Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II Course

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  • Objectives
    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following: 1. Read and write additional characters and sentences in the modern standard Arabic alphabet. 2. Explain and pronounce additional modern standard Arabic sounds, consonants, words, and sentences. 3. Apply additional simple grammatical structures to daily communication. 4. Describe common interpersonal transactions and protocols. 5. Identify and discuss additional components of the Arabic culture.
  • Course description
    1. Additional Uses of Modern Standard Arabic Alphabet
      1. Identify and read additional vocabulary
      2. Write more complex sentences and paragraphs using Arabic characters
    2. Additional Modern Standard Arabic Sound System
      1. Additional pronunciation of consonants and sentences
      2. Additional oral communication from in-person sources, video, audiotapes (CD's)
    3. Additional Grammatical Structures
      1. Additional basic sentence structure
      2. Additional present tense structures
      3. Past tense structures
      4. Future tense structures
      5. Plurals
      6. Definite and indefinite articles
      7. Negatives
      8. Prepositions
    4. Additional Interpersonal Transactions and Protocols
      1. Additional questions
      2. Descriptions of people, places, and things
      3. Clothing and food purchasing
      4. Simple recipes and meal traditions
      5. Parts of the body
      6. Weather and climate conditions
      7. Respond to simple commands and requests
    5. Additional Cultural Contexts
      1. Historical contexts
      2. Geographical contexts
      3. Social interactions

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