Diploma in Dental Hygiene

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  • Objectives
    This two-year program prepares students to practise as primary oral health care providers. Dental hygienists are preventive specialists. The program focuses on developing a high level of interpersonal communication skills and applying the dental hygiene process of care in a professional manner. As members of a self-regulated profession, dental hygienists are responsible to the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario for their treatment decisions, and for the quality of care provided. Program emphasis is on preparing graduates to function effectively within a collaborative relationship which includes the client, the community, and other health care providers. Seminars, case presentations, community health practicums, and the clinical setting all provide valuable learning opportunities for the future professional. The program is divided into four levels. During the first and second levels, students spend approximately one-quarter of their time in pre-clinical practice working on mannequins. The clinical component increases in the second level and involves client treatment. Students spend approximately nine hours per week on practical training in the third and fourth levels, in addition to community health practicums.
  • Entry requirements
    You would be an excellent fit for the Dental Hygiene Program if you: * Possess good communication (written, verbal, technology) and interpersonal abilities; * Can be self-directed in a team environment; * Possess critical thinking skills.
  • Academic title
    Diploma in Dental Hygiene
  • Course description

    Level 1

    BIO4321 Anatomy and Physiology

    BIO4322 Microbiology

    DEN4300 Dental Anatomy

    DEN4310 Radiography - Laboratory I

    DEN4334 Pre-Clinical Practice

    DEN4358 Advanced Dental Anatomy

    DEN4391 Radiography Theory

    DEN4392 Dental Practice Environment

    DEN4393 Nutrition and Oral Health

    DEN4394 Dental Materials Theory

    DEN4401 Pre-Clinical Theory

    Level 2

    BIO4306 Oral Histopathology

    DEN4305 Client Assessment

    DEN4319D Laboratory Procedures for Dhs

    DEN4321 Radiography - Laboratory II

    DEN4359 Periodontics

    DEN4397 Prevention and Communication

    DEN4360 Clinical Practice I

    DEN4402 Clinical Preparation and Feedback I

    ENL1813S Communications I

    Choose one from equivalencies:

    GED0927 General Education Elective

    Level 3

    BIO4360 Oral Medicine

    DEN4363 Clinical Practice II

    DEN4365 Clinical Feedback II

    DEN4403 Advanced Periodontics

    DEN4404 Epidemiology and Health Promotion

    DEN4405 Professional Issues

    PSY1700 Psycho/Social Science

    Level 4

    DEN4348 Community Dental Health

    DEN4367 Clinical Practice III

    DEN4368 Clinical Feedback III

    DEN4369 Clinical Seminars

    DEN4379 Therapies in Periodontics

    DEN4406 Orthodontics Theory and Lab

    ENL5507 Career Writing Practicum I

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