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Energy Asset Management Diploma

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  • Course description
    Energy Asset Management (EAM) is the management and administration of regulatory, financial, and contractual compliance pertaining to energy assets.

    As a student of EAM, you will learn about all functions within the industry (including an appreciation for the technical side of the business), and will graduate with relevant skills in administration of the regulatory, financial, and contractual compliance workflow pertaining to energy industry assets.

    Area of Study

        * Joint Venture Specialization – establishing agreements and partnership arrangements.
        * Mineral Land Management – acquiring and preserving below-ground rights.
        * Surface Land Management – acquiring and preserving above-ground land activity.
        * Well Asset Management – managing well and facility activities from start to finish.
        * Operations Accounting – account for operational costs, revenues, joint venture activities.
        * Production Accounting – manage reporting for producing wells.

    Your Career

    As a graduate of this program, you will have career opportunities in the petroleum industry in such areas as mineral land, land contracts, surface land, joint ventures, operations accounting, production accounting, well and facility asset management, as well as within various energy service companies, governments, and field operations.

    First Year
    Semester 1
    Course Code     Course Name     Credit
    COMM-256     Professional Communication and Presentation Skills     3.0
    BCMP-210     Business Information Communication Technology Systems     3.0
    BLAW-205     EAM Business Law     3.0
    INRY-215     Energy Industry Introduction     3.0
    EAMG-200     Overview of Energy Asset Management     3.0
    Semester 1 Total     15.0
    Semester 2
    Course Code     Course Name     Credit
    COMM-266     Professional Communication Skills ll     3.0
    DATA-250     Data & Records Management     3.0
    BMAT-252     Financial Decision Making     3.0
    EAMG-250     EAM Pre- Acquisition & Acquisition     3.0
    EAMG-255     EAM Drilling & Completion     3.0
    Semester 2 Total     15.0
    First Year Total     30.0
    Second Year
    Semester 3
    Course Code     Course Name     Credit
    ECON-300     Economics     3.0
    MKTG-301     Oil & Gas Marketing     3.0
    EAMG-300     EAM Maintenance     3.0
    EAMG-305     EAM Production Facilities     3.0
    EAMG-310     EAM Project Preparation     3.0
    Semester 3 Total     15.0
    Semester 4
    Course Code     Course Name     Credit
    ACCT-352     EAM Accounting     3.0
    ORGB-353     Organizational Behaviour     3.0
    EAMG-350     EAM Production     3.0
    EAMG-355     EAM Abandonment & Relinquishment     3.0
    EAMG-360     EAM Capstone Project     3.0
    Semester 4 Total     15.0
    Second Year Total     30.0
    Program Total     60.0

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