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  • Objectives
    The Digital Media program is designed to provide training in graphics, Web authoring and multimedia applications. This program provides hands-on experience with popular software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Director, Flash, Premiere, DreamWeaver, InDesign and Fireworks. Participants will create self-marketing tools in the form of on-line and CD-ROM based portfolios, presenting a well-rounded knowledge of key fields in communication and design platforms
  • Practical experience
    The Digital Media program combines theory with practical work in many aspects of new media - from graphics and photography to video and audio, all merging with areas of interactivity to provide a skill set essential in new digital communication and Internet roles.
  • Academic title
    Digital Media Certificate
  • Course description
    Level One
    CDEV8020     Portfolio & Career Development

    Description: Career information, including new forms of job searching, current media roles, workplace expectations, and key elements for preparation of new communication careers are discussed. Resume writing, covering letters and interviewing skills are included, and participants will design their resume for both print and electronic distribution. The conclusion to the program will focus on job search using the participant's newly acquired skills.
    Hours: 25
    Credits: 2

    DMED1200     InDesign
    Description: This course teaches various skills required to use text and graphics in Adobe InDesign documents. In this course, students will learn how to add and modify text and graphics. Students will also learn to format and edit text and graphics. In addition, students will learn how to create reusable styles such as character styles, paragraph styles, and object styles. Upon course completion students will also be able to create and use gradients and layers. Students will be able to create exceptional looking page layouts.
    Hours: 50
    Credits: 3

    DMED8010     Flash & Web Interactivity
    Description: New media authoring utilizes digital technology to integrate text, photography, illustration, typography, video, and sound to create animated and interactive projects. This course deals with motion graphics, animation, video, music and sound with a focus on Macromedia Flash. Participants continue to develop the creative and technical skills to integrate components into an interactive multimedia presentation with the addition of advanced web animation through Flash. The creative process of producing an interactive based product " from storyboard, audience issues, to finished work using both CD-ROM and Web authoring is involved. This course also involves techniques and training with Flash Actionscript " the powerful new scripting language used for complex interactive design.
    Hours: 75
    Credits: 5

    DMED8020     Digital Video/Audio Production
    Description: In this course, participants move through the fundamentals of video and audio production to digital editing and merging image and sound. Practical skills in digital video editing procedures " combining media elements (live footage, animation, photography, logos, graphics) mixed with production effects with Adobe Premiere. Practical work in digital video and editing procedures with digital audio (Sound Forge & Acid) are also covered and includes the creation of unique sound effects and music production created for motion graphics. Further development into motion graphics with basic techniques using After Effects is also covered.
    Hours: 75
    Credits: 5

    DMED8030     Director & Multimedia Applications
    Description: This course introduces advanced skills used in the authoring of multimedia products - with a focus on Macromedia Director. Director, the central application involved in interactive design for CD-ROM, DVD, and Internet Shockwave, is used to create non-linear interactive presentations. Understanding the concept of 'time' as a design parameter, visual storytelling, and writing for multimedia are also covered. Participant work with hands-on project development to enhance their multimedia based stills and techniques with the goal of an interactive portfolio of their coursework on CD-ROM. The development of an interactive portfolio involves merging work developed during the entire program into an effective self-marketing presentation. Participants will have the opportunity to assemble individual work into an interactive CD that represents their capabilities, as well as areas of interest.
    Hours: 75
    Credits: 5

    DMED8040     Web Authoring

    Description: This course involves the processes in the design and maintenance of Web production, with technical skill development in tools including ImageReady, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. Interactive techniques learned in previous modules are applied to producing content specifically for Internet publishing with further use of both Photoshop and Illustrator. Also covered is the study of aesthetics, layout, navigation, animation, and typography. This will give the participant a visual approach to Web authoring rather than working specifically with HTML. Lessons and experience with backgrounds, buttons, rollovers, GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs, feedback forms, alignment techniques, issues of advertising, laws, and marketing involved in interactive publications, are also included in the goal of creating an individual and fully functioning interactive web site.
    Hours: 90
    Credits: 6

    DMED8050     Imaging With Photoshop & Illustrator
    Description: The use of the 'image' in interactive design, interface, and web publishing is a central part of digital production. This course will cover key tools, using filters, layers, and developing a foundation with both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in addition to their integration. A combination of photography, typography, drawing, computer graphics, brainstorming techniques, and production methods are presented, as well as areas essential to the creation of interactive design. Techniques combining photographic and illustrative material using imaging software that focuses on developing skills for digital based visuals, collages, and conceptual mock-ups with both bitmap and vector elements.
    Hours: 100
    Credits: 7

    DSGN8010     Interface Design
    Description: This course focuses on designing interfaces for commercial, educational and entertainment markets. Learn the principles of designing effective screen layouts and interactive interfaces. Approaching the subject from multiple discipline perspectives, participants learn to view multimedia content as an integrated process involving skills, concepts and performance criteria. The course will cover layouts, usability testing, visual theory and the study of common appliances (car dash, toaster, microwaves, bank machines, kiosks). The background and development of human/computer interaction and its uses as well as practical work in how information is presented in communication devices to create a user friendly project is covered.
    Hours: 25
    Credits: 2

    DSGN8020     Graphic Design & Typography

    Description: This course covers principles of design, page layout and comparisons between conventional versus computer generated design. Learn the planning process, create mock-ups, design considerations in page and monitor layout, and print technology as it relates to graphic design. The course covers designing with type, graphics, photographis and multi-page publications. Explore the elements and principles of typography and image relationships to effectively communicate visual information through design, as well as theories and practices of interactive graphics. Topics include page layout and balance, use of type, use of colour, use of graphics, logos, types of graphics and their applications and advertising.
    Hours: 25
    Credits: 2

    INFO8210     Internet Foundations & HTML
    Description: This course covers the fundamentals, principles, and analysis of new media design, web authoring, and CD-ROM production. The roles of media and mass communication in our society and the concept of digital literacy - the underlying concepts and theory behind understanding as well as producing elements of writing, graphics and sound. This course will also cover current critical approaches to understanding digital media and the impacts these media have in personal, community, cultural, social and international life. Also covered is practical work analyzing and critiquing multimedia content in its stored and distributed formats - print based, CD-ROM, and Web based productions.
    Hours: 50
    Credits: 3

    MGMT8010     Project Management

    Description: This course examines the complete production process - from concept to completion - with emphasis on individual students project goals. A final project concept specs including its treatment, proposal, schedule, flow- chart, storyboard, and content inventory offers students the opportunity to gain exposure to the skills and strategies required in a real-world project - all skills essential for maintenance of time and production values in large and small projects. Participants will use the design documents from this course to prepare their work in their portfolio development.
    Hours: 10
    Credits: 1

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