Business Management (Marketing) Diploma

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  • Objectives
    Students are introduced to marketing concepts and various marketing research methods that provide a good understanding of the customers’ needs and the competitive environment in which firms operate. The field of consumer behaviour is also fully explored. Students further expand their knowledge with the study of the elements of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion and distribution). Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to: * develop a well-structured and well-integrated marketing plan and an international marketing strategy appropriate to a number of environments * plan, develop and provide customer service * manage sales functions and activities * contribute to business methods and management decision-making * use computers and appropriate business software applications to respond to international and analytical requirements and to develop an e-marketing strategy * use problem-solving and critical thinking skills to select, analyze and interpret information * interact and communicate effectively and professionally, both oral and in writing, in both French and English * demonstrate responsible self-management and the ability to apply moral reasoning to personal, public and professional issues * transfer acquired skills and knowledge across disciplines
  • Academic title
    Business Management (Marketing) Diploma
  • Course description
    Term 1
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    201-914-DW    Business Mathematics    3 - 2 - 3    75

    Description:    This course provides the essential concepts of business calculations that are necessary for various other courses in both Business Administration programs. Students explore quadratic, logarithmic, linear and exponential functions as they relate to various business situations. In addition, students develop fundamental skills in the mathematics of finance required to solve financial calculations.
    410-104-DW    Business Communications    2 - 2 - 1    60
    Description:    The goal of this course is to develop the skills necessary for effective communication and interaction in a business context. It focuses on business writing and presentations. This course also provides students the opportunity to obtain an understanding of the various professions in business by exploring the different skills and behaviours required.
    410-113-DW    Introduction to Business    2 - 1 - 3    45
    Description:    Students are introduced to essential business concepts and related terminology in order to obtain a fundamental understanding of organizations and the environment in which they operate. A critical perspective of the principal theories, concepts and practices of business, and their relationship to the macro environment is also developed.
    420-941-DW    Introduction to Computers    1 - 2 - 3    45
    Description:    Students will learn the basics of Windows for microcomputers and how to use a word processor for the production of business documents. They will be taught to use electronic spreadsheet software for report construction, as well as a business problem-solving tool.
    General Education

    • 109-103-02    Health and Physical Education    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 345-103-04    Knowledge    3 - 1 - 3    60
    • 603-101-04    Introduction to College English    2 - 2 - 4    60

    Term 2
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    383-101-DW    Introduction to Economics    3 - 0 - 3    45

    Description:    This course is a pre-requisite to all other Economics courses. The course introduces students to economic systems, the great economic thinkers, the different schools of thought, and the basic concepts and theories of economics. Students will become familiar with introductory tools, methods, and models of economic analysis, as well as recognize their limitations. Applying different perspectives and relying on current and historical data, the course exposes students to Canada’s and Quebec’s major macroeconomic problems such as unemployment, recessions, inflation, and the public debt. Students will learn how governments can use fiscal, monetary, and trade policies to reduce domestic economic problems. The course prepares students to critically assess government economic policies and economic information in the news media.
    410-204-DW    Introduction to Marketing    2 - 2 - 2    60

    410-205-DW    Business Law    2 - 1 - 2    45

    Description:    This course focuses on the importance of understanding the legal environment in the context of business management. Students develop the ability to consider the legal implications of contracts, civil responsibility, property and bankruptcy.
    410-221-DW    Accounting 1    2 - 2 - 3    60
    Description:    This course introduces basic accounting terminology, principles and methods that enable students to apply key concepts. It is the goal of this course to develop fundamental analytical skills needed to read and interpret basic financial information. Focus is placed on transaction analysis, original, adjusting and closing entries, as well as ledger accounts and basic financial statement preparation.
    General Education
    • 109-104-02    Physical Activity    0 - 2 - 1    30
    • 345-102-03    World Views    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • 602-10_-03    French: Bloc A    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-102-04    Literary Genres    2 - 2 - 3    60

    Term 3
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    201-934-DW    Business Statistics    3 - 2 - 3    75

    Description:    This course addresses key aspects of statistics as they apply to business decisions. Students develop competence in calculating probabilities, estimating parameters, developing hypotheses and analyzing distributions, correlations and regression.
    410-307-DW    Marketing Research    2 - 2 - 3    60
    Prerequisite:    410-204-DW - Introduction to Marketing
    Description:    Prerequisite: 410-204-DW Introduction to Marketing The course introduces students to the scope and function of marketing research and develops an informed analytical approach to the study of customers and markets. Students develop competencies in the gathering and analysis of data, and their use in marketing decision-making.
    410-341-DW    Introduction to Finance    2 - 2 - 3    60

    Prerequisites:    201-914-DW - Business Mathematics
    410-221-DW - Accounting 1
    Description:    In this course, students develop knowledge and skills related to the essential functions of financial management. Analysis of financing decisions, evaluation of investment proposals, and methods of financial planning are explored.
    410-352-DW    Business Computer Applications    1 - 3 - 3    60
    Prerequisite:    420-941-DW - Introduction to Computers
    Description:    Prerequisite: 420-941-DW Introduction to Computers This course enables students to further develop their computer knowledge and skills by focusing on comprehensive applications of spreadsheets and database management as they relate to business situations. Basic concepts of web page design are also introduced.
    General Education
    • 603-103-04    Literary Themes    2 - 2 - 3    60
    • COMP 1    Complementary         

    Term 4
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    410-404-DW    Retail Marketing    2 - 2 - 3    60

    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Robert B. Campbell teaching section(s) 01
    Prerequisite:    410-204-DW - Introduction to Marketing
    Description:    Prerequisite: 410-204-DW Introduction to Marketing Employing the skills developed in Introduction to Marketing, Retail Marketing seeks to develop competence in retail management. Channel management, merchandising, site selection and layout, as well as managing technology and evolving legislation are some of the topics investigated.
    410-405-DW    Career Management    1 - 2 - 2    45

    Prerequisite:    410-104-DW - Business Communications

    410-407-DW    International Business    2 - 1 - 2    45
    Prerequisite:    410-113-DW - Introduction to Business
    Description:    Prerequisite: 410-113-DW Introduction to Business The course exposes students to the complexities of the international business environment (economic, legal, political, cultural and technological) and familiarizes them with the major players (multinational corporations, governments and international organizations). The objective of the course is for students to develop a global approach when making business decisions.
    410-408-DW    Operations and Inventory Management    2 - 2 - 2    60
    Prerequisite:    410-113-DW - Introduction to Business
    Description:    Prerequisite: 410-113-DW Introduction to Business This course introduces the fundamental concepts, methods and strategies related to production operations and supply management. Students consider challenges and opportunities inherent to these functions and develop competence in the use of different techniques and calculations.
    410-409-DW    Consumer Behaviour    2 - 1 - 2    45
    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Diana Serafini teaching section(s) 01
    Prerequisite:    410-204-DW - Introduction to Marketing
    Description:    Prerequisite: 410-204-DW Introduction to Marketing Why do consumers behave as they do? Drawing upon material from marketing, anthropology, sociology and psychology, this course investigates the factors that affect buyer behaviour. Students develop competence in using marketing strategies intended to effectively reach their targeted market.
    General Education
    • 109-105-02    Active Living    1 - 1 - 1    30
    • 602-B__-03    French: Bloc B    2 - 1 - 3    45
    • 603-BXE-04    Applied Themes in English    2 - 2 - 2    60

    Term 5
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs
    410-502-DW    Observation Retail Stage    0 - 3 - 3    45

    Prerequisite:    410-404-DW - Retail Marketing

    410-504-DW    Integrated Marketing Communication    2 - 2 - 3    60

    Prerequisite:    410-204-DW - Introduction to Marketing
    Description:    Prerequisite: 410-204-DW Introduction to Marketing The course provides a framework for examining, analyzing and evaluating various aspects of the marketing communications process and the relevant marketing communications tools: advertising, public relations, personal selling, direct selling, sponsorship, sales promotion etc. This course enables students to develop a comprehensive integrated marketing communication plan.
    410-515-DW    Human Resource Management and Supervision    2 - 2 - 2    60

    Description:    The goal of this course is to develop and strengthen fundamental skills associated with responsibilities of supervision and human resource management. Focus on current practices, situations and problems encountered by practitioners assist students to develop their interpersonal, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
    410-518-DW    Sales Management    3 - 2 - 3    75

    Prerequisite:    410-204-DW - Introduction to Marketing
    Description:    Prerequisites: 410-204-DW Introduction to Marketing and 602-10x-03 French (Block A). The objective of the course is to give students an opportunity to learn the managerial implications of various decision paradigms and models used in sales force management. An emphasis is placed on sales force performance and customer relationship management. The course also helps students acquire French business terminology necessary in Quebec when dealing with employees, supervisors and customers.
    410-556-DW    e-Marketing    2 - 2 - 3    60

    Prerequisites:    410-204-DW - Introduction to Marketing
    410-352-DW - Business Computer Applications
    Description:    The course looks at the impact of electronic marketing on all areas of the marketing strategy, i.e., segmentation, positioning and every element of the marketing mix. In this course, students move from understanding the basic processes and infrastructure of an e-commerce initiative to identifying customers, attracting and retaining their attention.
    General Education

    • 345-BXH-03    Applied Themes in Humanities    3 - 0 - 3    45
    • COMP 2    Complementary         

    Term 6
    Course Number     Course Name     C - L - H     Hrs

    410-607-DW    Marketing Strategy    2 - 2 - 3    60
    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Robert Soroka teaching section(s) 01
    Prerequisite:    410-307-DW - Marketing Research
    Description:    Prerequisites: 410-307-DW Marketing Research. This capstone course builds on previously acquired marketing knowledge and focuses on strategic market planning and decision-making. A comprehensive marketing plan is created. Case analyses of actual business problems are used extensively.
    410-608-DW    International Marketing    2 - 1 - 3    45

    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Barbara Dayton teaching section(s) 01
    Prerequisites:    410-204-DW - Introduction to Marketing
    410-407-DW - International Business
    Description:    Prerequisite: 410-204-DW Introduction to Marketing and 410-407-DW International Business. This course examines the impact of economic, cultural, political, legal and other environmental influences on international marketing. Drawing on knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program, students are able to identify and analyze worldwide marketing opportunities, and examine product, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies in order to design an integrated global marketing plan.
    410-609-DW    Negotiations    1 - 2 - 2    45
    Description:    This course addresses the processes of negotiation as it is practiced in a variety of settings. The course allows students the opportunity to develop skills experientially and to understand the negotiation in useful analytical frameworks. Emphasis is placed on simulations, role-playing, and cases.
    410-618-DW    Management    3 - 2 - 3    75

    410-699-DW    Stage    0 - 9 - 2    135

    Teacher(s) for Winter 2009:    Robert Soroka teaching section(s) 01
    Nick Papatheodorakos teaching section(s) 01
    Rosario Lo Raso teaching section(s) 01
    Prerequisite:    410-502-DW - Observation Retail Stage
    Description:    The internship allows students to apply knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program by dealing with real-life business situations. This course allows students to acquire hands-on work experience in an area of marketing management. The stage course includes the Comprehensive Assessment, which evaluates students’ acquisition of the requisite Marketing and Management knowledge, skills and behaviours deemed necessary to integrate into the workplace.

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