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Cantonese Beginner I Course

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  • Objectives
    The aim of Entry Stage 1is to introduce learners to the basic skills in Cantonese so that they will acquire the basic knowledge of the language to be able to build up communication skills necessary to get by in everyday situations.
  • Course description
    By the end of Entry Stage 1, learners will be able to:

    - learn sounds and tones
    - greet someone
    - learn vocabulary for family, count number of people
    - do shopping using different counter words
    - give personal information
    - take transportation and give directions
    - have telephone conversations
    - tell the time
    - tell date/day
    - do calculations
    - use basic expression when they have difficulty in communication

    Main Grammar Areas:

    - question endings, possessive adjectives "go" positioning of titles
    - final particle to form question "ne"
    - conjunction 'and' in Cantonese.
    - using time words in various tenses
    - various conjunctions, verbs and adverbs
    - classifier words 'a pair', 'a bottle'
    - comparisons 'di' 'jui'

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