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  • Course description
    Waterloo's highly flexible Biomedical Sciences program can prepare you for almost any health profession program in North America. If you're considering a career as an optometrist, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist, forensic scientist, audiologist, speech pathologist, medical laboratory technologist, veterinarian, or any other health professional, our Biomedical Sciences program can help you reach your goals.

    Beyond the Classroom

    The large number of elective courses allows you to pursue an area of special interest within or outside science. This flexibility is valuable because most health profession schools prefer well-rounded individuals who are both strong leaders and effective communicators.

    First Year Courses

    Beginning in first year, you'll be able to tailor your individual program by choosing electives from both science and non-science disciplines, including Psychology, Sociology, Health Studies, and Mathematics. Upper-year core courses explore microbiology, embryology, histology, human anatomy, molecular biology, and other areas fundamental to the health sciences.

    First-year courses you'll take:

    CHEM120/120L Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

    BIOL130/130L Introductory Cell Biology

    PHYS111/111L or PHYS121/121L Mechanics, Wave Motion and Heat 1

    CHEM123/123L Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics

    BIOL139 Genetics

    PHYS112/112L or PHYS122/122L Mechanics, Wave Motion and Heat 2

    Upper Year Courses

    Beginning in second year, you'll take a wide variety of science and elective courses. Here's a sampling of some of our course offerings beyond first year.

        * Fundamentals of Microbiology
        * Basic Organic Chemistry 1/Laboratory
        * Human Physiology Laboratory
        * Human Anatomy
        * Embryology
        * Introduction to Applied Microbiology
        * Molecular Biology
        * Histology
        * Microbiology Laboratory

    Beyond UW

    Because our biomedical sciences program emphasizes research and computer skills, employers find that our students are valuable team members who quickly learn new techniques and who are able to quickly problem solve.

    What Our Grads Are Doing Now

        * Research Technician, Ottawa General Hospital Eye Institute
        * Physician, City of Oakville
        * Epidemiologist, Brant County Health Unit
        * Respiratory Therapist, London Health Sciences Centre
        * Dentist, Young Street Dental Group

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