Environmental Protection Technology Ontario College Advanced Diploma

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  • Objectives
    This nationally accredited program prepares you for the constantly changing field of environmental technology. Practical training in the three foundation disciplines of biology, chemistry and civil engineering means that graduate technologists can understand and manage complex environmental problems. This unique combination of technical skills will greatly increase your career options. You will learn to function effectively with the tools and equipment used in microbiology, ecological field sampling, analytical chemistry, hazardous material management, surveying and municipal engineering, AutoCAD drawing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping. Laboratory practice in water quality testing, groundwater movement, computer aided environmental audits and the chemistry of pollutants will give you the skills needed to analyze and remediate the urban environment.
  • Practical experience
    There is an optional co-op aspect associated with this program.
  • Academic title
    Environmental Protection Technology Ontario College Advanced Diploma
  • Course description
    Semester 1 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-111     Intro to Biological Systems     3 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-101     Chemistry     3 hrs     2 hrs
    COMM-170/171     College Communication 2 / (ESL)     3 hrs     
    MATH-154     Microcomputer Applications for Technology 1         3 hrs
    MATH-176     Mathematics 2     3 hrs     
    GNED-126     Occupational Health & Safety     3 hrs     
    Semester 2 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-121     Microbiology     3 hrs     
    BI-122     Microbiology Techniques         5 hrs
    CH-122     Lab Instrumentation     2 hrs     2 hrs
    VS-120     Chemistry of Pollutants     2 hrs     2 hrs
    MATH-186     Mathematics and Statistics     4 hrs     
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 3 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-230     Ecology     3 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-121     Organic Chemistry     3 hrs     2 hrs
    PC-124     Physics for Environmental     3 hrs     
    PW-231     Soils and Groundwater     2 hrs     2 hrs
    PW-232     Topographical Surveying     1 hr     2 hrs
    GNED-500     Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action     3 hrs     
    Semester 4 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-240     Applied Enviro Microbiology     2 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-207     Analytical Chemistry     3 hrs     2 hrs
    PW-242     Water Quality Control     4 hrs     
    PW-243     Engineering Equip & Processes     3 hrs     
    VS-242     Enviro Legislation & Regulations     3 hrs     
    ENGL-250     Report Writing in a Technical Environment     2 hrs     
    ELECT     Elective     3 hrs     
    Semester 5 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    BI-310     Bioregionalism     2 hrs     2 hrs
    CH-315     Analytical Instrumentation     2 hrs     3 hrs
    CT-121     Computer Aided Drafting 1 - Civil         3 hrs
    PW-312     Civil Eng. Design & Const. Practices     4 hrs     
    VS-353     Enviro Audits, Sampling & Data Mgt         4 hrs
    Semester 6 Courses
    Course Code     Course Name     Lecture     Lab

    AH-360     Applied Hydrology/Spills Mgnt.     5 hrs     
    BI-311     Applied Microbiological Analysis     2 hrs     3 hrs
    CH-360     Haz. Wastes & Modern Ind Process     3 hrs     2 hrs
    VS-360     Environmental Project     3 hrs     
    VS-361     Geographic Information System         3hrs


    * Students will be placed in the appropriate English level based on skills assessment results. Students in two- or three-year programs must complete GNED-500 as part of their general education requirements.

    ** Students taking MATH-140 in semester 1 will have the opportunity to complete MATH-186 or equivalent between semesters 2 and 3.

    *** Minimum C grade in COMM-170/171, minimum 2.5 GPA, and minimum 80
    per cent of year 1 courses required for COOP-221. Departmental Academic Standards for co-op eligibility also apply.

    u Minimum C grade required for entry into semester 5

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