Bachelor of Science Honours in Physics and Oceanography

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  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Science Honours in Physics and Oceanography
  • Course description
    Combined Honours Programs: Physics/Oceanography

    Required Physics classes are:

    2000 level:

    •     PHYC 2140.03: Physics Tools: Theory
    •     PHYC 2150.03: Physics Tools: Experiment.
    •     PHYC 2515.03: Modern Physics
    •     PHYC 2510.03: Electricity and Magnetism.

    3000 level:
    •     PHYC 3000.03/ 3010.03: Experimental Physics
    •     PHYC 3200.03: Thermodynamics
    •     PHYC 3210.03: Statistical Mechanics
    •     PHYC 3590.03: Advanced Classical Mechanics
    •     PHYC 3540.03: Optic and Photonics

    4000 level:
    •     PHYC 480.03/485.03 two Honours Projects†
    •     PHYC 4160.03: Math Methods in Physics
    •     PHYC 4100.03: Electrodynamics.

    Other required classes as dictated by pre-requisites for the different physics courses offered:
    •     CHEM 1011.03/1012.03: General Chemistry I/II
    •     MATH 1000.03/1010.03: Differential and Integral Calculus I/II
    •     MATH 2001.03/2002.03: Intermediate Calculus I/II
    •     MATH 2030.03: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra I and (MATH 2135.03: Linear Algebra or MATH 2300.03: Mathematical Modelling I or MATH 2400.03: Introduction to Numerical Computing)
    •     MATH 3110.03/3120.03: Differential Equations I/II

    A full-credit class in scientific computer programming (e.g. PHYC 2050: Computer Simulations in Science) is recommended to be taken before the end of the second year.

    † the 2nd honours projects (PHYC4850) can be a continuation of the first one (PHYC 4800). The projects need to have a strong oceanographic component, with a supervisor or co-supervisor chosen from the faculty members in the Department of Oceanography.

    The Oceanography component is comprised of the following classes:

    Required Oceanography Classes:

    •     OCEA 2000X/Y.06 or 2001A/2002B: The Blue Planet
    •     OCEA 4120.03: Physical Oceanography
    •     OCEA 4311.03: Fluid Dynamics 1

    The following classes are available to fill the remaining OCEA credits*:
    •     OCEA 4130.03: Chemical Oceanography
    •     OCEA 4210.03: Time Series Analysis in Oceanography and Meteorology
    •     OCEA 4220.03: Numerical Modelling of Atmospheres and Oceans
    •     OCEA 4221.03: Ocean Dynamics
    •     OCEA 4222.03: Estuary, Coast and Shelf Dynamics
    •     OCEA 4250.03: Acoustical Oceanography
    •     OCEA 4520.03: Introduction to Atmospheric Science
    •     OCEA 5680.03: Ecosystem Modelling of Marine and Freshwater Environments (cross-listed as ENGM4680)
    * Students are responsible for fulfilling all pre-requisite classes or obtaining the permission of the instructor to enroll. Students in the program must consult regularly with the Undergraduate Coordinator in each Department.

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