Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Italian Studies

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  • Objectives
    Classes in Italian literature and culture, building on classes in Italian language, will open up to the student this wide and fascinating array of topics.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts with Concentration in Italian Studies
  • Course description
    BA (15-Credit) Area of Concentration

    A minimum of 4 full credits (24 credit-hours) and a maximum of 8 in Italian studies above the 1000 level. Within those 4 credits, students must include ITAL 2010.06 and ITAL 3010.06. At least two full credits must be above the 2000 level.
    • ITAL 1010X/Y.06: Italian for Beginners.
    • ITAL 2010X/Y.06: Intermediate Italian.
    • ITAL 2101X/Y.06: The Origins of Modern Italy.
    • ITAL 2200.03: Modern Italian Culture.
    • ITAL 2201.03: Introduction to Italian Literature I: from the Origins to the Seventeenth Century.
    • ITAL 2202.03: Introduction to Italian Literature II: from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century.
    • ITAL 2210.03: Introduction to Italian Literature.
    • ITAL 2600.03: Survey of Italian Cinema.
    • ITAL 3010X/Y.06: Advanced Italian.
    • ITAL 3200.03: Twentieth Century Italian Literature.
    • ITAL 3300.03: Twentieth Century Italian Literature.
    • ITAL 3500.03: Topics in Italian Culture.
    • ITAL 3600.03: Italian National Cinema: The New Wave.
    • ITAL 4010.03: Advanced Composition.
    • ITAL 4020.03: Italian to English Translation.
    • ITAL 4040.03: Dante's Inferno.
    • ITAL 4041.03: Dante II. Purgatory and Paradise.
    • ITAL 4060.03: Topics in the Civilization of Baroque Italy.
    • ITAL 4998.03: Independent Study.
    • ITAL 4999.03: Independent Study.

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