Bachelor of Informatics in Software Systems

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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Informatics learning environment is patterned after the future workplace: you work to find new solutions that reflect the information needs of the real world - socially, culturally, and in real organizations. In the Bachelor of Informatics you join a team of your fellow students in an exciting new integrated studies program where you see the links between disciplines. Professors from different departments teach as a team. You see the big concepts that unite computer science, math, the humanities, the arts, and the sciences.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Informatics in Software Systems
  • Course description
    General Requirements
    •     INFX 1600.18: Integrated Informatics Studies: Foundations
    •     INFX 2600.12: Integrated Informatics Studies: Structures
    •     INFX 2601.03: Introduction to Information Security
    •     INFX 2640.03: Use and Design of Databases
    •     INFX 3600.03: Project 1
    •     INFX 3601.03: Project 2
    •     INFX 3630.03: Software Engineering and Project Management
    •     INFX 4600.03: Project 3
    •     INFX 4601.03: Project 4
    •     CSCI 3160.03: User Interface Design
    •     CSCI 3172.03: Web-Centric Computing
    •     HAHP 3100.03: Research Methods (or equivalent)
    •     6 full credits in credits specified by the major
    •     2 full credits of free electives at or above the 1000 level
    •     2 full credits of free electives at or above the 2000 level
    •     Completion of three co-op work terms
    * Neither CSCI 3190.03 nor CSCI 3191.03 can be counted towards a Bachelor of Informatics degree.

    Major in Software Systems

    The Major in Software Systems follows the general Bachelor of Informatics requirements and must include the following courses:
    •     CSCI 1101.03: Computer Science II
    •     CSCI 2110.03: Computer Science III
    •     CSCI 2132.03: Software Development
    •     CSCI 3132.03: Object Orientation and Generic Programming
    •     CSCI 3136.03: Principles of Programming Languages
    •     CSCI 3140.03: Database Management Systems
    •     CSCI 3171.03: Network Computing
    •     Two and one half full credits of CSCI classes at or above the 3000 level

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