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  • Objectives
    The General Arts and Science-Design Studies program is intended for students who are interested in exploring a career in design through the preparation of a competitive portfolio. In this one-year foundations program, students develop their creative design and drawing skills allowing them to pursue more advanced studies in programs such as Graphic Design, Interior Decorating, BAA - Interior Design, Print Media, Advertising and Architectural Technician/Technology. One-Year Certificate Program On successful completion of two semesters (September-April), students will be eligible to graduate and receive Ontario College Certificate. Graduates may apply to another program at the College or may continue their studies in the second year of the General Arts and Science program. Some credits acquired during the one year certificate program may be considered as transfer credits towards other college programs.
  • Academic Title
    Certificate (one year)
  • Course description

    Level 1

    DAT5758 Computer Foundations I

    This course provides an introduction to the use of a current word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet, Internet browser, email and operating system.

    DSN1308 Drawing I

    This is an introductory course on the fundamentals of composition with emphasis on realistic rendering. Through view selection, cropping, and balance, students learn how to execute thumbnails and design exciting comprehensives. This course also introduces the student to one and two point perspective - the process of creating an illusion of depth on a flat surface through a series of technical exercises.

    DSN1371 Portfolio, Layout and Design I

    This fundamental course introduces the student to the principles of design and layout, the terminology, materials, equipment and the techniques used. Students learn the principles of contrast, harmony, proportion, balance, movement, perspective and unity and their relationship in the development of thumbnails to comprehensive layouts. Illustrator will be introduced to support typography and layout. Emphasis is on developing clean, simple creative solutions to field-related design problems. A professional attitude towards deadlines and the importance of craftsmanship and execution are emphasized. All pieces will be professionally finished, organized and presented.

    ENL1813G Communications I

    Communication remains an essential skill sought by employers, regardless of discipline or field of study. Using a practical, vocation-oriented approach, students focus on meeting the requirements of effective communication. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and independent learning, students practise writing, speaking, reading, listening, locating and documenting information, and using technology to communicate professionally. Students develop and strengthen communication skills that contribute to success in both educational and workplace environments.

    SSC0041 Fundamentals of Creative Photography

    This course provides an introduction to photography using digital technology. Students explore the functions, operations and formats available through camera technology. The business, design and artistic merits studied enable students to appreciate and execute photographic work demonstrating proper composition, colour and lighting techniques, image manipulation and photo presentation skills. Students are required to have access to a basic digital camera for this course. Specifications for the camera are as follows: minimum 4-5 megapixels, exposure modes-program, auto, manual, and shutter.

    SSC0052 Design Dynamics

    This course will introduce students to the many career options in design. Students will individually develop a career field action plan demonstrating knowledge and skills needed to pursue their goals in a design field. This course will use several activities and diagnostic tools to reveal the aptitudes and interests required for the varied careers in design.

    Level 2

    DSN1331 Drawing II

    Building on the skills acquired in the first semester, the focus of this course is to encourage students to develop further drawing skills through the introduction of pointillism, and prolonged studies and replications of the works of famous artists. Their compositional and design skills are applied to finished drawings. Students are also introduced to acrylic painting.

    DSN1340 Computer Design

    This course introduces the student to the MacIntosh platform and the world of design. Basics, theory and practical applications cover various areas of hardware and software. A flatbed scanner will be used to scan all illustrations and photographs while using Adobe Photoshop to adjust and correct these images. Students are also introduced to Adobe Illustrator and learn to create vector-based images that can be used in any page layout program. Upon successful completion of this course, students demonstrate an introductory level of knowledge in Illustrator and Photoshop software.

    DSN1372 Portfolio, Layout and Design II

    This course expands the student's working knowledge of design principles in search of design solutions. The student explores the creative tools of illustration, the use of photography, type, colour, texture and dimension using Illustrator and Photoshop. Project topics are varied and geared towards different design disciplines using client objectives, target markets and strategies as a base. Completion of this course teaches the student the importance of design consistency and continuity, promotion and presentation and an understanding of client's needs. The importance of meeting deadlines, creative content and a professional attitude continue to be emphasized

    ENL1823G Communications II

    This course develops critical elements of workplace communication with emphasis on clear writing techniques. In addition, students give presentations supported by technology and assess their own communication skills.

    HIS1500 History of Art and Design

    This hybrid course focuses on the work and lives of the masters from the historical to the modern. Through video, discussion and online testing, students will discover how art and design have influenced and continue to influence society, and how these disciplines have come to shape the way in which we see, communicate and interpret our world.

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