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  • Objectives
    The program focuses on children and their role in the family and in society and includes courses in Anthropology, History, Psychology and Sociology.
  • Practical experience
    Students take part in field work, as volunteers, in their second and fourth semesters. Field work placements include elementary schools, scout troops, high schools and the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
  • Entry requirements
    The Child Studies profile is designed for students who want to pursue university studies leading to careers that involve working with children, such as guidance counselling, teaching, social work, sociologists or psychologists.
  • Academic title
    Child Studies Profile
  • Course description
    Term 1
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    330-101-DW    Western Civilization    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course traces the growth of Western civilization from its roots in the Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman traditions to the 20th century. Among the major themes covered are the emergence and influence of key intellectual currents, social and political revolution, the development of industrial society, the birth of the nation state, imperialism, totalitarianism, and the two world wars. Students are introduced to basic concepts such as historical cause and social change, race, class and gender, as well as to the major political ideologies.
    350-101-DW    General Psychology    2 - 1 - 3    45

    Description:    This is the first course in the discipline for most students and a requirement for all students in the Social Science program. It is also necessary for admission to most university psychology programs. The course is designed to acquaint students with the principles and methods of psychology and to expose them to the various areas encompassed by the field.
    387-101-DW    Individual and Society    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course introduces students to the basic ideas and perspectives of sociological investigation and interpretation. It focuses on the ways individuals are shaped by and respond to culture and social organization. Students are introduced to the major areas of sociological research, including representative studies and their findings about Canada, Quebec and other societies, in order to provide a systematic understanding of the contemporary social world.
    General Education

    • 109-103-02    Health and Physical Education    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 345-103-04    Knowledge    3 - 1 - 3    60
    • 602-10_-03    French: Bloc A    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-101-04    Introduction to College English    2 - 2 - 4    60

    Term 2
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    300-300-DW    Research Methods    2 - 2 - 2    60

    350-313-DW    Cognitive Development    2 - 1 - 3    45

    Description:    This course focuses on the application of cognitive concepts to concrete phenomena. Students will learn current theories surrounding the development of thinking skills and problem solving. Students will apply the concepts they learn during fieldwork with elementary school aged children. Topics will include development of brain, sensation and perception, learning, cognition, intelligence, motivation and learning problems.
    381-101-DW    Introduction to Anthropology    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    The course provides an overview of what anthropology encompasses from the history of anthropological thought to the major subfields of study including linguistics, biology, social and archaeology. The unique vision and social scientific perspective that anthropology brings to the social sciences will be discussed. This course will present an approach designed to introduce students to main areas of the discipline that may be explored more profoundly in the higher level courses.
    383-101-DW    Introduction to Economics    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course is a pre-requisite to all other Economics courses. The course introduces students to economic systems, the great economic thinkers, the different schools of thought, and the basic concepts and theories of economics. Students will become familiar with introductory tools, methods, and models of economic analysis, as well as recognize their limitations. Applying different perspectives and relying on current and historical data, the course exposes students to Canada’s and Quebec’s major macroeconomic problems such as unemployment, recessions, inflation, and the public debt. Students will learn how governments can use fiscal, monetary, and trade policies to reduce domestic economic problems. The course prepares students to critically assess government economic policies and economic information in the news media.
    General Education

    • 109-104-02    Physical Activity    0 - 2 - 1    30
    • 345-102-03    World Views    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • 603-102-04    Literary Genres    2 - 2 - 3    60
    • COMP 1    Complementary         

    Term 3
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    ___-___-__    Option 100 Level Course          

        * Biology
        * Business Administration
        * Classics
        * Geography
        * Mathematics
        * Philosophy
        * Political Science
        * Religion

    350-201-DW    Developmental Psychology    2 - 1 - 3    45

    Prerequisite:    350-101-DW - General Psychology
    Description:    This course outlines the development of the child and how he/she is influenced by heredity, environment, family, school and social experiences. Emphasis is placed on the changes that occur in both physical and psychological attitudes during childhood. Discussions also focus on basic concepts and theories related to child development. In addition, developmental processes in adolescence, adulthood, and old age are considered.
    360-300-DW    Quantitative Methods    2 - 2 - 2    60

    Prerequisite:    300-300-DW - Research Methods

    387-216-DW    Education    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    Whether student, teacher, parent, or taxpayer, we are all affected by our education system and many of us have strong opinions about that system. This course provides a broad examination of education and the education system from a variety of perspectives: as a set of activities; as an institutional form; as a set of ideologies, values, and beliefs; and as a setting within which people such as students and teachers come to terms with one another and learn to understand themselves and others.
    General Education

    • 602-B__-03    French: Bloc B    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-103-04    Literary Themes    2 - 2 - 3    60
    • COMP 2    Complementary         

    Term 4
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    300-308-DW    Integrative Seminar    2 - 2 - 4    60

    Prerequisites:    300-300-DW - Research Methods
    360-300-DW - Quantitative Methods

    330-325-DW    Applied Social and Economic History    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Prerequisite:    330-101-DW - Western Civilization
    Description:    These courses aim to provide students with a better understanding of the interplay between economic and socio-political forces in a specific country or region of the modern world. They explore the impact of major developments in areas such as work, or science and technology on the social and economic lives of different sectors of the population.
    381-210-DW    Anthropology of Parenthood    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course deals with the concept of parenthood by investigating how different cultures define motherhood, fatherhood and parenthood in practical terms. With this cross-cultural perspective, parenthood in the Western context will be explored by re-examining ideas about biological and social parenthood.
    Required Courses - Choose one of the following
    350-401-DW    Advanced Studies in Psychology    2 - 1 - 3    45

    Description:    All third level courses in Psychology are offered under Advanced Topics in Psychology. As with the second level courses, each course focuses on a particular area of interest in psychology. In this context, students are encouraged to design and complete a project based on the application of knowledge acquired in second-level courses.
    387-401-DW    Advanced Studies in Sociology    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course provides students with the opportunity, to engage in work on a topic of particular interest or relevance to them. The emphasis is on providing students with the skills needed to engage in advanced work, as well as the knowledge, concepts, methods, and tools necessary to allow them to prepare this work.
    General Education

    • 109-105-02    Active Living    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 345-BXH-03    Applied Themes in Humanities    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • 603-BXE-04    Applied Themes in English    2 - 2 - 2    60

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