initiate research and preliminary work as well as demonstrate discipline, self-reliance and safety consciousness in a communal studio environment. Teachers will work closely with students in their development of a personal form of aesthetic and in dealing with selfexpression within the contemporary context. Various materials appropriate to the intent of self-directed projects will be chosen.
    511-441-DW    Applied Techniques 2    2 - 4 - 1    90

    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Claude Arseneault teaching section(s) 01
    Gilles Morissette teaching section(s) 02
    Laurent Roberge teaching section(s) 01
    Julianna Joos teaching section(s) 02
    Prerequisite:    511-341-DW - Applied Techniques 1
    Description:    In this course, the student produces, discusses and presents artworks integrating procedures, technical processes and compositional principles and content. The instructors will begin by suggesting general parameters. Through self-directed research, the student will subsequently select subject matter, processes and techniques appropriate to the production of imaginative and relevant two dimensional and three-dimensional artworks. Two instructors teach this course in two separate time periods.
    520-301-DW    Art in Quebec    3 - 0 - 2    45
    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Donald Allan Pringle teaching section(s) 01
    Description:    This course deals with the identification, critique and contextualization of Quebec art within a broad societal/historical perspective. The student will learn to critically appraise selected art images and ideas as well as to undertake self-directed library research. Through individual counselling and assistance, the instructor will help the student prepare research projects, which express informed critical analysis of contemporary and historical artworks.
    General Education
    • 345-BXH-03    Applied Themes in Humanities    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • 603-BXE-04    Applied Themes in English    2 - 2 - 2    60
    • COMP 2    Complementary

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